gifts for the woman who wants nothing

Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing In 2021

21 Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

Gifts for the woman who wants nothing

Here’s a list of unqiue gifts for the woman who wants nothing! Us women are hard to buy for! We say we want nothing, which is really code for ‘You’re on your own‘! What do you get a girl who says she wants nothing? You know she wants something so you can’t go in empty handed, and you’re stumped? Stop stressin’, I got you covered.

These women are the hardest to buy for, because they don’t even give you a hint! As one of these women myself, I will let you in on a little secret- we want unique and thoughtful… like crystal earrings or a life-changing book!

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Useful Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing!

1. A Name Necklace

Name Necklace

This was literally calling my name! Who doesn’t want a name plate necklace? If she doesn’t already have one, she definitely wants one!

2. Family Box

Family Portrait in a Box

I’m obsessed with how cute and sweet this family portrait in a box is! You can create tiny wood characters for each of your family members!

3. Initial Necklace

Custom initial necklace

She will love this custom gold initial necklace that’s handcrafted just for her!

4. Succulent Candles

HOW CUTE ARE THESE succulent candles? I want them all! These cute succulent candles are so sweet! They make the perfect gift for any woman! Pick them up on Esty here – Succulent Candles.

This is the cutest tea cup ever!! I want one for me and my mom;)

5. Diamond Art Makes A Great Gift For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

Diamond Art is so popular right now! If your mom is a bit artsy (or at least wants to be) this would be a perfect gift!

It’s a singing bowl! What the heck is a singing bowl? It’s a type of bell that vibrates and produces a deep, relaxing tone. It’s said to provide inner healing and promote relaxation! Cool right?

6. Give Her Crystals

Crystals make the perfect gifts for the woman who wants nothing! Any woman would love a piece of Swarovski jewelry like this cool evil eye bracelet or elegant, angelic crystal earrings!

7. Give Her A Makeup Brush Cleaner

What woman wouldn’t want clean makeup brushes in an instant?

8. Give Her A Her Garden!

An herb garden kit for under $25!!

9. Thoughtful Books She Will Love

Get her out of her head and into her life with this New York Times bestseller!

10. Cat Socks For The Woman Who Loves Cats

Got a cat-Lover on your list? These adorable socks are purrrrfect.

11. Bamboo Toothbrush Makes A Great Gift

Bamboo toothbrushes make the perfect stocking stuffer!

12. Gardening Gifts For The Woman With A Green Thumb

Got a pair of green thumbs on your list? These look kinda creepy, but they’re super neat- gardening gloves with claw fingertips perfect or digging!

13. Dimmable Bluetooth Light Is A Great Gift For Her

This LED dimmable night light with bluetooth speaker would be a great gift she will use every night!

14. Give Her An I Love You More Pillow

Finally put an end to the who loves who more with this cute pillow!

15. She Will Love These Affirmations

Give her the gift of wit and wisdom with this Badass Affirmations book.

16. Give Her A Buddha Board

A Buddha Board: Gift her the gift of mindfulness:) This is so cool and pretty much every woman would love it!

So what is it? It’s an eco-friendly water painting stand with bamboo brush! You fill the stand with water and dip the brush in and start painting. So zen, I think I might need one!

Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing: A Massage

Find me a woman that doesn’t want a neck, foot or back massage? This does all the work for you! It’s a 3 in 1 deep tissue neck, back and foot massager! It’s got 5 star reviews and is FDA approved!

18. A Grilled Cheese Maker For The Foodie Woman

Who doesn’t like grilled cheese? Especially when you can make them in this cute vingtage-style grilled cheese toaster!

19. A Gratitude Journal

The ultmiate gratitude journal for all the tired women out there!

20. Give Her Daily Inspiration

The gift that keeps on giving! Hugs is a book full of daily inspiration for women!

21. A Cookbook For Her

The answer to the age old question! This cookbook will make dinner ideas easy! This is perfect for your wife, mom, sister, or foodie friend!

22. Give Her A Cozy Gift

The gift of cozy! This comfy, oversized sherpa is a wearable blanket that was featured on Shark Tank!

23. A Music Gift For Her

For the music lover on your list- a vintage 3-speed bluetooth suitcase turntable with speakers!

24. A Bamboo Tumbler For Her

She will love this eco-chic Bamboo tumbler!

25. Every Woman Will Love This Wine Decanter

For the wino on your list, cuz we all have at least one- a stunning wine decanter!

gift for the woman who wants nothing

Give back! For the girl who really does have everything, or who loves to give back- a donation to her favourite charity in her name is a thoughtful and meaningful gift!

Wrapping Up: Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

There you have it! Great gifts for the woman who wants nothing, but really wants something:) You’re sure to make her smile:)

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