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How To Find Low Competition Keywords

How I Tripled My Ranking Keywords In 2 Months!

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Want to know how to find low competition keywords? Let’s say you get 500 daily visitors to your blog, and 80 percent of those are from Pinterest. Which is the case for many bloggers.

You’re doing pretty good right? But, what if Pinterest blocks your account… something about spam?! Even a temporary block can wreck havoc on your stats if you’re heavily reliant on Pinterest! And it can take months to recover from that hit! Or if Pinterest changes its algorithm, and you notice a dip in your traffic? It’ll take time and effort to re-strategize, make new pins, etc and hope it works… all while you’re missing out on thousands of visitors from search engines!

Relying too much on one source for blog traffic is risky business!

My advice is to start focusing on SEO now. Search engines are the best, most secure form of website traffic.

The Benefits Of Search Engine Traffic!

Traffic from search engines takes some effort and knowledge, and you likely won’t see the results immediately like you do with Pinterest or Facebook. Frustrating, I know. But, visitors from search engines are more likely to buy your service or product, meaning this is traffic that converts! Also, once you get the all rolling, and racking up ranking keywords (that’s a bit of a tongue-twister), the traffic is long-term with little upkeep efforts! Meaning- once you start ranking, the traffic will be consistent, without the effort social media traffic entails!

What Is Search Engine Traffic?

When someone searches for a term in a search engine, you want your site to actually show up on the first page or two for those terms.

Choosing long-tail keywords is easier for smaller sites to rank for because the competition is less steep! But if you’re just picking long-tail keywords without doing the proper research, you’re likely choosing terms hardly anyone is searching for or terms that are too competitive for your site.

Don’t just leave your keywords to chance!

I was doing keyword research but it was not working because the competition for those keywords was too steep for my little blog!

The big bloggers, with high domain authorities were out-ranking me! And so I wasn’t seeing much organic, search engine traffic.

But, I have been able to triple my ranking keywords in just two months and am out-ranking those big bloggers thanks to this keyword competition checker!

See for yourself- 347 ranking keywords! Update my keywords are now over 700!!

Now, I never write a post without using this tool first to find the long-tail keywords I can actually rank for. The keywords those other bloggers aren’t even aware of!

Here’s How I Get Over 500 Search Engine Visitors A Day!

Step 1. Sign up for Go do that right now, I’ll wait…

Step 2. Did you get the Ok, good. Now you can research your topic to find relevant, low competition keywords that you can rank for.

Simple type in a search term in the search bar. For example- Valentine’s Day hashtags. You’ll see just how easy that term is to rank for. For Valentine’s Day hashtags, the competition is fairly easy!

You’ll also see the search volume. If you can find a volume over 1000, with an easy competition level- jump on it!

Keysearch analyzes your website metrics to show you which terms you can rank for and which are out of your league!

I recently wrote a post about Valentine’s Day hashtags. I did my keysearch research and found a few different terms I could easily rank for using the suggested terms.

Step 3. Include those keywords in the relevant places- H1 And H2 headlines, opening paragraph, ending paragraph, alt text and meta description. Careful to make the words flow, and not to keyword stuff. You only need to include keywords 2 or 3 tops (including headlines) throughout a typical 800-1,000 word post. This is what works for me!

Step 4. Publish and wait. It can take anywhere from a few weeks, to 6 months to rank in the top 10, depending on Google and your post.

Below you can see my Google analytics for the week of Valentine’s Day. I am ranking in the top 5, for pretty much all of the Valentine’s hashtag searches, just a month after I published.

These are just results from GA, not Bing, Yahoo etc. In total I was receiving over 500 search engines visits a day.

What Is

The product I mention in this post is a huge game-changer for me and that’s the reason why I became an affiliate partner for I use and love this product myself, which I actually discovered from another blogger that I found on… welp, Google:) So, thank you keysearch for that too:) If you want to try this tool out for yourself, I will (at no extra cost to you) make a commission.

It’s only hands-down the best $17 I spend a month as a blogger!

I know, money is tight for us bloggers. And investing in another product might not be in the budget. But, if you’re going to invest ANYTHING, invest the $17 in a good, keyword research tool.

Sure, there are tons of free keyword research tools, but they aren’t custom-tailored to your website and they won’t give you the insight that does. Believe me, I’ve tried them and wanted to love them because I’d rather not spend more money. But, they didn’t show me exactly which terms I could rank for.

Here’s Why It Works analyzes your website metrics to identify terms you can rank for based on your domain strength.

You can also see the top ranking sites, for the terms you’re researching, and where they’ve included the keywords! This gives you an advantage to find areas where you can one-up them! allows you to check your competition’s URL metrics. You can see their ranking keywords, domain strength and more! It sounds a little stalkerish, but it can be helpful to see how far behind (or ahead) you are!

Do you want more ranking keywords? Do you want to rank in the top 10 search engine results??

Keysearch is just $17 but use this code: KSDISC and save 20 percent!

How To Find Low Competition Keywords

long tail keywords

How Do Keywords Work?

If you choose keywords that are too difficult to rank for, chances are your blog won’t stack up against the big sites! And, if you pick keywords no one is searching for… then no one will search for them and consequently no one will be directed to your site!

Long-tail keywords are a string of words, rather than a single word. They are generally easier to rank for. You need to use keywords that are not out of your league, but are being searched for! And you need to use them properly! Sound complicated? This keyword competition checker makes it easy peasy!

I thought I was doing effective keyword research, but turns out I had no idea how steep the competition was on the terms I was going for, or that some terms had very little searches- so no traffic! I went from 74 ranking keywords to over 300 in two months! And my search engine traffic has more than doubled!

So you know you should be using keywords, and maybe you even know about the importance of long-tail keywords. But, you’re frustrated because you’re trying but aren’t seeing search engine results!

What if you’re not using the best keywords for your blog? Or you’re not even using them properly? Feeling lost and overwhelmed by the whole idea of keywords? Don’t give up!

Keyword research can seem like a complicated, mind-boggling task but it doesn’t have to be! This one tool can help you master keywords. With just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to out-ranking your competition!

Let Do All The Work For You!

If you are in it for the long-haul and care about your blog’s future growth, investing in a good keyword research tool is key! will change the way you blog!

keyword competition checker

Ready to start ranking higher in search engines? Ready to out-rank your competition? What are you waiting for? Try the best keyword competition checker. I’ll even give you 20 per cent off, just use this code KSDISC! Just don’t out-rank me;)

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