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Stephanie is a 30something blogger from Canada 🇨🇦 eh! A used to be journalist who couldn’t give up writing forever, so she blogs created Steph’s Social Pie! Also, obviously loves pie.

How and why

Once a writer, always a writer. Stephanie studied journalism in college and wrote for a few websites and online magazines while in school. One of her more memorable stories included an interview with one of Hugh Hefner’s good friends about what it was like growing up in the playboy mansion (think gum balls, bouncy castles, drugs and affairs with Hugh’s Gf) you can check it out here !

Stephanie landed her first full time writing gig as a staff news reporter at the age of 23. Taking pictures and writing articles covering local politics, business stories and features on ‘local celebs’ kept her busy for years. Her work was published in weekly newspapers across Soutern Ontario. But then social media became a thing! And it was the beginning of the end of the print media industry. The newspaper industry was dead and with it a little piece of Stephanie died too 🙁 Years passed without writing a thing (other than the odd Facebook status) she couldn’t take it anymore. Many pent up ideas led to the creation of and if you follow along you’ll read all about it:)

Steph Social

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