keto starbucks drinks

Keto Starbucks Drinks

Keto Friendly Starbucks

Just because you’ve gone Keto, doesn’t mean you have to give up Starbucks! I’ve put together a list of delicious Keto Starbucks Drinks so you can enjoy the perk without the guilt!

Starbucks usually means sweet, sugary drinks but you can turn most of your favourite Starbucks drinks into keto-licious drinks with just a couple easy modifications.

Keto Starbucks Drinks

keto starbucks drinks

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Keto Friendly Starbucks Iced Coffee

starbucks keto iced coffee


Unsweetend Iced Coffee

Add 1 or 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla

Add 1 or 2 pumps of sugar free cinnamon dolce

Heavy cream or almond milk

Keto Starbucks Frappuccino

Keto Starbucks Frappuccino


Unsweetend cold brew

Add 1 or 2 pumps of your favourite sugar free syrup

Add 1 or 2 shots of heavy cream

1 shot of protein powder

Blend it frapp style

If you want to make it a pumpkin spice keto-style frappuccino, add two shots of sugar-free vanilla syrup, blend and top a dash of pumpkin spice.

To make a peppermint mocha keto-style frappuccino, add two shots of sugar-free mocha syrup and two shots or sugar-free peppermint syrup!

keto starbucks coffee

Keto Starbucks Coffee

Did you know that not all coffee is keto-friendly? Lucky for you, Starbucks is. You can order their blonde, dark, or pike place roast and still stick to your keto diet!

Starbucks Keto Pink Drink

This keto version of the famous Starbucks Pink Drink is just as beautiful and delicious as the real deal.


Unsweetened passion tango iced tea

Shot of heavy cream or almond milk

1 or 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup


keto starbucks mocha

Keto Starbucks Mocha


Unsweetened mocha

Half heavy cream/Half water

Shot of sugar-free mocha syrup

keto starbucks cappuccino

Keto Starbucks Cinnamon Cappuccino



Shot of heavy cream

Shot of your favourite sugar-free syrup

Top with cinnamon powder

Sugar-Free Starbucks Purple Drink


Sugar-free passion iced tea


Shot of sugar-free vanilla syrup


keto starbucks flat white

Keto Starbucks Flat White


Flat white

No steamed milk

Half heavy whipping cream/half steamed water

Keto Starbucks Hot Teas

Here’s a list of Starbucks teas that contain 0 calories and 0 net carbs:

  • Passion Tango Herbal Tea
  • Mint Majesty Herbal Tea
  • Royal English Breakfast Tea
  • Teavana Earl Grey Brewed Tea
  • Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea
  • Mist Green Tea
  • Teavana Organic Chai Tea
  • Youthberry White Tea

Add a little heavy cream, almond milk or sugar-free syrup to your tea for added flavour and texture. Or create your own low-carb iced tea by ordering any of the brewed teas, over ice! Add a dash of stevia if you like it a little sweeter!

Starbucks Sugar-Free Syrups:

  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon Dolce
  • Caramel
  • Hazelut
  • Peppermint
  • Mocha

Keto-Friendly Starbucks Drink Toppings

  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Sea Salt

Always ask if you’re unsure a drink is keto-friendly. Be sure to check out Starbucks nutritional information.

Keto Starbucks Drinks At Home

Make your own keto-friendly Starbucks drinks at home using these keto ingredients.

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  1. The unsweetend iced coffee with no sugar and almond milk is my go to! A lot of good recommendations here!

  2. This is a very handy list for people who are trying to stick to a Keto diet but enjoy their dose of Starbucks!


    Thanks for sharing I can really get some really good recommendations here

  4. Gervin Khan says:

    Wow, I never knew that there’s a lot of choices of drinks that can be fit for a keto diet person like my cousin, I will let her know about this. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Michael David Oyco says:

    Haven’t tried KETO.. It sounds a bit pricey but if you have the resources and is a fan of Starbucks then this is a perfect menu for you.

  6. yumm! isnt it amazing how our favorite foods are keto friendly.

  7. All the spices are so much beneficial to our well-being. Sans sugar, they are incredibly potent!

  8. This list of drinks is great for everyone who does the keto diet. Thank you for sharing x


  9. This is an awesome post, I didn’t know you can just concoct your own drink in Starbucks. So creative.

  10. Awesome list, My favorite would be Hot Americano with two shots of heavy cream and 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup.

  11. LOve the time you have taken to compile the list for other Keto lovers. Cutting down on sugar has been very important considering the amount of coffees we have in a weekly basis.

  12. Kristal says:

    Wow thank you for sharing this I really can use this right now I’m always saying no to Starbucks because I feel like it’s not healthy but you clearly have made me change my mind.

  13. Heaven says:

    D E F I N I T E L Y trying these! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Fatima D Torres says:

    I had no idea the pink drink could be KETO friendly. This is awesome for my friends on the KETO diet.

  15. I’ve never realized wha a huge choice of drinks Starbucks has, for all types of diets …

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  17. Kylie says:

    Wow! I had no idea that Starbucks had Keto drinks! One of my friend’s is obsessed with the Keto diet, I’m sure she would love this!

  18. Personally, I’m on Keto Diet for months now, So I’m happy that people are being more and more aware about it now. 🙂

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