From March, 2019

Benefits Of Retin A

The Benefits Of Retin A

The One Skin Care Product You’ll Keep Forever If you’re like me, you’ve probably wasted thousands a year on products trying to smooth out the fine lines around your mouth while also getting rid of oiliness and occasional pimples. With each new beautifully packaged and ridiculously over-priced product, you end up with skin that looks…

bloggers wanted

Steph’s Social Pie Loves Bloggers!

We Want To Show You Some Love ❤️ Hey you! You’ve worked hard on your blog and we want to help you show it off! Feature writers are wanted for Steph Social’s Seasonal Editorial. Subscribe for a chance to have your blog promoted on the front page. What are you waiting for? Every season, our…

Facebook down

#FacebookDown! The Best Social Networks For Business

SOS Save Our Social… Sites! It was a virtual nightmare today, March 13, 2019, for social media moguls, marketers, influencers and many in between as the two largest social media networking sites experienced outages around the world. Instagram and Facebook users logged in to technical difficulties throughout the day, leaving many frustrated. The digital rumor…

mercury retrograde

Is Mercury Really In Retrograde?

Or Is Mercury Retrograde Just An Illusion? Last week, Mercury retrograde began for the first time this year, but its phenomenon has trended for years. Just caught your sleazy boyfriend scheming, or accidentally sent an inappropriate email to your entire contact list? Blame it on mercury retrograde! But before you accuse a planet 48 million miles away,…

life as an insomniac

Insomnia Is A Bitch

Extreme Exhaustion Made My Life A Living Nightmare I’m not ME when I’m exhausted. I turn into an irritable, restless, moody bitch. As a recovering insomniac, I’ve suffered most of my life.  Much like a child, exhaustion turns me into a tall, toddler who needs a nap. And, although it’s common to experience the occasional…