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Bloggers And Businesses Working Together Is A Perfect Match

The Mutual Benefits Of The Blogger And Business Colab

business blogger colab

Businesses want targeted exposure at an affordable price. Bloggers love free products, audience engagement and paid opportunities! Setting the right business up with the perfect blogger can do both that and more! Bloggers working with businesses really does make the perfect match.

Influencer marketing is a great way for both bloggers and businesses to gain exposure, reach, build relationships and make money!

Business Benefits | Why You Should Work With Bloggers

benefits of businesses working with bloggers

Bloggers offer businesses a unique way to promote their products and services through targeted readership and search engine optimization. Get Blogged is a blogger outreach service that brings high quality bloggers and businesses together. Businesses can post their collaboration opportunities, giving bloggers the chance to apply for assignments within their niche. It really is the perfect match! Is working with bloggers right for your business? Let’s look into the advantages of business and blogger collaborations.

It’s Affordable

Working with bloggers is a great way for small businesses on a small budget to gain big exposure. For a small fee or product exchange you can expand your reach dramatically. It’s a more affordable option than typical forms of advertising, and you can pick your budget.

You’ll See Real Results

Because bloggers usually have a loyal, engaged following, working with them offers you the ability to effortlessly tap into that audience. Readers tend to be more engaged when visiting a blog, so they’re more likely to click through, check out your brand and make that purchase!


Bloggers are real people! Having a blogger feature your business lets others see you in a different light. Readers feel connected to a blogger they know and trust. Working with bloggers is a great way to help connect people to your brand!


Your products and services will gain big exposure to an audience that may have never even had a clue it exsisted! This happens ALL THE TIME! How often are you bombarded with the same ads over and over, but then you check out one of your favourite blogger’s reviews and find a new product to try?

Fresh Perspective

Bloggers are a creative bunch. Collaborating with a fresh set of creative eyes can give your business the marketing edge it needs!

Blogger Benefits | Colab

working with bloggers

Bloggers, there are so many benefits to working with brands and businesses. Getting paid is just one of the many perks. Bloggers get to build their portfolios, boost search engine results, create new relationships and try new products! Bloggers working with brands is a no-brainer! Best of all, you don’t have to be a mega blogger to bring it to the table! Micro bloggers can offer their expertise, loyal readers and credibility. Want to collaborate with a business or brand? What’s in it for the bloggers?


As a micro blogger, collaborating with brands in your niche is a great way to build your experience and expertise. This boosts your blogging cred big time and opens new doors. Once you’ve nailed a few collaborations, you’ll feel more confident pitching for more!


The blogging community is all about making the right connections. Having positive relationships in your niche gives you a huge advantage and can help you grow your blog. Once you get your foot in the door, it becomes wide open for more opportunities. Get a few good reviews from your partnerships and you’re sure to score more jobs!


Your readers love checking out new resources, tutorials, personal stories and reviews. Collaborations give your readers new content to read and share. That’s gotta make ya feel great!

Something New

This is one of the best things about working together– you get to try something new! It could be a new face cream, clothing line, or wordpress theme. There are so many things to try right within your niche. Why not use your blog as a way to explore!


Another huge benefit is, you build your portfolio. As a blogger, reaching out to brands is a bit (okay REALLY) intimidating. But, if you’re prepared with some experience on your porfolio you’ll be so that more confident when making a pitch. You’ll also be more likely to be approved if you have several colabs under your belt.


Who doesn’t want more money? Getting paid to do what you love is the sweetest icing on the cake. Mmmmm. Many micro blogger/business collaborations are paid opportunities. If you bring experience, loyal readers, and expertise to the table, why shouldn’t you make a little money doing what you love!

And it feels good to be a blogger and have businesses want to work with you. For me, it’s one of the stepping stones to ‘making it’ as a blogger.

Real Results Of Blogger/Business Colabs

Work With Me!

blogger collaboration opportunity

I recently partnered with the beautiful Blossom Themes to help them gain targeted exposure. I use the Blossom Feminine theme here at and love it so much I had to share! I also use the Blossom Pinit theme on my website Ten Things About. My readers enjoyed my article featuring an in-depth look at each of the themes so much! Many even decided to download themes for themselves. Some, like Housewife Hustle, even wrote blog posts about the themes because they loved them so much and wanted to share with their readers! As you can see the right partnership can spiral and quickly gain big exposure for both the blogger and business!

Many of my readers even expressed that they would not have known about the themes had it not been for my post! It was extremely satisfying to connect to my readers to such a beautiful line of WordPress themes. Educating readers on product features thatI love and use personally, is super satisfying. This is just one of the examples of why I personally love working with brands here at Steph’s Social Pie!

I’m always open to collaboration opportunities, either through guest postings, link building, product and service reviews, and sponsored posts!

benefits of business blogger collaborations

Steph Social

Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, angel numbers and numerology, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


  1. lucyclarke123 says:

    Great post! Businesses are quickly understanding the importance of building relationships with Bloggers, and blogging is such a great career opp. for those who need to build a business flexibly. It takes hard, relentless work at the begining, but it’s so much fun!

  2. Blogging and business definitely go hand in hand. Both can benefit from each other. However, it only works if both are really on their game. Everyone has to bring their best to the table. Love this post.

  3. I love how you pointed out how businesses could benefit. It’s easy to point out how a blogger benefits but so many businesses think it’s just giving away money and it actually is mutually beneficial!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I hope it helps more businesses realize the potential:)

  4. Eileen M Loya says:

    Bloggers and businesses are a great way for both parties to grow and expand. I love how you stressed on the fact that businesses can gain real exposure from real people putting in a good word for them.

    1. Advertising through a blogger partnership is so much different than traditional ads! Way more personal and can be so effective!

  5. Blogging is a great way to work with a variety of different businesses and to help each other expand. there is lots of potential to be reached!

  6. clydequin93 says:

    Business owners need bloggers, there’s no doubt about it, but it would be awesome, to be a business owner and at the same time, a blogger too. 🙂

  7. Kelly Martin says:

    I haven’t done any collaborations with businesses yet. It’s definitely something I need to look into.

  8. Hihi….I don’t know about you but I don’t like free products. I prefer buying them on my own money and seeing where that leads me.

  9. Blogging and business are related with each other.Collaboration is really a beneficial idea for blogging.Learned a lot about it.Thanks.

  10. It’s a trend now: influencer marketing and businesses. Sometimes it can be abusive. It can be very helpful if there’a contract between two parties.

  11. I have tried this one. and it worked well. i think i need to find my next collab soon.

    cha @

  12. I love working with brands and only work with ones that fit my ethos. It’s always enjoyable. Great tips here

  13. I think Bloggers and Businesses go hand on hand nowadays. Those are some great pointers to know and both parties get benefits from working together too.

  14. i appreciate seeing a post of your setup for vlogging. that is so helpful to see how others do it.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  15. Tiffany La Forge-Grau says:

    It is so refreshing when you find a business that you mesh well with. You both can get so much out of each others work.

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