From February, 2019

Life Before Social Media

Before Social Media, There Were Pogs! Imagine you just caught your best friend’s ex-bf in the closet, pants-down with your fugly neighbor. You can hardly wait to share this juicy scandal with your friends, but you HAVE to wait… until your mom gets off the family landline. By the time she does, your brother logs…

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Creating A Better Blog Brand

How Hard Could It Bee (pun intended)? Turns Out, Very! I don’t even like bees. I do like pie! My first draft blog name was My Social B. It didn’t represent me very well, but I needed something quick to get my Instagram and blog pages up and running for a college project. It wasn’t…

my journey to self love

The Importance Of Self Love

My Journey To Self-Love “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” — Buddha I’ve fallen in love, without even trying. Without wanting to. Falling is easy. Learning who to give that love to is a little more tricky. Self-love is the best love, but it’s often over-looked. We…