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Scalp Exfoliation DIY To Remove Scalp Build Up

DIY Scalp Treatment | Scalp Exfoliation Brush

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In a world where dry shampoo is life, trust me… you need a good scalp exfoliation to remove all that scalp build up! We exfoliate the skin on our faces and bodies, but what about scalp exfoliation? You know how good a head massage at the salon feels! Not only does it release tension we often carry in your heads, it also exfoliates your scalp. But, is scalp exfoliation really necessary? If you want healthier, fuller hair and a happier scalp, than YA! Once you try it, you’ll feel the difference immediately!

You’re all about the dry shampoo, but have you ever thought about what that product build up is doing to your scalp? Just imagine the build up of dead skin, oil and product on your scalp! Yuck! Not only does a fresh scalp feel great, it’s also makes a perfect base for healthier hair. That’s because a build up of dandruff, oil, dead skin cells and all that dry shampoo can really clog up your hair follicles and cause hair loss and thinning! Yikes! Shampooing alone can not remove all that gunk from your scalp, so over time it just builds up, eventually clogging your follicles and suffocating any new hair growth. Give your scalp a chance to breath again with this simple scalp exfoliation diy Hack! Or try the scalp exfoliation brush to remove stubborn scalp build up!

How often should you exfoliate your scalp?

I use a scalp scrub about twice a moth and afterwards, my head feels so clean. A clean that not even washing three times with regular shampoo could do!

Scalp exfoliating encourages fresh hair to grow in healthier and thicker! It also removes all of the product buildup, making your hair look shiny, fresh and fuller than before! It also encourages blood flow to awaken your hair follicles:) I swear you’ll understand what I mean after you give it a try! Your head will feel more alive!

Use a scalp scrub a few times a month to remove build up and encourage fresh skin cell turnover!

How to Exfoliate Your Scalp

I’m an affiliate of and have recommended a few products that I personally use and LOVE! If you think you’d love them too, and decide to give one of my fave products a try, I will make a small commission. This will be at no extra charge to you:) I hope you enjoy and appreciate your support!

Try This Scalp Exfoliation Brush

Remove Scalp Build Up | Promote Hair Growth

Step 1. Use a scalp exfoliation brush like this one, to prep your scalp and lift up stuck on debris! This brush fits perfectly in the palm of my hand and creates a rich lather you can’t really get using your hands! You’ll use less shampoo and really feel the difference in how clean and fresh your scalp is:) Just be sure to brush gently. Exfoliating should not be rough or painful!

Scalp Exfoliation DIY

Step 2. Scalp Exfoliating Treatment! After brushing, if you want to make a simple and effective scalp exfoliation DIY I recommend checking out these. Or pamper your scalp with this refreshing cleansing scalp scrub! It’s made with dead sea salt to exfoliate, but is so gentle it’ll leave your scalp feeling calm and clear! The rosemary scent makes the whole process incredibly uplifting.

Once in a while if you really feel the need to remove excess oils and product build up, you can try a scalp scaler like this one. It’s uses natural sea salt to soak up all that sebum and build up on your scalp. It also soothes and refreshes even sensitive scalps!

A scalp scaler can remove even the most stubborn scalp build up, so your scalp can breath again!

A fresh, healthy scalp is waiting underneath all that oil, debris and built up dry shampoo! So, let it out with a good scalp scrub exfoliation that you can DIY! A healthy scalp makes for healthy hair! You’ll feel the difference immediately! Just like the skin on your face and body, your scalp needs to be cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized! Take care:)

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  1. Kelly Martin says:

    I’ve never heard of scalp exfoliating before. It makes sense though to remove the built up oils and hair products.

  2. It’s good that you exfoliate once in a while. It will allow new skin to grow! So nice tips!

  3. This is something I feel my wife can benefit from. She uses dry shampoos often. Wouldn’t hurt to recommend this to her.

  4. I never heard of scalp exfoliating before. I would love to try it out sometime and see these benefits!

  5. A good scalp clean is much needed where I live as its hot and humid all the time.Makes the scalp and hair feel so eeky even though I shampoo it often. And its so simple to make the scrub at home. Definitely going to give it a try.

  6. Definitely going to try this! Thanks!

  7. How interesting, never thought about scalp exfoliation. But you are right we do get a lot of product building up. It makes total sense!

  8. Emily Fata says:

    I’ve honestly never tried a scalp exfoliator before! I’d love to try one out, to help with any dry skin, particularly in the wintertime.

  9. Fatima D Torres says:

    Perfect timing on this one. I’ve been meaning to exfoliate my scalp. More so since I’ve been using so much product these days.

  10. I wouldn’t mind a scalp scrub. I bet it feels refreshing to do too.

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