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Designing a brand can be an overwhelming process, and creating a color palette is often rushed because we don’t realize the power it has on our audience.

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Colors have the power to connect with viewers and create a positive long-lasting impression. With all the steps involved in creating a brand- name, logo design, gaining followers/clients, interacting, creating content and products… it’s easy to understand why brand color often falls short of its true potential.

For it all to come together, it has to flow. Good news- An effective color palette can do that, and so much more!

Color can be beautiful, and you should think of your brand’s color palette as the first impression for your business or blog. The colors you use on your site, play a huge role in how your brand is being perceived. Having a consistent, cohesive color scheme helps people remember you. And, depending on the colors you choose, it can help attract more clients. Choose the wrong colors, and you may actually be giving your clients and followers negative feelings!

So how does your color palette stack up? Are you happy with it? Do you really love it? If you hesitated, don’t worry you can fix it easily, creating a palette that makes you feel… happy. So happy!

Choosing a few colors from the millions of pigments available is not gonna be easy. No wonder it’s often rushed and over-looked. To make it a little easier, think of colors as the feelings you want your audience to experience.

Each color represents a feeling:

Blue is calming, tranquil, and trusting.

Purple is fun, youthful and playful.

Pink is lovely, girly, feminine and sweet (and also my favorite).

Black is the cool color on the block. It’s bold, strong and commanding.

Red is a power color, evoking urgency. It wants to be noticed. It also represents love and passion using the right imagery.

Green is mother nature’s color… trees, plants, farms and eco-friendliness come to mind. Also food and hunger. Mmmmm salad… or more like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Yellow is the happiest color. It gets to represent the sunshine and encourages optimism. It’s also quite commanding, don’t you think?

Silver and Gold are the award winners. They’re classy and sophisticated. They mean business and raise feelings of success.

There’s also some fugly colors that give off gross vibes. You should stay away from those. For me, they are brown, mustard yellow, booger green and burnt orange. My dad once bought a sweet classic corvette and ruined it by having it painted burnt orange. I wouldn’t even drive it. The color turned me off. He’s since sold it. Designing a brand involves coming up with a name, a logo design, creating products, and color palette. Just talking about these colors leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Use Your Brand To Determine Your Palette

What is your brand? What are your personal favorite colors? Beauty bloggers might benefit from a nice shade of purple, with a touch of silver. Or pink and gold hues.. And, when I think of technology or automotive brands, I think black and silver- cool and classy. Food bloggers or restaurants tend to do well using shades of green, yellow and red. Green induces thoughts of food naturally, and red and yellow are happy and passionate attention seekers.

You should play around with shade intensity and include a few variations of a particular color to see what works. Pastels are super pretty and popular among bloggers, which is why I included them in my featured image 😉

I like to use white or nearly white as a background for logos and ads. It’s clean. Everyone likes clean.

I uploaded a few photos I liked to an app called Color Viewfinder . It came up with a palette, which inspired my color choices. Check out what I came up with, and how I use the colors in my branding 👇.

Palette inspo

Palette inspo

Brand palette example

Brand palette example

If you’re not completely happy with your colors, go back to the drawing board (or just use Color Viewfinder). Once you have colors you love, be consistent with them for a cohesive, visually pleasing appearance.

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Steph Social

Steph Social

Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, angel numbers and numerology, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


  1. Loved this! I definitely migrate towards soft pastels. I love soft pinks and purples. I love navy with fonts. I definitely plan to use this as a color reminder when I’m updating my site!

  2. It’s amazing how much emotion ties to color.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post about the colors.

    Thanks for the information provided on this post.

  4. Wonderful post. Not something I have really thought of to be honest. I have considered what colours I use but only in regards to what is feminine/masculine and what can I get away with as a gender neutral.

    1. Thanks! Branding is my favourite part of the blogging process, second to writing 🙂 I’m gonna be changing things up soon and I can’t wait to play around with colour and design!

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  6. […] people from visiting your blog. It is best to have a clean and easy to use design. You should use colors that are great for marketing but also easy on the eyes. Make sure your theme looks different from everyone else and get a custom […]

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