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Got a few coffee lovers on your Christmas list? These coffee gifts will have them buzzing! I’m serving up some of the best gifts for coffee lovers. Give them a buzz with their own coffee roaster, or cold brew coffee beans, mugs, coffee accessories, and Starbucks gift baskets. They’ll love these personalized Starbucks tumblers, candles, earrings and more. Make the perfect coffee gift set yourself or order a pre-made set and have it sent right to their door for the holidays. Because coffee is life!

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Funny Coffee Lover Gifts

Tim’s Coffee Socks

Got a Tim’s lover on your list? These socks are the perfect gift!

Funny Coffee 😷 perfect for Christmas 2020

How funny is this ‘coughy filter’ face mask?! This would be a great Christmas 2020 gift!

Funny Coffee Mug

If this doesn’t scream me in the morning, I don’t know what does haha! This funny coffee mug is a great gift for anyone who needs coffee to be nice lol!

Coffee Roaster

coffee roasters

What sets a really good cup of coffee apart from an average cup of joe? Freshly roasted coffee beans! Roasting your own coffee beans ensures the freshest, best coffee in every cup. Coffee is best within a few days after roasting. Give the gift of the freshest cup, with a coffee roaster so your friends and family can roast their own coffee beans at home, every day! It’s not hard to roast your coffee at home, with the right equipment.

Check out this handy little coffee roaster below, that you can use on the go so you can have freshly roasted coffee even while you’re camping. You hold the roaster over a stove top or fire as the beans roast, they begin to pop around inside like popcorn! It’s small, versatile and the least expensive option. Or if you want a machine that does all the work for you? These electric coffee roasters are for you! It’s like having a Starbucks right in your home!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

cold brew coffee beans

For a refreshing kick, cold brew coffee is great over ice and topped with your favourite flavoured cream. Pick up one of these cold brew coffee makers for the iced coffee lover on your list so they can enjoy an ice cold cup of joe all year round!

Cold Brew Coffee Beans

Don’t forget about the special cold brew coffee beans! These cold brew coffee beans are supreme, smooth, sweet and perfect every time!

More Funny Gifts for Coffee Lovers

For serious coffee addicts, that don’t take their addiction too seriously!

Starbucks Gifts

If you like coffee, you probably love Starbucks. The specialty drinks, the ambiance, and the fact that you can enjoy your own version at home make Starbucks the perfect Christmas gift!

Personalized Starbucks Tumblers

Show the world you’re a hardcore Starbucks fan with your very own personalized Starbucks tumbler. Every serious addict has at least one:)

Starbucks Gift Cards You Don’t Even Have To Leave The House!

Let them choose whatever they want with a gift card from their favourite coffee shop! Starbucks gift cards can be ordered online, so you don’t even have to leave your house to check a few coffee lovers of your list!

Make Your Own Coffee Gift Set

Pick up a few of these items and put together the perfect coffee gift set for all your caffinated friends! Add a t-shirt, some earrings and a candle and caffinated Karen will be buzzing all the way home!

Starbucks Earrings

Starbucks Candles

Coffee Accessories

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Do you have a few coffee lovers on your Christmas list?

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  1. Nicole says:

    This is a great list! I am going to save this to get ideas off of for Christmas for some of my coffee loving family members!

    1. Or treat yourself:)

  2. You spoke right to me, I would gladly accept any of these as a gift, I also have family that are coffee addicts that I treat with coffee gifts too. Thanks for adding to my list of things I can do.

    1. It’s so hard to buy for adults I think! Most of us need coffee to survive so basically we are giving the gift of life lol 😂 buy one for you and one for them 😉

  3. Great list! it sure saves me the time to do it myself 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  4. i love that coffee cup that has the three measurements. so fun.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

    1. Haha it is funny cuz it’s so true… for me! Lol

  5. I love the socks and earrings BEST! haha!

    1. Any real coffee lover will appreciate those earrings!!!

  6. Love this list! Those earrings are the best! Pinned to my Gift Guide board

  7. These are great gifts for my wife. I love that “Pot Head” shirt. What an awesome play on words!

  8. I love these coffee lover gift ideas! My brother loves coffee and any of these gifts would definitely make him smile 🙂

  9. Hihi….the cup that speaks of 3 drinking while talking levels is the best, to me. I love it!

  10. Gervin Khan says:

    These are definitely a nice gift ideas. I would love to have those mugs for my sister.

  11. Angela Milnes says:

    This is something my brother would totally enjoy! I need to get him this for his birthday coming up.

  12. Mmmm…I love the cute little coffee roaster! It looks great for travels!

  13. These definitely ARE the best gifts for coffee lovers! I now have so many ideas thank you so much!

  14. I love coffee!! Im like a mad woman in the morning if I dont get my coffee. these gifts are so cute

  15. Cold Brew Coffee Maker seems like a great gift this Christmas time! I hope to get one. Great tip!

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