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Get Traffic To Your Website

51 Ways To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog!

how to get traffic to your website

Wondering how to get more traffic to your website? Always! I spend hours writing and creating content, but writing blog posts doesn’t get you more traffic. Marketing does! The best traffic is a combination of an effective organic seo plan and social media marketing.

The backbone to simple seo is understanding those long tail keywords. More traffic means more potential subscribers, connections, shares, and income!

I don’t just want any traffic though, I want targeted blog traffic. Traffic that converts in subscribers, social shares and maybe even a few sales too:)

What Is Targeted Blog Traffic?

Targeted blog traffic means readers in your ideal audience. The people that want to read your blog and are genuinely interested in what you publish! They turn into commentors, subscribers, buyers, and connections! These are the people you write for.

How Do You Get Targeted Blog Traffic With So Much Competition?

There are millions of blogs out there all competing for the traffic you want. So, you’ll need to be different… and the only way you can really do that is to be YOU! Trying to be like all of the other bloggers out there won’t help you here. Find your niche, and own it! This is where niching down can really help you identify your ideal audience. For me, this part takes time. I had to get in and start blogging to see what I really enjoy writing about and where my passion is. You learn as you go.

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Why Is SEO So Important?

long tail keywords

Hands-down the best way to drive targeted traffic to your blog is through SEO. SEO isn’t as scary or difficult as it seems. But, what many people don’t realize is that in order to rank for popular search terms, you’ll likely need a high Page Authority and Domain Authority. When people type a question or term in to a search engine, wouldn’t it be nice to have your site on page 1? This does take A LONG time, because in order to stand much of a chance at ranking high in search engines for popular search terms, you need to have a decent Page Authority and Domain Authority. That’s because Google doesn’t just give ranks to anyone. You have to prove your site is credible and stick around for the long haul. This is why Google also favours high quality backlinks, and you’ll see an increase in domain authority and page authority if you can get your hands on some! If high domain, well-established websites are linking to your site, that is a huge in for Google!

This doesn’t mean you need to wait until you have a higher DA or PA to start implementing SEO. The sooner you start, the better! And, there is a chance that when done right you may outrank sites with a higher DA or PA. I recommend using Keysearch.co to check out longtail keywords and assess your competition and find ways to out-rank them! I have been able to rank on page 1, with a relatively low domain authority for some really good long-tail keywords (like matching mother daughter halloween costumes) thanks to the help of Keysearch.co. The key is to aim for low competition, high(ish) volume keywords.

With Keysearch.co, you can even see which websites are ranking on page 1 for the keywords you want to rank for and check out their domain authority, page authority, ranking keywords and so much more. It has given me a major insight into how keywords work and how to use them to get real results! I’ve nearly doubled my ranking keywords in one month thanks to this tool! Nothing is better than having traffic come in with hardly any promo, thanks to Google and your seo plan! If you want to give it a try, it is so worth the small monthly fee, to increase your chances of getting organic search engine traffic! Use my code KSDISC to save 20 per cent!

51 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

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Getting traffic to your site isn’t difficult. Search engines can do a lot of the work for you. However, the key to getting the right traffic is to work the search engines and social media networks!

Here are 51 ways to drive traffic to your blog and reach your blog goals!

1. Don’t be afraid to learn SEO. Search Engine Optimization will help you raise your position on search engine results pages (SERPS) by using specific keywords, techniques and tactics. The higher you rank on the results pages, the more targeted leads you’ll get! Plus it’s not as difficult as you think. Just check out my simple SEO post here to make sense of it all.

how to get traffic to your blog

2. Create interactive blog posts. Content is king, queen and everything in between! Ask questions that lead to a problem and than offer a solution!

3. Create an FB group, in your niche! This is a great way to connect with people in your target audience! Just make sure to keep active, and stay it for the long-haul. Don’t give up after a few months when it’s not as busy as you want! Keep going!

4. Make a good pop-up to help build your email list! Just make sure it’s not too annoying, or blocking your content.

5. Offer a free, special report that features answers to common problems in your niche. In exchange for signing up and giving your email addresss, you offer a free report! It’s a win-win!

6. Run a contest! People love the chance to win something! Hosting a sweepstakes or contest a few times a year can really drive traffic in your niche!

7. Create a forum. This is a great way to build a sense of community. People can give advice, opinions, and input on your content as well as support each other! This is a great way to connect with people in your target audience. Keep everyone active by asking questions, and sharing your ideas as well as encouraging others to do the same.

8. Include keywords throughout your site. If you are not familiar with keywords, the best place to start is Keysearch.co. It takes all of the guessing work out of keyword research!

9. Participate on social media platforms. Be active and involved. Pinterest is my personal favourite!

10. Use Mix! Formerly StumbleUpon, Mix is a social network that acts as a type of search engine. People can find posts, tailored to their preferences, likes and interests. This site is popular among marketers because you can share pictures and articles from your blog or websites!

11. Spread the word in your community! Your friends and family could be your biggest supporters! Friends and family are more likely to share your posts too, and that’ll increase your reach!

12. Make a newsletter! Once you have an established email list, use it! It can be as simple as an update on your latest post, or upcoming projects! Just don’t spam your peeps, or you could see some unsubscribers!

13. Keep in touch, but not too too much! Email your subscribers once a week, or however you feel fit with your people:) Keeping them interested in your stuff is important! Send them an infographic or a few motivational quotes during the week!

14. Make a press release. It might sound kinda old school, but it can still be an effective way to bring traffic to your site. Your press release doesn’t have to be long. Create an exciting headline, with some helpful information and people will come!

15. Make sure your website is search engine friendly! Your content should be useful and delicious! Stuff your target market finds helpful. Google will favour this stuff! As they share your posts, Google takes note and gives you more ranks! A good quality theme that is fast and responive really helps!! Poorly coded and outdated themes can really hurt your seo and reader experience!

16. Make sure your blog posts have exciting headlines and sub-headings. This is one area that has really helped me increase my click through rate! It’s something that I learned early on as a journalist! It’s all about the headline and the first few sentences.

17. As a question in your headline. This will get people thinking, and wanting to click through for the answer:) The more your reader can relate to the topic, the more likely they are to click through to you blog!

18. Include links to relevant posts inside your posts. Linking to related posts on your site, within your blog posts is called internal linking. Also, occasionally link to related content on expert sites. That’s called external linking. Linking to expert or authority sites can help to elevate your authority standing!!

19. Reward your target audience. Create a special thank you for your target audience and post it on your social media. A little thank you goes a long way!

20. Set yourself up as an authority. If you choose your niche right, people in your circle should see you as an authority on your subject. Use your blg to help others in your area of expertise!

21. Offer to guest post. This will also help you be seen as an authoritive in your niche. Just make sure your guest post is on a site that is relevant to your niche.

22. Participate on topic related sites. If there are any forums or Facebook groups in your niche, be active in answering questions. This will definitely help you build your target audience!! Some forums allow you to include your link in your bio, and as Google crawls these sites, it’ll notice your link and you’ll see your ranks increasing!

23. Keep doing what you do best– creating that delicious content! Don’t write a few posts and stop. Keep creating fresh content! I like to post at least once a week on all my sites. If I could do more, I would!

24. Tweet about it. Tweet about your new contest, new blog post, or other people in your niche.

25. Collect and review your traffic data. Learn how to collect and use your traffic data to analyze your website traffic. Keeping track of your traffic can help you further identify your target market! Track the source of traffic, where they are from, who they are, how long they are staying etc.

26. Market and network connections! Make new friends and keep your old friends. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others in your niche! I’ve made a lot of good friends who are regular readers and we help eachother out in our areas of expertise whenever we need:) The blogging community is super friendly (usually).

27. Make an infographic. People love visuals and a picture really is worth a thousand words (and clicks!) Using infographics always gets me more clicks! Also, readers tend to share infographics with others, driving more traffic to your blog!

28. Quote yourself on memes. Add one of your own quotes to a post-related image. Share the image on social media with a link back to your post. It’s kinda fun!

29. Use your elevator speech. The who, what, where and how in 30 seconds or less. Social media is for the quick and to the point info. People want it direct and to the point. They don’t want to be left with too many questions. They want answers.

30. Add videos to your site. This is something I’ll be working on in the coming months! Using your own videos will help people feel closer to you. I want my audience to get to really know me. I love watching videos of the people behind the blogs I read. I am a little camera shy, but since I enjoy seeing your videos so much, I think I should at least try!

31. Add photos to your blog. Of course you know this:) But don’t just as a feature image, add a few other secondary images to break it up! Bonus points if you can create really great graphics! Make them unique and representative of your branding.

32. Create lists! Everyone likes lists. They are short, concise and informative. Top lists lead to tons of clicks!

33. Make a guide. Guides are important marketing tools because they offer some great information in one easy to find place.

34. Join LinkedIn. Post your blogs and connect with others in your target market!

35. Learn how to use YouTube. This is a bit intimating, for me at least. I don’t really like to put myself out there, but I think I wanna try!

36. Join Facebook groups in your niche. I joined a few skincare groups and blogging groups and connected with some people! I also shared some posts I made and got tons of hits and shares!!

37. Pinterest. This is a huge source of traffic for me and many other bloggers! Just make sure you share regularly. And make your posts Pinterest shareable! Game changer!

38. Quora. People go here looking for answers. Search questions in your niche and answer some questions. I usually leave a link to my blog in the answer as well, but you don’t wanna be too spammy, so use discretion! You wanna be helpful, not greedy!

39. Ask experts to write guest posts on your site. They’ll probably link back to your site, and this will give you a good backlink and boost your authority!

40. Give and conduct interviews. Interviews are interesting when done right! Find an expert in your area, and be an expert people seek out! Offer up some advice or entertaining stories! Seek out people you admire and ask if you can interview them for your site. Again, they’ll probably backlink you and it’ll help your readers get to know people you admire!

41. Create a webinar. Offer valuable tools, tips, advice, and teachings in your webinar! You can also offer a paid product option at the end!

42. Create a tutorial. Nothing beats a great tutorial to reach your target audience! You can begin with a teaser to let everyone in your mailing list and social media what you’re planning! Build hype. Keep them posted about dates and times!

43. Create some how-to-posts! How to posts bring in loads to traffic. Everyone wants to learn 🙂

44. Add graphics and pie charts to your guides and posts. Include stats, cuz people love to see proof and examples.

45. Post an opinion post and ask for comments. Don’t be afraid of a little contraversy. Get people talking! Express your opinion!

46. Create a frequently asked questions section. Many people look for expert websites that have a frequently asked questions section. When I find a site I like, if they do have a FAQ page, you better believe I click through and read. I dunno, there’s just something interesting about it.

47. Offer hacks on topics you know and love. Everyone is searching for a short cut or an easy way out!

48. Create a free printable worksheet for you visitors! If you have a lesson you can teach your readers, offer a snippet of the conecpt of then offer them a worksheet to help them through it!

49. Give them a little homework. Not the kind I neglected back in school… the fun kind! A strategy or solution to find out! Now that I’m an adult, I actually LOVE learning new things! Encourage your readers to share their work with you and your audience! This encourages communication and engagement!

50. Create coupon codes. Everyone loves a good deal. They also love to share a good deal with others! When I score a good deal, I like to brag about it a little!

51. Create a top 10 most important skills on your subject. Top tens really work well for some reason. I think because they are short and to the point! Long lists (errrm maybe like this one??) are great for offering tons of info, but some people might lose interest!

grow you blog traffic

There you have it- 51 ways to get more traffic to your website! Blogging is a lot of work, but with the right strategy you’ll see results!

Steph Social

Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, angel numbers and numerology, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


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