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5 Ways To Find Freedom In Imperfection

How To Embrace YOU!

No one’s perfect. Yet accepting this is often so hard! How do we learn to embrace our imperfections, and still strive toward a better life? Find who you truly are, what makes you happy and do more of that! Than you can live your ‘perfect’ life!

Imperfection is not the opposite of perfection, as if it is a state not to be desired. Instead, imperfection is the state of acceptance of self through love. Without seeing who you truly are, you won’t know what to change and what to keep. Perfectionism just throws everything out the window. Here are five ways to truly be free by letting yourself live as you are.

“I Am Me”

“I am Me”
“Accept me as I am” is a battle cry. It doesn’t mean that you won’t change detrimental habits because you are embracing who you are. It also doesn’t mean that you are promoting laziness or lack of ambition. What it does mean is that you have taken a look inside of yourself and seen who the person inside truly is. There are things that you like about yourself and also things that you don’t, but it all works together to become the person that you are today.

True change in your life is an act of love. You can lose weight when you love who you are right now at your current weight. It means that your life, self-esteem and happiness are not tied to a number. Anything done out of self-hate doesn’t usually last because you are always criticizing your efforts. Nothing is ever good enough because you start off not liking anything about yourself from the beginning. You’d leave your own body if you could.

There is nothing healthy about that. Imperfection says that the only way through is with love on board. Accepting and embracing you by celebrating why you are unique. Getting reacquainted with yourself through a few steps that show the value that was there all along.

5 Ways to Imperfect Freedom

Take some serious time for introspection – Don’t be afraid to look at yourself honestly. Write down what is positive and what is negative in your eyes. Find ways to change the wording of those negatives so they are now positives that you can embrace. If you think that your ankles are big, find shoes to wear that minimize their appearance as such.

Discover what you like to do and don’t like to do – Don’t be afraid to say “no” to events or activities that don’t foster your interests just because it’s a “cool” or “acceptable” thing to do.

Try something new – Try bold colors for clothing or change your hairstyle. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with new looks to accentuate your positives and give yourself a confidence boost.

Laugh more – Laughter promotes feel-good endorphin release. Take time out to have fun and take a rest. It is restorative and also promotes health.

Explore your creative side –Are you a “right-brained” person? Find out if you have any creative tendencies. Stimulate that side of your brain to bring out attributes you didn’t know you had.

Allow yourself to be human, flawed and free by embracing your imperfect life.

My path to self love wasn’t always easy. I hit rock bottom, and wasn’t even sure I wanted to get out from there because I was so comfortable in my misery. Don’t be afraid to break free from your comfort zone, in order to find peace. Read all about my journey to self-love here the-importance-of-self-love


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  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    We’re happiest when we’re free from thinking about making everyone else happy. We’re truly ruled by the opinions of others. And it destroys us.

    I’m pretty stoked about my weirdness lol!

  2. Aimee D says:

    This is something that I need to work on. I am definitely way to hard on myself and need to lear to embrace my imperfections. That’s part of the reason I started my blog to teach myself and others that imperfection is ok. I love where you said that imperfection is not the opposite of perfection and that imperfection shouldn’t not be desired. I need to remind myself of that.

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