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Interview With Wellbeing Coach Vanessa Dias

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Design Your Personal Development Plan

Are you stuck in a rut? Struggling to make life goals and not sure how to reach them? You want to live your best life but you lost your drive! Let wellbeing coach Vanessa Dias help you live a happier and more meaningful life through an effective personal development plan! The life you want is up to you and is absolutely possible once you change your thought process. You’re aware of the power your mind has over the life you live, so why not use your mind to reach your highest potentional!

We know the law of attraction works, but maybe you’re having trouble using it effectively and consistently to design the life you want. Vanessa can show you how to use your mind to unlock a better life once you learn to let go of whatever is holding you back!

We all go through periods in our life where we feel a little lost. The weight of thinking we need to have it all figured out, and fast, can be overwhelming! Or major life changes can trigger anxious feelings and uncertainty! Strengthen your mind to handle life’s ups and downs so you can go through the roller coaster without losing your mind!

Are you:

  • Lacking direction
  • Depressed
  • Suffering from addiction
  • Feeling tired, overwhelmed and defeated
  • Struggling to reach your goals
  • Overly stressed and unmotivated

A wellness coach may be able to help you get your life back on track. It may sound a little out there, but wellness coaching makes sense. We take our physical health seriously, but often limit our mental health. You have hidden true potential just waiting to emerge! It all starts within your mind. A shift in your thought-process can change your while life.

Wellness Coaching Can Help You

Deal with normal life stresses with ease

Be more productive

Strengthen your sense of life purpose

Establish happier and more positive relationships

Overcome false and limiting beliefs

Boost your self-confidence

I sat down with The Wellbeing Blogger Vanessa to chat about what she does to help others and how she can change your life!

Her Background

Vanessa has been a teacher, writer and wellbeing activitist. Her unique and diverse background allows her to really connect with people struggling to find their true potential.

“My childhood dream was to become a primary school teacher and during my teen years that changed. By then I wanted to become a journalist, so I could spend most of my days writing,” she explained.

Unfortunately, she let herself be led by the social idea that you need to have a degree in something that will give you a job afterwards, and that closed the door to studying literature and humanities in high school.

I became a forced scientist… eventually my grades were awful in any scientific subject but excellent in foreign languages, philosophy and psychology,” she explained. “During high school, I went through a weight loss process that then made me want to study nutrition, so I could help others with the same problem.”

After three unsuccessful years trying to secure a place, she decided, however, to pursue a degree in psychology as an alternative.

” I thought I could still help others live a healthier lifestyle and, funny enough, that has allowed me to be a teacher, a writer, and now a wellbeing activist.”

Buddhist Psychology

what is buddhist psychology

Buddhist psychology is all about self-knowledge and discovering who you are on a deeper, inner level.

“Our mind loves to be tricky. I learned the most about mastering the mind in Buddhist Psychology,” she explained. “The mind is like a little monkey, jumping from branch to branch, going after anything that catches its attention. As the mom or dad of that little monkey, we need to teach and model discipline.”

Of course, it’s healthy to explore and experience different realities, but it’s equally important to learn stillness and discipline, she said.

“So, our job is to look after our little monkey (mind) and teach it how to balance thoughts, feelings, and actions. I find this thinking helpful, in the sense that promotes selfcompassion and kindness towards ourselves and others, but also a greater level of self-awareness and curiosity.”

If we approach our mind with impatience, aggressiveness, and intolerance, we can’t make much out of it and our wellbeing suffers.

What Is Wellbeing Coaching?

wellness coach

Wellbeing Coaching is a recent form of coaching in which you gain a clearer understanding of your problems and blockages, reframe and reinterpret your reality, explore and discover your potential, but also create a sense of meaning and purpose that inspires and motivates you to keep expanding your learning capabilities and growth as a human being.

Vanessa’s wellness coaching sesssions are designed to help anyone who wants to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life!

“In these sessions we can cover and work on different aspects of wellbeing – from helping you have a better daily routine to redesigning your career strategy,” she explained.

Anything goes as long as it is something that can effectively bring you more quality of life and contribute to making your dreams come true.

“I believe that what makes my program and sessions unique is that, besides my coaching training, I carry this big baggage of psychology and eastern philosophy with me wherever I go. But also my own experiences and struggles with eating disorders, chronic pain, and burnout, which I share when mentoring others. This allows me to connect with people in a deeper way and work with them side by side instead of sitting and nodding silently on the couch.”


Vanessa started her blog in early 2017, because she began to feel disconnected. She is orignially from Portugal and moved to Englad in 2015 to complete her psychology PhD in 2015.

“I went through at least three burnout episodes since then. Stress became generalised anxiety, constant anxiety became depression, and depression became something even darker,” she expressed. “I lost my joy and passion, so I turned to the number one thing I knew I loved the most – writing.”

That’s how the blog came around. For Vanessa, writing has always been a way to express and organise her inner life, and blogging became a way to stay focused on the kind of lifestyle she wanted.

“I found, and I keep finding, connection through my blog, so I sincerely hope whoever seeks that can also find it when visiting,” encouraged Vanessa.

Struggling With Weight And Eating Disorders

Vanessa was clinically diagnosed with morbid obesity at the tender age of 15.

“At that time, I became highly disciplined about having a healthy meal plan and a daily dose of exercise,” she expressed. “Being an obese child and teen was hard – you can’t find a pair of cute trousers to fit you, you are the last one being picked for the football team, and you can be the target of many mean comments and looks.”

At 15, she got tired of all that, and the idea she could have diabetes by age 30 scared her.

“So, I faced my problem everyday by eating well and exercising, until I reached a healthy weight,” she said. “I could have used the help of a professional with a psychological background to manage aspects such as body confidence, self-love, self-empowerment… but unfortunately, I didn’t have any of that and thus I never really solved my true problem with food.”

She lost weight, but her relationship with food never really improved.

“Years later I’m facing today the same issue, but I have worked hard to improve my confidence, selflove, and everything else. I’m embracing a new weight loss process and hopefully I might design a different weight loss program in the future.”

Until then, all she can say is that we need to take it one step at a time, and that we don’t become overweight because we want to. There are always deeper questions that need to be addressed first, such as what we are feeling within ourselves regardless of weight.

Her Best Life Advice

“My best piece of lifestyle advice… be yourself wherever you go and whatever you do,” she advised. “To be someone you are not drains you and will never bring you happiness. You can try to be like this or that person, this or that blogger, but there will always be something that doesn’t make you feel right and balanced. Learn, explore, but be yourself and everything will follow.”

unleash your potential

Work With Vanessa

She offers 60 and 90 minute sesssions, through Skype, instant messaging and email. Visit thewellbeingblogger.com to create your personal development plan with wellbeing coach Vanessa!

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Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, angel numbers and numerology, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


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