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Blogging Design For A Website That Wows!

Create A Beautiful Blog!

Want a real money-making blog that your readers trust and brands love? Your blog design is your first impression. When they visit your site for the first time, you get one shot to make them fall in love! Make sure you have a beautiful, professional looking site!

Beyond your content, one of the most important blogging tools is a theme. Essentially, your theme is your blog layout. It’s the difference between a cheap, unprofessional looking website and a beautiful blog people want to read and brands want to work with!

You can have amazing content, but if your blogging design is a mess – you are losing out on followers, sales, and brand colabs!

Since changing my theme, my blog design not only looks more professional, but I have also grew my following and brand colabs! Now I have businesses reaching out to work with me! I only wish I had upgraded my theme sooner! I highly recommend any Pro version of Blossom Themes because they are highly customizable, making your site look very inviting and professional!

I literally changed how my website looked quickly and easily. My site was changed and looked more organized and professional in about 10 minutes!

It’s important to note that there are free versions, but if you’re serious about your blog and want a professional looking site, a paid theme can make a huge difference. You can brand it, customize it with many added features like extra widgets and layout options and you get technical support along the way.

I did not know that a theme could make such a difference in how my blog looked. And, I didn’t know how simple it was to change.

If you want to be a professional blogger, grow your following and make money, you need to brand your blog and step up your blogging design. It’s important to have a theme that allows you to choose your specific brand colours and display your work professionally. Brands and businesses want to work with bloggers that have a cohesive style. Which is why I chose Blossom Themes.

They do have plenty of beautiful free themes, but you’re limited on colour choices and display options.

If you want a professional looking site, upgrading to a paid theme will definitely help!

I wanted all of the options to create the blog of my dreams, so I use Blossom Feminine Pro for Stephsocial.com. If your blog layout is a mess (like mine was when I started) it’s so easy to change it up! I changed my entire blog design in a few clicks! It was SO SATISFYING! I now have a featured section right on my home page, so I can display my main pages. I also love the slider option, which displays my latest posts! If you have posts that contain affiliate links and want to make more sales, putting those posts in your featured section can help you get more eyes on those posts and make more sales!

The Most Beautiful WordPress Themes I’ve Seen

Blossomtheme.com has the sweetest, girliest themes I’ve ever seen! These themes are so beautiful and easy-to-use. There’s a theme choice for every blogger: Wedding blogs, food bloggers, fashion bloggers, life coaches, travel bloggers and more! Each theme offers a free version and an affordable pro upgraded version, making it easy for everyone to create the most beautiful blog! Do you want a pretty theme that doesn’t require any code knowledge?

You can create a beautiful website with just a few clicks, making it so easy to get your blog up and running today!

If you want to try out a new theme on your blog, just simply download your theme of choice and upload to your wordpress site. Then hit the preview buttom and fall in love! But don’t worry, if you don’t love it you can go right back to your old blog with one click! But, if you do (and you will) love it, changing your theme is as simple as a few clicks to get started! Below I’ve included all of the Blossom Themes for every niche!

Pinterest Style Blog Theme

Blossom PinIt
PinIt Is Perfect For Bloggers Who Love Pinterest

Pinterest Style Blog Theme ~ Blossom PinIt is a Pinners dream! This Pinterest-style theme for feminine bloggers who want to create and share their passions on a variety of topics like makeup and beauty, food, travel, lifestyle, fashion, parenting, and so much more! Plus, it’s super responsive, and easy to use.

The unique Pinterst layout encourages your readers to engage in your content, meaning more pageviews! The code is fully SEO-friendly, so your site will rank higher in search engine results! It’s also optimized to ensure your audience only sees the best you have to offer! Set up is quick, easy and customizable. You can easily change the theme colors, fonts, layout, and social media settings.

There is a free version PinIt Blossom Theme and a Pro PinIt Blossom Theme with added features like advanced typography, more advertisement placement options, unique layout options, increased performance settings and way more customization features. The unique, modern and pretty theme you’ve always wanted is just a few clicks away.

Feminine Travel Blog Theme

Blossom Travel
This Beautiful Blossom Travel Theme is perfect the perfect way to feature your wanderlust style!

Beautiful Travel Blog Theme ~ Finally, a theme as beautiful as the places you visit! The Blossom Travel Theme is a beautiful wanderlust, feminine theme that offers everything you need to create a gorgeous travel blog!

Share your travel experiences through photos using a highly customizable and responsive blog theme with elegance. Mobile-friendly templates ensure your blog looks beautiful on all screen sizes. Fully SEO-friendly and speed-optimized, Blossom Travel Theme helps your blog ranks in search engine results. This theme offers unlimited colors, so you can customize your website to fit your brand.

Engage your audience with feature videos from your travels in the video banner section. Not just for travel bloggers, this theme is perfect for setting up beautiful fashion, lifestyle, beauty, health, food or journal blogs. Check out the free Blossom Travel Theme and the Pro Blossom Travel Theme.

Fashion Diva Blog Theme

Fashion Diva Blossom Theme
Show off your sense of style with the Blossom Fashion Theme.

Fashion Diva Blog Theme ~ A blog theme as stylish as you are? Yes!! The Blossom Fashion Theme is a stylish, tendy and chic theme for fashion bloggers! You can even create your very own fashion store, with the premium version. This is one of the most responsive fashion website templates available. Easy to use, you can change the look and feel of your blog with just a few simple clicks. The Blossom Fashion theme offers multiple post layout options that are all mobile-friendly. Choose from over 600 Google fonts to suit your style!

I love the sliding banner and feature section options! Social media integration allows people to find you, easily! There is a Pro Version of the Pro Blossom Fashion Theme or try the free version Blossom Fashion Free Theme.

Feminine Blossom Wedding Theme

Planning the perfect day calls for the perfect Blossom Wedding Theme.

Blossom Wedding Theme ~ Getting married? Want to create a beautiful wedding website to help capture every step of the process? Planning the perfect day calls for the perfect website.

With this beautiful, feminine wedding blog, it’s easy to build your dream wedding website! Create an elegant and beautiful wedding website to help you plan your perfect day! This beautiful design, chich typography and fully responsive theme keeps visitors engaged on your wedding website as everyone anticpates your big day! There’s a free version of the Blossom Wedding Theme or upgrade to the Pro Blossom Wedding Theme for the ultimate experience.

Blossom Coach Theme

Blossom Coach
Blossom Coach will help you look like the pro you are!

Blossom Coach Theme ~ No matter how great your business is, Blossom Coach Theme will make it look better! Blossom Coach theme is easy to set up so you can spend your time focusing on your business. This theme is perfect for life coaches, health coaches, mentors, speakers and therapists. Highlight your services with a theme that looks clean and professional.

Blossom Coach Pro comes with seven custom pages including an About Page, Contact Page, Event Pgae, Podcats Page, Service Page, Success Story Page, and Testimonial Page. This theme works great on mobile devices, so you can be sure every visitor gets the best experience when visiting your site! You can download the free Blossom Coach Theme or upgrade for an even better business site with the Blossom Coach Pro.

Blossom Recipe Theme

blossom recipe
Create content your readers will eat right up with the Blossom Recipe Theme.

Blossom Recipe Theme ~ What a delicious theme! If I had a food blog, this is the theme I would chose. So many display options show off your scrumptious recipes beautifully. Easy to read, detailed cooking instructions allow you to share your favourite recipes with your readers.

Foodies will flock to your blog in search of their next dinner idea! Check out the free Blossom Recipe Theme or upgrade to Blossom Recipe Pro!

Blossom Feminine Theme

blossom feminine blog theme
Blossom Feminine Theme is a beautiful, responsive wordpress theme that works for any niche.

Blossom Feminine Theme ~ I wanted a chic, girly blog theme that allowed me to get creative without getting too technical. This is my favourite theme of all, which is why I use here at stephsocial.com. It’s so pretty and elegant and I love all of the options the pro version has! The free version is fine and all, but if you want to be able to change your colours to fit your branding, I would highly recommend going pro!

I wanted my site to be super elegant and simply beautiful! I also needed it to be fast, responsive and SEO-friendly! The Pro Blossom Feminine Theme is all of that and more! Customize your site, with slider headings, color options galore and so many widgets! Sometimes I just look at my website and can’t believe it’s mine 🙂 The layout is a sleep bloggers dream! It’s not just for sleep bloggers, this theme is perfect for you too! I originally tried the free version, but wanted all the access to extras so I purchased the pro version and am so happy I did!

The Blossom Feminine Theme Is Perfect For All Bloggers:

Fashion Bloggers – Show off your favourite fashion finds with this beautiful layout.

Lifestyle Bloggers – This theme is perfect for girly lifestyle bloggers looking to create a beautiful blog!

Journal Bloggers – Share your beautiful thoughts with readers using this pretty theme!

Travel Bloggers – Your adventures will look even more amazing with this Feminine Blossom Theme.

Beauty Bloggers – Shouldn’t a beauty blogger have the most beautiful blog? Your competition will be so envious when they see this pretty theme!

Mom Bloggers – You’re not a regular mom, why have a typical blog theme? Your mom tips and tales will stand out with this amazing blog theme.

Food Bloggers – Your recipes will look even more beautiful with the Blossom Feminine Theme!

So, what are you waiting for? Download your favourite and see how beautiful your blog will look with one of these feminine wordpress themes!

Steph Social

Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, angel numbers and numerology, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


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      2. Absolutely they do! Try a free one and use the preview mode to see how it looks, playing around with different layouts, colours etc!

      3. Thanks a bunch!!!

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  19. I love that WordPress has these beautiful themes to offer. They are perfect for a change of pace for your current blog site.

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