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Blog Name Ideas! How To Come Up With The Best Blog Names!

How To Come Up With Blog Name Ideas. Hard Could It Bee (pun intended)? Turns Out, Very!

When I started this blog, it was a bit (or a lot)of a mess. Coming up with the best blog name was hard! Here’s how I came up with blog name ideas, where I went wrong, and what I learned from it!

First off, I don’t even like bees. I do like pie! My first draft blog name was My Social B. It didn’t represent me very well, but I needed something quick to get my Instagram and blog pages up and running for a college project. It wasn’t permanent. I’m actually terrified of bees and my logo included a picture of a beehive and my content used playful bee phrases such as ‘Get your business buzzing’. The image and name were catchy, but not ME! I wanted to create a better blog brand and blog name, that reflects me.

Funny story- During an outdoor event I had to cover for a local newspaper, I was interviewing the mayor about the town’s millennium forest when I saw it out of the corner of my eye- a bee 🐝. It was huge and heading straight for me. Maybe it’s my perfume, fabric softener or the fact that they really can smell fear, but I always seem to attract them. Anyway, my anxiety heightened and it was like no one else was even around cuz I dropped my notebook and ran… away… from the mayor I was about to interview. I remember explaining that I had a real fear of bees, stemming from a childhood trauma involving a cottage bunk bed nestled directly below a hive. Needless to say I was stung… a lot! The mayor, whom I had gotten to know over the years as a local journalist, chuckled and we moved the interview inside:) I’m not sure how I kept my job after that. I think my boss was used to my ‘quirkinesses’ at this point. And I mean I did get the story, however boring it ended up being.

What about the pie?

So back to the pie and how I created the blog name Steph’s Social Pie. Lucky for you, it involves another (less humiliating) story, as a child I didn’t like birthday cake so my mom would make me birthday pie and put candles in and everything:) My fave back then was blueberry I think, and it’s definitely cherry now:) Pie makes sense to me and we go way back! Fun marketing ideas spin off the term easily as well- serving up hot and fresh content, and grab your slice of the social pie, or delicious content ideas here, etc. I feel I can really work with this:) you know when you have an idea and it just fits!

Just like a business or blog name, your social content needs to properly represent you and your business. Don’t be afraid to connect with your audience. People love connection and personality. When I hear a song that makes me feel something, like an emotion, I could listen to it over and over cuz I want to feel that! I literally love that feeling eh! We gotta connect with people on that level. They want to feel like they know you, so they can trust you.

How To Start A Blog. Everything You Need

Steph’s Social Pie is cute, catchy and creative. I’d love to know what you think though! And the logo uses the a very Vogue-like font with a cute little pie added for a pop of colorful character. It’s professional enough that I look like I know what I’m doing, yet doesn’t lack personality:) I actually offer services to help people design logos that represent their brand, which is fun. Email me if you’re interested in details.

Connection, got it. Now that we’ve covered logo and brand names, what about some content!

Why do people read it? How To Start Writing A Blog Post!

This is the key to great blog content! As a writer, I write stories. Since the age 23, I’ve been blessed to be writing for a living. So what’s in a good story? First let’s think about why people read your story? What brings them to your story? People read to find out what happens and curiosity usually brings them. Or they read to find a solution, and a problem is what brought them. When telling your story don’t give away the ending in the first paragraph. Give the readers some mystery and drama building up to the finale. And if it’s a solution you’re writing about, don’t reveal it until the end. First sell the problem. Talk about the issues surrounding the problem. The flow of the story is also important. You should transition from one topic to the next cohesively. And no matter what you’re writing always always include who, what, where, when and how! You don’t want to leave your readers with questions, after all all they are looking at your article for answers! I hope you’ve found all the answers you’re looking for but if you do have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Chloe Jane says:

    I love that you got birthday pies instead of cakes, I’m not a big fan of birthday cakes either so I would have definitely preferred a pie! Love the new name and tagline 🙂

    Chloe Chats xx

  2. This article was incredibly helpful. You can always learn something new

  3. ufuomajesegineyahoocouk says:

    These are great tips Steph! I liked the part about not giving away the ending at the beginning! Thanks for sharing these great nuggets.

    1. Thanks girl! Gotta keep em guessing!

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