Coconut Oil For Shaving

Shaving With Coconut Oil

how to use coconut oil as shaving cream

Want smoother, silkier legs? Try coconut oil for shaving! 

Shaving with coconut oil has so many benefits, including moisturizing and healing skin, while you shave!

Recently, coconut oil took over the beauty industry as a an affordable multi-tasking miracle product that could potentially replace pretty everything in your beauty routine. From hair masks to eyelash serum, moisturizer and even shaving cream, seems coconut oil really can do it all! A recent fave of mine is using coconut oil as shaving cream, and the results are soo smooth!

I love trying all natural beauty products instead of the chemically stuff found in many beauty stores! I think the natural stuff is more effective and it’s better for the environment! Coconut oil is also pretty cheap. I found a huge tub for under $20 at Costco, which will probably last me a year!

Want to try a nourishing face oil that is so light it absorbs quickly and won’t break you out? Ayurvedic skin care leaves you with glowing, clear skin so beautiful you won’t even need makeup anymore!

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Anyway back to the coconut oil! I keep a little jar of coconut oil in my shower. Coconut oil solidifies at a pretty moderate temperature, but the warmth from your shower will melt the oil for a smooth application!

How To Shave With Coconut Oil


Exfoliate. Remove dead skin and unclog your pores for a closer shave!

Make sure your razor is sharp! No matter what cream you use to shave, nothing will work well with a dull razor! Also dull razors can snag and cut your skin:(


I scoop about a teaspoon per leg, rubbing it in my hands to melt the coconut oil! I rub it onto my leg and shave as normal! I find my razor doesn’t get as clogged up when I use coconut oil compared to typical shaving cream! I think this allows for a closer shave, which means smoother legs!


Pat dry don’t rub! Once I was dry, the one thing I instantly noticed was that I didn’t have to immediately reach for my moisturizer! My legs felt comfortable, not the usual dry and irritated!

The Results:

I never thought I could moisturize WHILE I shaved! And that my legs wouldn’t be dry and irritated after I shaved! I was also amazed at how soft and smooth legs were! It was like I was actually able to get a close shave because there wasn’t all kinds of gunk blocking the razor.

Smooth, close shave and no irriation!

Try It:

Keep a little jar of coconut oil in your shower and next time you’re feeling prickly, reach for the coconut oil instead of shaving cream and you’ll be smooth as heck!

Benefits Of Coconut Oil On Skin

jar of coconut oil

What Can Coconut Oil Do for Your Skin?

Shaving with coconut oil isn’t the only beauty benefit! The benefits of coconut oil on skin are many!! In the past, coconut oil has gotten a bad reputation because it’s an oil! But the fact of the matter is that coconut oil has one of the richest sources of saturated fat, with about 90% of its calories in saturated fat. It’s also amazing for your skin, and can even help you get that glow back!

Why You Should Use Coconut Oil on Your Skin Instead of Lotion

Those other commercial moisturizers make you feel as though your skin is nourished because of the water content, but as soon as that water dries, your skin becomes dry and dehydrated. Many of these moisturizers contain petroleum-based ingredients that will, in the long run, suffocate your skin.

But, coconut oil can provide you with a deep hydration because it actually penetrates your tissue! It will help to strengthen your primary tissues. It can also remove any excess dead cells on the skin’s surface which can make your skin appear rough and scaly. It’s pretty much an exfoliation, hydrating miracle!

Got a skin problem? Coconut oil can help! It can soothe bug bites, help with any rashes, get rid of flaky skin, easily remove any eye makeup, soften wrinkles, protect you from sun damage, and it can help you keep your tan looking dark, longer!

Coconut Oil Healing Power!

Lastly, it can heal skin faster. This is because coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids. It will quickly absorb into the skin where it will then be used for nutrition and energy. This process provides your skin with all the energy that it will need to heal and maintain itself.

Skin Benefits Of Coconut Oil

acne before and after

Coconut oil has been proven to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It can help cure your acne; it kills the bacteria causing the blemishes in the skin.

coconut oil as a deodorant

Coconut oil can be applied as a deodorant and can be used to remove any body odor.


Mixed with a few drops of bergamot essential oil, coconut oil can help to heal chapped lips and cold sores.

coconut oil in a jar

Coconut oil is natural – there are no chemicals in it.

psoriasis elbow

The Vitamin E found in coconut oil is known to help soothe psoriasis and eczema.

healthy skin

There are three fatty acids found in coconut oil: capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. All three of these acids can kill candida, which is a common cause of fungal infections in the skin.


Coconut oil can be used as a cloth diaper cream. It can be used as a barrier to help prevent diaper rash.

clear bright skin

Coconut oil helps lighten age spots.

stretch marks

It helps prevent stretch marks when pregnant.

girl pinching thigh cellulite

When used consistently on skin, it can get rid of cellulite.

poison ivy

It can help to improve the itch of chicken pox and poison ivy.

healthy nails

Coconut oil, when placed on cuticles, can help nails to grow.

Coconut oil can also help with hair loss. Visit Hairguard for more information.

Has coconut oil worked for you? If so, what are your favorite uses for coconut oil? Have you tried shaving with coconut oil?

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  1. Coconut oil, in addition to all this. its a good helping heal wounds and scars, is ideal for moisturizing the skin, especially those that are very dry.

    1. Melita says:

      Can you use regular cooking Coconut oil?

  2. Michael David Oyco says:

    Worth to try. Easy to have, and I bet it won’t hurt as much as the other products when it does not satisfy. Thanks for this. Might try soon!

  3. I use coconut oil with all of my essential oils. I am going to try your chapped lips tip!

  4. oh I did not know this. Very helpful, can try once. I generally go to a beauty salon.

  5. I’ve never seen so much use of coconut oil, I just use it sometimes to moisturize my scalp.

  6. Bella says:

    I love coconut oil its legit the best stuff ever!!!

    1. Right?! I was only using for cooking last year and now it’s like – gotta problem? Try coconut oil!!

  7. Wow! I have sensitive skin an d skin allergies I think coconut oil is best for me thank you so much for this!!

    1. Same!! My skin is super sensitive

  8. This is a great idea. Coconit oil is milx compared to products commercially sold plus it will leave skin nice and smooth.

  9. Crystal Gempko says:

    It’s amazing to me that I’ve never heard of this! I’ll definitely need to try it!

    1. Right?! I just heard of this not too long ago and wanted to try it out cuz my legs get so dry after shaving and it takes like 2 days to rehydrate! Well not anymore!!

  10. I like coconut oil — I use it in my hair a lot. I never considered shaving with it! Very cool!

    1. I use it as a hair mask too! It really hydrates dry scalp!

      1. I need to try that! Thanks for the tip!

  11. Oh. Wow, I had no idea that it can be used as a shaving cream. That’s pretty amazing. I use coconut oil for my skin care. Would try for shaving too.

    1. Do it! Smoothest legs you’ll ever have;)

  12. A friend was just raving about using coconut oil instead of shaving cream the other day. She’s even used it for nail growth.

    1. Cool! It’s really popular and so many uses!

  13. I usually don’t use coconut oil, but I know some people love it. You have given me lot of reasons to try it out 🙂


  14. I shared this amazing post with my friend.this must be helpful for her

    1. Thank you for sharing mihir!

  15. Coconut oil really is good for so many things! Its natural and amazing and I use it for shaving everyday!

    1. I’ll never go back to shaving cream:)

  16. Kiwi says:

    I am totally the same! Coconut oil actually works really well!

    1. Right?! Like it really works so I just had to share:)

  17. Hi!
    How do you use it to lighten ages pots?
    Is it applied as a bed time cream ?

    1. Yes! Apply every night to the spot before bed! And if you really wanna tackle age spots, use vitamin C serum!! Seriously the best combo the vit C serum first, let dry and then top with a little coconut oil! After 2 weeks you’ll see a big difference! Come back and let me know!!

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  21. Nature stuff is always better than the toxic packaged products! Love coconut oil. I use it as extra moisturizer for my crazy frizzy hair AND I melt it for my air popped popcorn AND for cooking or salad dressings. It’s great for everything! Never tried it for shaving! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Like it’s good for everything right?! I like to cook with it too and love to use it on my skin! Try it next time you shave! Your legs will be so smooth!

  22. Didn’t know it can eliminate stretch marks. Good read thanks

    1. Nothing with eliminate completely but it can lessen the look of stretch marks by making the skin smoother:)

  23. Nice article! You are sharing a great article about to use coconut oil for shaving. I will definitely try it. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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  27. I loved this post about coconut oil and its benefits. Certainly, coconut oil has so many powerful features for wellness overall, and sometimes we are missing out on them for not taking advantage of this gift of nature. I use it regularly for my hair and skin. It is also said that coconut can help whiten your teeth. How amazing is that!

    1. Yes oil pulling! I’ve heard of it but I haven’t tried it! I also use it on my hair every day:) my fave product!!

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  29. really coconut oil have multiple benefit and we have to use it. but bad thing is that we do not know about them properly and think that it is not useful and move to harsh chemical. there are endless uses of coconut oil if you find them you will get it.

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