gifts for the woman who wants nothing

Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

Unique Gifts For The Girlfriend On Your List Who Has Everything

gifts for the woman who wants nothing

Us women are hard to buy for! We say we want nothing, which is really code for ‘You’re on your own‘! What do you get a girl who says she wants nothing? You know she wants something so you can’t go in empty handed, and you’re stumped? Stop stressin’, I got you covered. Here’s a list of unqiue gifts for the woman who wants nothing! is a member of the Amazon affiliate program. This post contains affiliate links, and if you click through and make a purchase we may, at not cost to you, make a commission. Thank you.

Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing! Psst She Wants Something!

Give the gift of cleaner air with these amazing premium air purifying bags from Bisou Natural. They remove odour, bacteria and excess moisture in the air naturally. Perfect for the environmentally conscious girl on your list- they are a toxin-free alternative to traditional air fresheners that contain more than 80,000 chemicals. Pick up yours here- Bisou Natural

It’s a singing bowl! What the heck is a singing bowl? It’s a type of bell that vibrates and produces a deep, relaxing tone. It’s said to provide inner healing and promote relaxation! Cool right?

What woman woulnd’t want clean makeup brushes in an instant?

It’s like a clarisonic for your tongue. A super-powered tongue scrubber.

Get her out of her head and into her life with this New York Times bestseller!

Bamboo toothbrushes make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Got a pair of green thumbs on your list? These look kinda creepy, but they’re super neat- gardening gloves with claw fingertips perfect or digging!

This LED dimmable night light with bluetooth speaker would be a great gift she will use every night!

Finally put an end to the who loves who more with this cute pillow!

Give her the gift of wit and wisdom with this Badass Affirmations book.

A Buddha Board: Relaxing water painting with bamboo brush and stand! So zen!

Who doesn’t like grilled cheese? Especially when you can make them in this cute vingtage-style grilled cheese toaster!

The ultmiate gratitude journal for all the tired women out there!

The gift that keeps on giving! Hugs is a book full of daily inspiration for women!

The answer to the age old question! This cookbook will make dinner ideas easy!

The gift of cozy! This comfy, oversized sherpa is a wearable blanket that was featured on Shark Tank!

For the music lover on your list- a vintage 3-speed bluetooth suitcase turntable with speakers!

She will love this eco-chic Bamboo tumbler!


For the wino on your list, cuz we all have at least one- a stunning wine decanter!

gift for the woman who wants nothing

Give back! For the girl who really does have everything, or who loves to give back- a donation to her favourite charity in her name is a thoughtful and meaningful gift!

gift for the woman who wants nothing

Got a great idea for a gift for the woman who says she wants nothing? Let me know!

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