Hello Gorgeous! Can Beauty Make You Healthier And Happier?

The connection between mental health, wellness and beauty!

Health and and beauty are in many ways- connected. My appearance affects my mood every single day. When I look good, I feel better! I also always enjoy a good beauty routine. It’s relaxing and almost therapeutic for me to go through the steps of skin care routine or doing my makeup. I consider it a little ‘me time’ and it makes me feel good! I’m not talking vanity here, I’m talking self-care and what makes you feel beautiful!

Apparently I’m not the only one. Women and men spent over $500 billion last year in an effort to feel more beautiful. The beauty industry is HUGE business and it grows every, single year! You can buy all the best skin care products and makeup but if you don’t take care of yourself as a whole, it isn’t going to do much good- long term! True beauty comes from a perfect harmony of inner and outer self care.

I think beauty should be considered a necessity, not a luxury. And though beauty is often thought of as skin-deep, our face is usually the first thing people see. Naturally, it dramatically affects how we feel about ourselves.

So today, we are going to create a beauty routine that encourages both inner and outer beauty to improve our overall well-being!

My Beauty Routine To Encourage Inner And Outer Beauty And Wellness

  • De-stress. Our skin reacts to stress with inflammation, decreased blood flow, allergic reactions such as hives, acne, rosacea and weigh gain. Your skin also becomes dry and thin, and more prone to damage Source. Meditation and relaxation can help calm your mind and body. If you suffer from psoriasis or rosacea, you know the power stress has over your skin condition- causing flare ups… and more stress:(
  • Get Adequate Sleep. This is so important when it comes to your overall health and well-being. It’s hard to feel beautiful with dark circles and blood shot eyes. Poor sleep quality can lead to increased stress, breakouts, anxiety and even depression. Read more about insomnia’s effects and how to beat it here.
  • Hydrate. If you’re thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated. Make sure you carry a bottle of water around to sip on to stay hydrated throughout the day. Hydrated skin is plump, glowing and gorgeous! You should aim for 8 cups a day, and no coffee does not count– sorry:(
  • Exercise. Ten minutes a day is better than none! If you don’t have time to go to the gym, just set aside 10 minutes a day to do a simple stretch, or go for a walk around the block. Get your body moving!
  • Give a compliment. Try it! When you compliment someone else, somehow you instantly feel better about yourself!
  • Proper Skin Care. When it comes to beauty products – I make my skin, my top priority before fashion, makeup or hair care etc. I consider it an investment because I’m going to in it for the rest of my life and great skin, unlike shoes, never goes out of style. We aren’t all born with the good skin gene. Many of us suffer from acne, oily skin, dry skin, wrinkles or psoriasis causing embarrassment, low-esteem and stress. Which in turn wreck further havoc on our skin and hair. It’s a vicious cycle.

Make Sure You Properly Cleanse Your Skin

A good skin care routine can help you achieve better skin, but finding the right regiment can be costly and time consuming! A great place to start is your cleansing method. Your products can’t penetrate under leftover makeup, oils and dirt. A gentle and effective cleansing method is super important if you want all of your serums and lotions to have a chance to work.

Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is a popular cleansing method in K Beauty routines. I recently wrote about K Beauty in my editorial here and decided to give it a try for a month. I’m continuing with this method because I’m liking the results! My skin is less red, my pores are not as noticeable and my skin is softer. Best of all, it really does seem like my other products are all able to work better because they actually penetrate my skin! I’ll continue for a while as long as this keeps up:)

So, What Is The Double Cleansing Method?

It’s pretty simple- first you use an oil based cleanser, to remove oil, dirt and makeup. The oil, dirt and makeup cling to the oil cleanser and it really helps pull the gunk right out of your pores. Then after you rinse, you go over with a gentle rice exfoliate. This removes any leftover oil cleanser and dirt, as well as buffs away any dry skin. It also encourages cell turnover.

Double Cleanse
These are the double cleansing products I use. Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil and Tatcha The Rice Polish Classic.

Use Sunscreen Every Day!

I also always wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. Even if I don’t step outside. I use retin a on a regular basis, which makes my skin more prone to sun damage! It’s worth it tho. You can read more about the benefits of retin a here. Sunscreen is the best way to prevent premature aging!

Use Makeup As A Form Of Creativity

I love makeup! But I think it should be used to enhance ourselves, not hide our true beauty! It can be hard to feel good underneath thick layers of foundation and concealer. Makeup should be used as a form of creativity. I find it relaxing to do my makeup. I love the process and of course the end result is a huge confidence booster. American beauty is so focused on makeup and covering up- altering yourself. The real key to beauty comes from inside and out.

Try it, you’ll be so luminous you won’t want to camouflage your face:)

What makes you feel beautiful? When do you feel your best? For me- it’s when I get a good night’s sleep and wake up on the right side of the bed. And when my skin is clear and the sun is shining and I’ve just had a cup of coffee, I feel my best:)

Wellness Wednesday

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Does Beauty Make You Happier

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  1. Yes to double cleansing and wearing sunscreen! I hardly wear makeup these days because it’s summer, but I never leave the house without sunscreen on. 🙂

  2. I’ve heard quite a bit about double cleansing and it makes so much sense that it would make your skin healthier, brighter and cleaner. Sunscreen is 100% a must too!

  3. Definitely feel best when I get a good night sleep as well! Oh, and when my hair looks great and the kids are being kind to one another too! 🙂

  4. When we take care of ourselves, we will look healthier and feel more beautiful. Being beautiful is not superficial, its all about self love and self care.

  5. Whenever I get enough sleep I feel very refreshed. Feeling beautiful I believe starts with inner peace. Everything else follows.

  6. Healthy beauty tips can make you happier. I think manufactured beauty can make you obsess over and over if you are good enough no matter how hard you try.

  7. Exercise and water are the secret weapons. That and having loads of meat and dairy free days. This makes me feel much better….

  8. Thanks for sharing these nice tips on self care and how it can help to enhance your beauty. Maintaining a regular routine of healthy habits definitely helps in a glowing body, mind and skin.

  9. I feel my best when I’ve been to the salon and had my hair, nails, and waxing done. Something about all the pampering you get just makes me feel confident and pretty.

  10. I love your advice! People don’t usually think of beauty being healthy but it can definitely be healthy for the mind! Makeup is a form of creativity and I love how you expressed that!

  11. Oh I agree, it’s really connected, cuz whenever I see myself in the mirror, and then I get satisfied with my looks that makes me happy.. ☺️

  12. awesome advise! i also believe mental shows on a face – so happy and healthy person will look absolutely beautiful to me.

  13. Absolutely true! Our outer appearance may not be everything, but our mental and emotional state are definitely reflected on the way we look. Great post!

  14. You are right health and beauty are connected. I know because when I am thin and working out I feel beautiful. When I am how I am now, I feel disgusting.

  15. The double cleaning method is one I’ve done from time to time. I could be more consistent with it. I feel my best when I know my skin is at its cleanest though.

  16. I think it varies differently depending on one’s perception about what beauty really is. I agree with all the things that you said here. Nevertheless, no matter how much fancy clothes and make up you wear if you are not confident, it may be just a loss.

  17. I can totally feel a difference when I take care of myself verses when I am feeling lazy. I also really need to buy new sunscreen! I need to remember to put it on my face every day. Great read Stephanie.

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