is blogging worth it?

Is Blogging Worth It?

Is Blogging Worth It? So Much Yes!

The Benefits Of Blogging! How It Helped My Bank Account And My Mental Health

how blogging helped my mental health

Is blogging worth it? What are the benefits of blogging? I asked myself this question a lot over the past 6 months, mostly because I wondered if I could make some income blogging! I was worried that if I didn’t many any money, I would be stuck in a job I didn’t like, and giving up on blogging because I couldn’t find the time to fit it in! Lucky for me I have been able to make a part-time wage blogging, but even more amazing and totally unexpected- my mental health has improved dramatically!

Before I started this blog, I was a writer for news and magazines for about 10 years! I took five years off writing to stay at home and raise my little daughter. I was passionate about momming, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. I started thinking I was just experiencing a little late postpartum depression and was definitely suffering from anxiety. Little did I know, it was body trying to tell me something. I had to make some changes. I knew I was a writer because it’s all I’ve ever known, but writing for print media seemed like a dying field. I enrolled in college, studying social media marketing and with that, this blog was born! I only wish I started sooner. Blogging has helped me re-discover my passion. I was pasionate about momming of course, but I’m a writer and when given the chance to write about what I love and make some money, I can’t explain how happy that makes me:) It’s crazy how life works out when you listen to your intuition. 

Before going back to school and blogging, I tossed around ideas like maybe opening up a cleaning business (I friggen hate cleaning) or bookkeeping because I can do it from home and it pays well (I am not even a numbers person… like at all). I thought of these career paths because the money is decent and the flexible hours would allow me to be there for my daughter when needed. But as you can tell, I had zero passion in those fields. I almost chose to settle. Almost! And, that kinda scares me! How easy it is to settle for a job you’re not passionate about.

Some people are fine settling for a job they don’t truly love, and that’s cool, but it’s not me! And since you’re here with me, I suspect it’s not you either!

Imagine loving your job so much you can’t even get enough of it? I don’t know if this is normal or not, but I get so excited about blogging that I stay up super late writing and designing and then wake up super early to plan more blog ideas! The passion is real! And as my blog started growing, my mental health improved too:) I went from feeling a little lost and anxious, some days even depressed and totally unmotivated- to excited, confident, and obviously very motivated. 

So, Is Blogging Worth It?

Blogging has changed my life in so many ways! Not only has it helped my bank account, but more importantly, it has really improved my mental health! So, is blogging worth it? Well, my only regret is not starting sooner! 

So many people settle for a career without passion because they get stuck in a job. They need the job at the moment and then get comfortable or they hate their job, but the money is too good to leave!

How Focusing On My Passion Improved My Mental Health

Suffering from anxiety meant I spent a lot of time worrying, over-thinking and imaging the worst. It was exhausting, time-consuming and pointless. It was a waste of my time and wrecking havoc on my mental health.

Since I started blogging, I don’t have time to worry any more! My time is better spent coming up with new blog ideas, writing, researching, desiging! My head is full of positive thoughts, passion and goals:) If you suffer from mental illness, this little bit of information could be the key to feeling better! I know it’s hard to find motivation, because mental illness is so exhausting. I was suffering from low energy, but since I started pursuing my passion I have more energy and drive than I have in so so long! Like I said, I stay up late working and wake up early to work more! Focusing on something that brings you joy will mean you’ll have less time and energy to waste being worried, upset or anxious.

Make Time For You And Your Passion

We’re all busy with work, families, friends and life! If you can’t or don’t want to make your passion your career, you should still pursue it! Maybe you don’t think you have the time… You’re probably so busy that you’re not even a priority in your own life!!! Try tracking your daily schedule for a week to identify any ‘free time’. If you can set aside just a few hours a week to pursue your passion, you might think you’ll be more stressed for time, but in the end you’ll actually be so much happier!

Turn Your Passion Into A Full-Time Gig

Most people over-look what they’re good at because they’ve become so comfortable doing what they have to do to get by. That becomes your life, if you let it. You forget about your talents, passions and ultimately you! Many people don’t bother to pursue their passion as a career because there is a misconception that work should feel like work and that passions are for hobbies. 

People think making money from blogging is some sort of fantasy. They also think blogging isn’t real work. Ha! The only difference between what I do now and what I did when I worked for print media, is now I get to pick and choose what I want to write:) Which, is probably why I am SO much happier! No more writing about local politics or fluff stuff. I feel like blogging is everything I’ve ever wanted and more! But, blogging is alot of work– researching, writing, graphic design, social media promo, and if you’re like me you’re always looking for ways to keep improving. But, none of it actually feels like work. 

Once I Started Blogging, I Couldn't Stop

I love blogging so much that I couldn’t stop. I created three more blogs so I could write about all of my interests:) I’m passionate about sleep, so I launched a sleep blog recently- As a former local journalist, I am knowledgable about the Niagara region so I created I wanted a no niche blog where I could write about random things I like, so I started These are just new, baby blogs, so it’ll take some time to grow them the way I’ve grown this blog. But, the goal is to make a full-time income next year through advertisements, affiliate sales, and the upcoming launch of Steph’s Social Pie blog kits!

How To Turn Your Passion Into Money

How To Turn Your Passion Into A Lifestyle

How can you discover what your true talents are? Let me give you a hint. Where your passion lies, you will find many of your natural abilities that you probably take for granted.

But more than passion, you want profit! Millions of people, including ME, have used their natural talent to not only help others, but also help themselves – financially!

Turn Your Passion Into A Blog Or Business

Answer these and you will have the core for a profitable passion blog or business!

find your blog audience

Define your ideal audience.

Who would want to read your blog? This is who you’re writing for! Use the steps below to help!

former co-worker

Who have you worked with in the past? 

Who have you worked with in the past? What have you liked or disliked about them? Are there any common denominators? This can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses! It also helps you discover a little more about you!


Your Knowledge Is Your Power

What do you know a lot about? Use it! Everyone is an expert at something! It could be latte art, braids, gardening, or playing cupid! Remember, your talent is probably something you love doing and are really good at! What kind of people could benefit from your know-how? Now you’ve got your audience and your niche!

girl pursuing her passion

If I Had A Million Dollars…

Not sure what your passion is? If you had all the money in the world, what would you be doing? Me? I’d still be blogging… but in Gucci!

interview for job

Interview three people you most respect

Interview three people you most respect (friends and family members) and ask them what they see you doing? What are your strengths from their standpoint? It can be a real eye-opener!

find your talent

What have you always been good at?

Maybe it’s dance, baking, photography or writing! Whatever you’re naturally good at, is likely something you’re passionate about!

childhood dream job

What were your childhood dreams?

What did you dream of doing as a child? Me, I wanted to be a lawyer, makeup artist and… you guessed it- A writer!

find your passion

What are your values?

What needs/values do you care about most? I care a lot about sleep and mental health! So, naturally I blog about it:)

find your idol

Who do you admire?

Who do you admire most? It could be a well-known person or a family member or friend!

Do What You Love

What do you love/hate?

What do you love to do the most? What are you passionately against? I’ve seen many successful bloggers writing about their passions from yoga to animal rights!

Find Your Passion

What makes you most fulfilled?

This is what life is all about! Be fulfilled in whatever you do. You can be succesful doing what you love to do, as long as you refuse to settle for doing what you ‘have’ to do.

family legacy

What legacy do you want to leave?

What legacy do you want to leave for your children and grandchildren? What do you want to be remembered for most?

size up your competition

Analyze your competition

Analyze your competition and find out who their audience is and how they use their social media to grow. This will give you ideas as to your niche and how you can brand yourself.

make money online

Find ways to monetize

Identify ways to monetize your knowledge. There are so many ways to turn your passion into a money-making-blog, through advertisements, affiliates, products and services you create!

Write down your answers, but don’t wait for the ‘right’ answer. Just write whatever comes to your mind! You’ll quickly discover your passion and how to turn it into a blog you love! 

So many people make a living using their passion, and have a job they love! 

It'll Take Work, But It'll Be Worth It

It won’t be easy, and it’ll definitely be a lot of work! But, I promise it’ll be worth it. I’ve seen too many bloggers giving it their all for like 5-6 months and not making the money they expected- so they give up! All I can say to that is, if you’re only in it to make money, than you haven’t found your passion! And, if you’re passionate about something, it’s always worth it:)


Steph’s Social Pie

Steph is a former reporter turned blogger. Steph's Social Pie is all about helping bloggers create the perfect branding and social media marketing strategy for a beautiful blog experience!

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  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    As long as you write for yourself and don’t care for stats!

    1. True!! But stats are necessary to make money blogging! And my goal was to make money doing what I love 😊 Not wanting to get rich or famous lol, just make a little money and be able to write every day 🙂

  2. More than the bank account or extra income, it helped me express my creative side. It also helped my mental health. I was more open about myself.

    1. Awesome Emman! I visit your blog from time to time and I like it!!

  3. Blogging is definitely worth it. If you’re passionate about something, blogging can be a great outlet for it, and if you’re good, you can make some money, too.

  4. Ronnie E. says:

    I love blogging too! It helped me in so many ways… I made new friends, it kept me busy and distracted, helped me continue making revenue on the side and while I was unemployed and improved my writing skills significantly!

  5. Blogging is a lot of work but, if you’re passionate about it, it’s worth every second ♡. So much joy! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Brianna says:

    It is def worth it!! I find it fun, relaxing, and a great extra income.

  7. Eileen M Loya says:

    Blogging is definitely worth it. I quit my corporate job because it became too stressful for me to stay on. I have concentrated on my blog and it really did pay off.

  8. Jocelyn Cañasa Brown says:

    I’ve ben blogging for 13 years now and I’m still loving it. 🙂 As long as you love it and work hard to make a good income out of your blog, you can definitely make it happen!

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