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Scalp Exfoliation DIY To Remove Scalp Build Up

Try This DIY Scalp Treatment And Scalp Exfoliation Brush For Long, Strong Hair

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Long and strong hair starts with a healthy base- Your scalp! In a world where dry shampoo is life, trust me… you need a good scalp exfoliation diy to remove all that scalp build up! We exfoliate the skin on our faces and bodies, but what about scalp exfoliation? You know how good a head massage at the salon feels! Not only does it release tension we often carry in your heads, it also exfoliates your scalp and promotes hair growth!

But, is scalp exfoliation really necessary? If you want healthier, fuller hair and a happier scalp, than YES! Once you try it, you’ll feel the difference immediately!

Think about it, all of that debris and build up is weighing down your hair and shampooing alone is not enough!


  • Step 1. Find a nice, quiet spot and relax.
  • Step 2.Using the pads of your fingertips or a scalp massage brush, gently massage your scalp starting at the top of your head. IT FEELS SO SATISFYING!
  • Step 3. Using small, circular motions, massage one area at a time. Generally, the very top of your head holds the most tension and buildup.
  • Step 4. Then, take your hair in between your knuckles like a comb, and grab and pull your hair gently and release. This helps improve circulation and release tension.

Your hair may feel a little greasy, but your scalp will feel amazing! The grease happens because you’re releasing the oils from under all of the build up.

Once you wash your hair, you will see right away a huge difference in how your hair looks and feels. It’ll look thicker and shinier! I’m addicted!

Why You Need A Scalp Brush And Scalp Scrub

You’re all about the dry shampoo, but have you ever thought about what that product build up is doing to your scalp? Just imagine the build up of dead skin, oil and product on your scalp! Yuck!

Not only does a fresh scalp feel great, it also makes a perfect base for thicker, longer, and healthier hair.

A scalp scrub will remove:

  • Dandruff
  • Dead skin cells
  • Product build up
  • Clogged hair follicles

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Yikes! Shampooing alone can not remove all that gunk from your scalp, so over time it just builds up, eventually clogging your follicles and suffocating any new hair growth. Give your scalp a chance to breath again with a simple scalp exfoliation diy! Or try using a scalp exfoliation brush to remove stubborn scalp build up!

How often should you exfoliate your scalp?

I do a scalp scrub about twice a month and afterwards, my head feels so clean. It’s a kind of clean that not even washing three times with regular shampoo could do! And I do a scalp massage, weekly using a scalp brush!

It feels like my scalp isn’t so tight anymore and can finally breath again!

Scalp exfoliating encourages fresh hair to grow in healthier and thicker! It also removes all of the product buildup, making your hair look shiny, fresh and fuller than before!

It encourages blood flow to awaken your hair follicles:) You’ll understand what I mean once you give it a try! Your head will feel more alive!

Use a scalp scrub a few times a month to remove build up and encourage fresh skin cell turnover!

Scalp Exfoliation DIY Using A Scalp Brush

First you need the right scalp exfoliation diy products! This is my absolute favourite scalp brush below, because the silicone bristles are gentle yet effective! You gently massage your scalp and you can literally feel it work.

Get Your Scalp Brush For Just $10!

It’s only $10 and makes a huge difference in your hair’s health! This brush encourages a rich lather and exfoliate your scalp- removing built-up dirt, oil and debris. The soft rubber is gentle on your scalp and hair:)

You can also use an effective scalp scrub to really get a really good, deep-down clean! I am a big fan of scalp jelly! I’m not the only one, as it has amazing ratings!

Hair Growth Oil

I also recently added this amazing multi-peptide scalp oil from The Ordinary, to my hair growth routine! It’s under $20 and has helped me actually grow new hair!

I can see the new hairs along my hair line! I’ve been using this oil, every few nights, just a couple drops massaged into my scalp before bed. Then, I wash and exfoliate my scalp the next morning.

Just check out the photo below. I was shocked when I noticed tons of new baby hairs coming in and it’s only been two months! I’ve never seen anything like it!

Scalp Exfoliation DIY Treatment

Try a DIY Scalp Exfoliating Treatment! After brushing, if you want to make a simple and effective scalp exfoliation DIY I recommend checking out these.

A scalp scrub can remove even the most stubborn scalp build up, so your scalp can breath again!

A fresh, healthy scalp is waiting underneath all that oil, debris and built up dry shampoo! So, let it out with a good scalp scrub exfoliation that you can DIY! A healthy scalp makes for healthy hair! You’ll feel the difference immediately! Just like the skin on your face and body, your scalp needs to be cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized! Take care of your hair!

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  1. Kelly Martin says:

    I’ve never heard of scalp exfoliating before. It makes sense though to remove the built up oils and hair products.

  2. It’s good that you exfoliate once in a while. It will allow new skin to grow! So nice tips!

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  4. I never heard of scalp exfoliating before. I would love to try it out sometime and see these benefits!

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    I’ve honestly never tried a scalp exfoliator before! I’d love to try one out, to help with any dry skin, particularly in the wintertime.

  9. Fatima D Torres says:

    Perfect timing on this one. I’ve been meaning to exfoliate my scalp. More so since I’ve been using so much product these days.

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