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Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

8 Steps To Create The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Blog Or Business

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You want more views and traffic to your blog, right? How do you attract more people to your site? Once you’ve stepped up your brand development, you can work on your social media! Understanding the benefits of social media marketing can help you gain more visitors and a loyal following. First, you need to figure out why people are visiting your blog? It’s likely either because they liked a graphic they saw on a social media site or they found you Google and were interested in your snippet and clicked through to your site. You want to increase your click through rate? Try our proven method!

Most people visit blogs like they do books, looking for answers. In order to answer them, you have to get their attention first. Here’s where a great social media marketing strategy comes in! Social media is a great way to get traffic, especially when you’re new and haven’t ranked in search engines yet. But using an effective social media marketing strategy throughout your branding and blog content, will help you create a cohesive design that gains authority in your niche and on search engines!

social media marketing for bloggers

As your company’s in-house graphics person–perhaps more by default than by intention–you’re pressed to be everything from content creator to publisher and graphic designer. You want to do a great job of producing promotional pieces, but you have little time to learn advanced design and marketing skills. I hear you and so let’s just focus on the basics to get your social media marketing strategy started!

Your ongoing challenge is learning to do a little more to get a lot better results–quickly and most importantly, effectively!

Take these 5 design/marketing tips to heart. Using them consistently will save you time in the long run and attract more people to your site!

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing strategy for bloggers

Set SMART Goals

Set SMART goals. This is something we focus a lot on in class (I’m studying social media marketing at George Brown). It’s a very effective strategy among marketers!

Here’s an example of a SMART goal for bloggers

SMART goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Step #2 Brand Development For Your Blog And Social Media And Stick With It

  • Specific- I will increase subscribers by 10 per cent in Q1
  • Measurable- I will gain xx amount of subscribers each week/month. I can measure my progress through the number of new subscribers in my email service provider.
  • Attainable- I will create a new, effective pop-up to gain subscribers. I will also continue to provide valuable, new content weekly to engage new visitors.
  • Relevant- Gaining subscribers will help in my overall goal of selling my upcoming e-book
  • Time-bound- My pop-up is ready to launch tomorrow and I will be able to track new subscribers immediately.

Branding is an all-encompassing concept that brings together your blog’s content, ambiance, promotions, identity, and much more. From a graphics point of view, it’s your logo, social media posts, business card, website, and newsletter that create a graphic personality. Your descriptive tag line bonds these pieces with added intrigue. Every blog has a brand. Your story is behind your blog branding. The who, what, where, why, and how! Use this to create a vibe for your audience. Take a look at how Starbucks uses their branding so effectively! I mean their coffee is good, but their marketing game is TOP!

Think about familiar brands like Starbucks. The logo, the vibe, their stores and the product itself from their coffee to their cups all has a consistent feel and look. You want that kind of instant recognition for your blog. Using a cohesive blog branding strategy in your social media marketing is answer!

The results? Your messages get noticed because you’ve built credibility and recognition into your brand through consistent use of graphic identity techniques.

Get To Know Your Audience

If you want people to visit your site, they need to like your blog. Find out as much as you can about your current readers and ideal followers. Google analytics is a great way to find out where your visitors are from, their age group, time of day they visit and more. Pay attention to comments to find out what type of content they like and what brought them there. Identify your ideal follower! This will allow you to create content more clearly geared toward your ideal audience.

Knowing who you are writing for and keeping their preferences in mind as you write each blog post is an important piece of an effective social media marketing strategy.

Connect With Your Readers

Put your message in terms of “you” rather than “I” or “we.” People don’t care about what “we” offer; they care about how your product or service can make their lives better. It’s simple.

Make it clear what your readers should do, think, or believe as a result of reading the information you present.

State your intention as a command–known as a “call to action.” It can be as simple as “Subscribe Now” or “Order Today” if you’re offering a product or service.

The results? The whole point is to encourage your prospects to take action! Whether it’s to send an email or pick up the phone and call you, using precision wordsmithing persuades your readers to take action…now!

#4 Know Your Competition

You can learn a lot from what your competition is doing on social media. See what’s working for them and use that to your advantage. Seeing what is possible if you have the right social media marketing strategy can help you create a more effective plan. It’s also a great way to better understand your audience, if you’re in the same niche/industry.

Check out Social Media Marketing: The Movie for more tips on how to create an effective media marketing strategy for business:

#5 Use Graphic Designs In Every Aspect Of Social Media Marketing

An mediocre social media marketing strategy won’t get you very far. What a waste! Learn the ins and outs of working with digital photography and illustrations — so much easier with online resources galore to choose from. There are plenty of free online resources full of stock images to use for you blog and social media marketing. My personal favourite is Unsplash.

A few quick tips:

  • Place your strongest image in the top half of the page where it will get the best visibility.
  • Using one large picture makes a stronger impression than several smaller ones.
  • Don’t forget to use your alt text for all of your website images.
  • Test out a few graphic design styles to see what works and what doesn’t. I found this tip particularly helpful! As each niche as it’s own defined audience, what works for my audience won’t necessarily work for yours.

#6 Be Bold

Break up monotonous lines of text with attractive “pull quotes” or “call-outs,” which make critical information stand out on the page. To create a pull quote, just copy a provocative or challenging statement from your text and paste it into a different position on the page using large, contrasting type. Add decorative quotation marks, border it with lines, or place it inside a box to MAKE IT POP. Added graphics are also a great to get attention.

The results? The points of interest you’ve added draw the reader’s eye to the exact point you want them to remember.

#7 Get Inspired To Take Action!

Check out some blogger success stories featuring bloggers who have turned their passion into their full-time gig. Read an inspiring personal growth article about overcoming insane obstacles. And then, set some goals.

#8 Be Persistent

You might have thought social media marketing was easy. Snap a few pics, post a few hashtags and done! But, without persistence it’s a waste. If you want to get anywhere with your blog, you’ll need to stay persistence… especially past that 6 month marker where many bloggers face the dreaded burnout and some even give up all together.

An effective social media marketing strategy will help bring more traffic to your blog and help you identify what’s working and what’s not so you don’t waste you time on things are getting little or not traction. Effective blogging is so much more than just writing blog posts. The benefits of social media marketing can help your blog be seen across social and search engines!

Use our basic social media marketing strategy to get started today and watch your stats increase:)

Steph Social

Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, angel numbers and numerology, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


  1. Loved reading this! You’re totally right, knowing your audience is key and I loved your input on branding. I’ve been trying to brand myself for the last few months & I’m finally getting my website where I want it! Thanks for the good read today!

    1. Blogging is an ever-evolving process isn’t it? I’m always looking at things to improve 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed it! Good luck with your blog 😊

  2. leah says:

    it is so important to connect with your readers. and engage with them! people often overlook that!

  3. Great write up! Good start for a lot of bloggers who are still trying to understand the fundamentals of the blogging business! Know your audience is key.

    1. Right?! And people just think the commenters are their audience but looking into the backend of your blog can you really see who’s visiting your site! Most people stop in and don’t comment:) thanks for stopping by and commenting:)

  4. This post contains a lot of helpful tips. I am going to try a couple to improve my reach — especially for my new blogs! Thanks!

    1. Awesome! Good luck with your new site!

  5. Wow, This post helps me a lot to improve my social media marketing strategy great info!!

  6. Hi Steph’s Social Pie ! 🙂
    I agree to all your points. I read it all because it’s really helpful for me. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. Happy blogging.

    1. Thank you 🙏 these are some of the tips I’ve learned in college that have been very helpful for me as well:)

  7. I love this post. You have mentioned some relevant points. I am working on a social media strategy for my blog and business.

  8. Loved the infographic. I also liked the tips you shared especially the goal setting and identifying the audience part. A lot of things make sense now.

    I started using Twitter 2 months ago. Though I am getting daily followers and some engagement but the result is far from satisfactory. Thinking of adding Pinterest as an additional platform for marketing. By the way, what’s your take on Pinterest?

    Thanks for the share!

    1. Thank you!
      I love Pinterest! It’s current my biggest source for traffic:) I’ll be doing a piece on tailwind soon because that has been a major key in growing traffic! Strategic pinning is made easy with tailwind!

  9. Yes to the smart goals!!

    1. It’s the only way 🙂

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