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How To Create Metallic Font Easy and Free! Shiny Text From Your Phone!

Create Shiny Metallic Font Easily Using A Free App!

I love the look of shiny, metallic font. I think it adds a cool effect to the average, boring text:) I’ve seen the shiny chrome letters around social media and loved it so much I wanted to learn how to create the look myself. Today, I’ll share how I create metallic font easily, from my phone!

I recently changed up my branding with fresh new fonts, colours and style. I included the very text I am sharing with you today:)

how to make metallic font on your phone

I searched through many tutorials on how to make metallic fonts, but most involved using my laptop… Normally that would be fine, but I’ve been away without my computer. I wanted to create my graphics right away, so i found an easier way to make the shiny text on the go- from my Iphone! The results were amazing and way simpler than I thought it would be, so I just had to share with you:) This way you can create graphics anywhere, without having to bust out your computer! Let’s get started!

I have included a few affiliate links to products that have really helped me step up my graphic design game. If you want to try them out and decide to make a purchase, at no cost to you, I’ll make a little cash to keep this blog going with helpful stuff for you:)

how to make metallic font

Create Shiny Metallic Font Easily On Your Phone

Step 1. Download the Phonto App. It’s free and helps you add all sorts of font effects to your graphics, including metallic chrome! You can create shadowing, backgrounds and borders for all your text, right from your phone! If you need graphic design on the go like me, it’s a serious game-changer! I use Canva Pro and Phonto to create all of my graphic designs, but the Canva app is limited as to what I can do on my phone. I like having the option to create advanced graphics right from my phone.

Step 2. Upload your image. Start with a plain colour, no text, in the background colour and size you want. To upload your image just click the little camera icon at the bottom of your screen and select.

Step 3. Add your text in white! You can pick whatever font you want.

how to create metallic font

Step 4. Create a pattern. Click the pattern option at the bottom and you’ll be able to select up to five colour options. Pick a few different colours that work well together. It pays to play around with your colours to see what looks best.

Step 5. Here’s where the magic happens! Click horizontal at the top of the page, and select vertical instead. Bam, you’ve got a metallic font effect. If it doesn’t look exactly how you want it, try playing around with shading and colours until you’re happy with the effect.

Step 6. Make it your own. Try different fonts and patterns to see what you like best!

I love that I can create these metallic fonts from my phone, on the go or on the computer! I hope you enjoy:) Happy creating!

how to make metallic font


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  1. So pretty! I might have to do this. The font is very eye catching.

  2. Love it! It’s so glamorous and there’s something about it that really throws me back to the early 2000s and makes me feel super nostalgic…

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  6. Enriqueta Lemoine says:

    THis is so supr cool and the way you explain it is simple perfect. Will try to create my own methalic fonts.

  7. Jen Walker says:

    This tutorial is so easy to follow- thank you for that! I love the look of metallic fonts and have never tried to do them myself!

  8. Passion Piece says:

    I didn’t know it’s so fast and easy to make such a beautiful metallic font! Need to give it a try soon! 🙂

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  11. Agnes Dela Cruz says:

    I love metallic fonts, it gives that certain statement with each letters. I love the color too!

  12. I like this trick and would be use to glamorize my fonts. You are a genius.

  13. This would be great to use on Instagram and Insta stories to make posts really stand out.

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