The Glowing Benefits Of Vitamin C For Skin!

Get Ready To Glow With My 3 Step Vitamin C Skin Care Routine! Kiss your skin problems buy bye! My 3 step glowing skin regime is the answer to all your skin concerns! Spots, oiliness, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, dry and sensitive skin are no match for this gentle yet power packed system! The …

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The Do’s and Dont’s Of Selling Your E-Book On Kindle

Seems like everyone is publishing an E-Book these days! Calling yourself an author has never been easier thanks to digital publishing platforms like Lulu and Kindle. But, calling yourself a successful author? That’s still gonna be a challenge! Anyone can publish an E-Book, but if you want to write, design and market a successful E-Book …

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Health and Wellness

Tools To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence- What Is It And How Can You Strengthen Your EI! Workout Your Emotions, The Right Way! Seems everyone is focused on improving their physical health these days, but  what your mental health? We all know about the benefits of hitting the gym and getting physically fit, but what about building your emotional strength? …

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Matching Mother Daughter Halloween Costume Ideas

Matching Mother Daughter Halloween Costumes What could be cuter than matching mother daughter halloween costumes?! Each year I dress up to match my daughter and I’ll do it as long as she’ll let me lol:) We’ve been My Little Pony, Disney Princesses, and Super Heros! You can check out our Haloween, year by year below. …