Steph Social Seasonal Editorial Summer 2019

Steph Social Online Magazine Summer 2019

K Beauty Routine, Summer Tips For Work From Home Moms, Cool Summer Drinks And Wellness Coach Vanessa Helps You Create Your Best Life!

Just Four Months, Countless Hours Of Hard Work, And Over 10,000 Views Later And I Am So Excited To Present The First Steph Social Online Magazine! I Was So Nervous To Hit The Publish Button!! I Really Hope You Enjoy It:) I Put A Lot Of Work Into It Because I Wanted To Bring You Something Cool… Something Unique! And, I Want You To Be A Part Of It!

Steph Social Online Magazine Features:

Take A Few Minutes To Unwind While You Flip Through The Online Magazine. Want the GLOWING SKIN OF A GEISHA? Try The K Beauty Tips On Page 3! Need Help REACHING YOUR GOALS Or Living Your Best Life? Check out Wellness Coach Vanessa Dias On Page 5! Want To Try Some Refreshing Summer FUN DRINKS? Flip To Page 7! Work From Home Moms Stressing About SUMMER WITH THE KIDS? Page 10 Has Some Insight For You!

This Is Just The Beginning Of So Many Big Things To Come And I Would Love To Work With You!! I’m Looking For Talented Bloggers And Up And Coming Businesses To Work With In The Upcoming Fall 2019 Online Magazine Edition. Head Over To My Contact Page HERE If You’re Interested In Sponsored Posts Or Advertisement Opportunities. Subscribe Here Or Through The Pop Up For A Chance To Be Featured Fall 2019!

Steph Social Online Magazine Summer 2019

Feeling Stuck In A Rut? Not Sure How To Reach Your Goals? Want To Live Your Best Life But Aren’t Sure How?? Wellness Coach Vanessa Dias at the Can Help You Live The Life You Want!

I Would Love To Hear What You Think Of The Steph Social Online Magazine! Let Me Know Below:)

Steph’s Social Pie

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  1. Sondra Barker says:

    Congrats! This looks awesome, can’t wait to see whats in store!

    1. Thank you! So many good things to come, I’m excited:)

  2. Super love the editorial, looks very professional! Well done.

  3. LuciWest says:

    Wow! Your very own magazine. Congratulations on this achievement. It looks great. And I might just have to try out one of those lovely sounding drinks…
    xx Luci

  4. Katerinotshka says:

    Your magazine is very professionnal and good looking
    Well done !!

  5. It looks amazing! You did a great job on this.

  6. This looks so stunning. The attention to detail is so great.

  7. Congratulations for publishing your social editorial! Hard work pays off. This looks like a great opportunity for bloggers.

  8. Congrats this is looking very nice!

  9. WOWWWWW! Congratulations dear! You’ll go places!!!!

  10. oh this looks great! COngrats on your work!


  11. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    Congrats! That sounds absolutely awesome! happy for you!

  12. That is amazing! It is always amazing to follow your dreams and accomplish them! Be proud.

  13. Anna Bella says:

    This looks amazing! Like a real magazine! Loved your editorial about how it all started and in only four months look at you now!

  14. I’ve seen many wellness coaches blogging and doing seminars but this is the first magazine that I’ve seen.

    1. Vanessa is really great! You should definitely check out her site! Lots of life inspiration there 🙂

  15. This is a great way to get people to see what you’re doing. Pretty cool!

  16. Congratulations! This really looks professional. It shows your hard work.

  17. I love how you are branding your blog to be much more like a magazine site with varying categories to learn about. It definitely makes for a much more interesting place to come and hang around in, checking out all the articles you have to offer. Nice job.

    1. Wow thank you so much:) I’m glad you like it!

  18. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    This is such a great achievement. Love this editorial, it looks very professional. Thanks for sharing this with us and congratulations!

  19. Alexandra Cook says:

    You put a lot of time and effort in to your work and it shows. This magazine looks very gorgeous!

  20. Amy says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! The design is very unique. You are such a talented and skilled person!

  21. Owen G says:

    Such a great achievement, congrats to you. It looks so professional and good looking, good job.. 😊

  22. Congrats on your editorial look. Love how it looks more like a magazine than a traditional blog.

  23. Bindu Thomas says:

    Good articles and very professional look too. Great job!

  24. jeannette9712gmailcom says:

    This is pretty awesome. I wonder how you will weed through everyone! Good luck and take care!

  25. Congratulations, the magazine layout and cover look so good. A wellness magazine with so much, great work.

    1. Thank you so much!

  26. Very well done! Great articles- I’m thinking I may submit a proposal to you for your Fall edition. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Clarissa! Yes please do:) feel free to send me an email if you want to include a guest feature:) would love to have you!

  27. Very Cool Steph, Congratulations on your Summer’19 editorial. Looks great, I enjoy flipping pages on the internet. in Love and Light your BTC friend TJ

    1. Thanks Tate! I appreciate your feedback:)

  28. It looks great Steph! So fun to read. I subscribed!

  29. This looks awesome. What a great idea and feature to have to blog 😊

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