From June, 2019

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Elementor #3598

Blogging is a lot harder than I thought. I created this blog 5 months ago, but have been writing for print and the web for nearly 10 years. However, blogging is very different. When writing for the news or for magazines, you already have an established audience. You know your stuff is going to be…

Korean Sunscreen

Korean Sunscreen Vs Western Suncreen!

Korean Sunscreen. Protection You Might Actually Want To Wear American sunscreen leaving you shiny, chalky and annoyed? You know you should protect your skin, but there has to be a better way! Korean women are known to be a little “extra” when it comes to sun protection – wearing huge hats or even umbrellas to…

Does Beauty Make You Happier?

Hello Gorgeous! Can Beauty Make You Healthier And Happier?

The connection between mental health, wellness and beauty! Health and and beauty are in many ways- connected. My appearance affects my mood every single day. When I look good, I feel better! I also always enjoy a good beauty routine. It’s relaxing and almost therapeutic for me to go through the steps of skin care…