mother daughter halloween costumes

Matching Mother Daughter Halloween Costume Ideas

Matching Mother Daughter Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner! It’s my favourite time of year. I love the spookiness, the fall leaves and the cool, crisp air… and the costumes!! I’m already planning this year’s costumes, which is August at the time of this post!

Having trouble finding fun, family-friendly costumes?! To me, nothing is cuter than matching mother daughter Halloween costumes! Every year, me and my little princess dress up together (Yep, I’m that mom). She’s only four so I can get away with it for now… I’m sure in a few years she will look back and cringe.

If you’re like me and wanna take advantange of this fun opportunity while you can, I’ve got some cute matching mommy daughter Halloween costume ideas for ya! And, if you’ve never dressed up together, maybe this post will inspire you to have a little fun and give it a try! It’s fun for me and my daughter loves it too… for now:)

Picking costumes should be fun! I love dressing up and doing our hair and makeup:) Let’s take a look at some of my past matching mother daughter Halloween costume ideas and check out some new ideas. There’s My Little Pony, Disney princesses, super heros and more! The fall aesthetic is all about picking the perfect costume!

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mother daughter halloween

Our Halloween’s Past

Super Hero Costumes

Sailor Steph! This was one of my favourite Halloween costumes ever! It was our version of super heros:) Clearly I was a huge nerd and naturally big fan of Sailor Moon in the 90s (pssst I kinda still am)

Sailor Moon Costumes

How cute is this little Sailor Moon from Walmart?

Be a Sailor Mom this Halloween with this costume from Walmart.

Disney Princess Costumes

One of the most popular mother daughter Halloween costume ideas is obviously princess costumes! Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Pochahontas, Snow White… there are so many princesses to choose from, but my favourite is Cinderella! In 2017, we dressed up as Cinderella and Rapunzel… or Punzie as she called it;)

Princess Costumes

This cute little girl’s princess costume is from Walmart.

This pretty pink princess is from Walmart.

My Little Pony Costumes

Dressing up as your favourite movie characters is so much fun! Last Halloween, we dressed up as My Little Pony characters. She was obsessed with everything My Little Pony that year. She was Princess Cadence and I was Rarity!

My mom even custom made my daughter a costume because we couldn’t find a small Princess Cadence costume under $200 anywhere online! And, that was her favourite pony and no other pony would do! I personally connect with Rarity pony because she hates getting dirty and always wants to look fabulous! She also loves diamonds:)

My Little Pony Costumes

This is us last year (2019) as mermaids!!


What To Be For Halloween This Year?

Morticia And Wednsday Addams

I’m a huge fan of the Addams Family! I think dressing up as Morticia and Wednesday Addams would be so fun and cute in a creepy and kooky kinda way! But, my littest isn’t into the dark and twisty stuff just yet. It’s all princesses and ponies but I’m really hoping to do this one year! This Morticia is from Target and the Wednesday is from Walmart.

Wilma And Pebbles

I used to love watching the Flinstones on Saturday mornings as a kid! Wilma and Pebbles would make such cute matching costumes for a mommy daughter pair!

Matching mother daughter cat costumes are so adorable! Pick up this little girl and women’s cat costumes from TARGET!

halloween family

You can always choose a spooky theme. Mom be the witch (sorry) and the kids can be ghosts, devils and skeletons! Dad can even play along and be a goblin or vampire!

I hope you found some fun ideas for Halloween costumes this year! What are you going to be? Does your family dress up together or am I just crazy? Lol

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  1. Very cute ideas for Halloween matching costumes for sure! I have no idea what our kids will be dressing up this year yet. We have 5 this year to buy for, so we shall see!

    1. Omg 5!! Do a family theme lol but I think it might be a challenge to get 5 to agree 🙂 good luck!!

  2. These are really cute ideas! I’ve never done a matching outfit before. I think that’s on the agenda this year. I have to think of something that will work with me and both my daughters.

    1. It’s so fun when the parents get into it too:)

  3. These are some excellent costume ideas for moms and daughters for Halloween. I love the creativity.

    1. Thanks:) I love Halloween!

  4. How fun! love the great ideas!

  5. Jesusa Gilliam says:

    omg these costume ideas are so cute! I have two little boys and we usually try to do a themed family costume. We were all super heroes last year.

    1. So cute!! Super hero’s is so versatile I feel like it can please most kids!!

  6. Kelly Martin says:

    These Halloween costumes are great for moms and daughters. I like the flintstones costumes. So cute!

  7. All kids love superheroes lol love the post

  8. Ananda Qianyu says:

    these ideas are so cute and fun! i love disney everything, including princesses and star war characters! 🙂

  9. Surekha-dreamingloud says:

    These Halloween costumes ideas are so cool. I love all of it especially thte Princess Pony.. So cute..

  10. Those are some adorable ideas to choose from! Dressing up as Morticia and Wednesday from Addams Family would’ve been great since it suits the Halloween theme of being dark and scary.

  11. These Halloween costumes are so cute! I hope to get one for my niece soon.

  12. katrina Kroeplin says:

    those are so cute. i would love to do a mother daughter costume with my kids.

  13. I love Halloween and all the different costume ideas! These are some cute matching mother and daughter costume ideas.

  14. I love, love, love the Sailor Moon matching outfit! It makes me want to go back and watch the Anime again!

    1. We still watch anime lol my husband loves naruto 😂 and I still love sailor moon!

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  18. This is so cute!! I wish they would have had these when my kids were small!

    1. Wait til you see this year’s costume!!!

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