new year goals

Forget The Resolutions! Set New Year’s Intentions!

Examples Of Intentions, So You Can Crush Your New Year Goals!

new year goals

80 percent of us DON’T achieve our New Year’s resolutions. Most of us, give up by February!

Every year, millions of us make resolutions to lose weight, save money or quit smoking. And every year, about 80 percent of us fail to achieve our new year’s resolutions. In fact, most us give up completely by February!

The new year is approaching, and with it comes opportunity, hope and a fresh start! So why do most of us end up in the same place at the end of the year?! What happened to all of the hope and dreams we have going in to the new year?

Clearly, these resolutions aren’t working for us. So this year, instead of making resolutions, I am setting my intentions! I’ve included examples of intentions so you can make new year goals too!

Why Resolutions Fail!

The very thought of a resolution gives me anxiety. To me, resolutions mean pressure and stress. They’re a nagging reminder of all resolutions’ past! They’re usually something you really, truly, deep down inside don’t even want to have to do but you think you should!

Setting Intentions To Achieve Your New Year Goals!

But an intention- that’s a well thought out DESIRE, with a plan for action! It’s something you REALLY want to do! Intentions work because you tend to see benefits rather than the stress and pressure! And they’re fully adjustable. An intention is a mindset- a way of living. If life happens and you have to change things up, it’s doable!

Living intentionally isn’t meant to make your life harder. If your resultions or goals are stressing you out even just a little bit, re-think your plan.

examples of intentions

Examples Of Intentions

example of intentions

Turn Off Auto-Pilot

Get off auto-pilot. What is auto-pilot? If you’re living day to day, just going through the motions- you may be living on auto-pilot. Do you feel stuck in a rut? You may be living on auto-pilot. Have you lost your zest for life? You may be living on auto-pilot! Good news – the first step in getting off, is recognizing it! Life goes by SO MUCH FASTER when you live on auto-pilot! When you take the time to enjoy every, little detail it seems to slow down time just a little and make the little things so much more enjoyable!

Live Intentionally

It’s too easy to get in the habit of going through the day to day motions. I used to just scrub my hair, do the dishes, write the story- just for the sake of getting it done. Then one day, I started doing these ‘daunting’ tasks with intention. Gently massaging my scalp, noticing the scent of my new dish soap and the warm sudsy water on my hands and writing stories with more meaning. The results were amazing! It wasn’t taking any more time or energy, but the process was more enjoyable and the finished product was better.

Just like living on auto-pilot becomes a habit, so does living intentionally. It’s about doing every thing with purpose! Every, little thing! It’s about adding more value and joy to your life. Because all of those little things, can add a lot of value to your life!

It doesn’t take any more time or energy to live mindfully. It does take intent. You have to remind yourself to find the value and joy!

Spend Mindfully

Instead of making resolutions to save money or make more money, try shifting your mindset to be more mindful of your spending! Rather than focusing on the money you’re spending, think about the experiences you gain and what value your purchases are bringing.

We live in a society that encourages mindless spending. Spending for instant, short-term gratification, rather than real value.

Tips For Mindful Spending

Pause. Take as long as you need, but don’t buy things without first taking some time to think about it. It could be just a moment in the grocery store before you buy that box of spring mix you will not eat! Or it could be pausing for a few weeks before purchasing the new latop!

Ask yourself – ‘Is this something I really need? Or do I just want it?’

Think about the other (possibly better) ways you could be spending that money.

Start a mindful spending journal, taking note of each purchase and what value it brings! You’ll probably be amazed at much money you’re wasting!

Be Patient

This is a hard one to accept, but it’s valuable. We want everything instantly and when we don’t get instant results- we get frustrated and give up too soon! In the blogging world, things move very slow. It takes a long time to build an audience and grow your traffic. That’s why something like 80 per cent of bloggers call it quits before one year!

When you put something out in to the universe, the results can’t be instant. They won’t happen overnight, or in a week. Things have to happen in order for results! I’ve been learning to have patience and trust, and give it more time.

Be Grateful

Being grateful for what you have can only make our life better! Whether you need to write down a few things you’re thankful for each day, or express your gratitude to a family member of loved one, being grateful will add instant and long-lasting value to your life!

So this year, instead of making resolutions to lose 10 pounds, or save $5,000, why not intend to live a life full of value and joy! Chances are you are already living it, but are too busy on auto-pilot to notice. New Year, New Mindset!

new year goals

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Steph is a former journalist who has written content for magazines and newspapers around the world, for nearly 10 years. She recently went back to school to study social media marketing, and graduated with honours.


  1. This decade has seen me getting curious and excited to make new year resolutions… (then I was in my teens and so naive)
    Now, I am like.. There is no need… To set up..
    Just plan well,
    Know exactly what needs to be done per quarter and all..

  2. Mindful spending! So much!!! I’m so guilty of that – especially with the cravings hitting. I’m well intended to get that bag of spring mix, but then I don’t even end up eating one salad.

    You’re ending – living a life full of joy and value!

    I hope that I can start and create that for myself and my little family this coming year.

  3. I needed this post! Now that it’s December I’m into full reflection mode! I tend to be a huge mindless spender, when in fact I need to slow down and be more intentional about spending! Thank you for this reminder!!!

  4. mojito8453 says:

    Yeah, intentions are a lot better than simple resolutions

  5. I set intentions each year as well as measurable goals. I think the two work well together!

  6. I totally agree I’m all for intentions over resolutions! Resolutions can be so stressful haha

  7. Since I’ve started writing my gratitude journal my life has changed and I don’t need to plan things in advance anymore as I’m doing it on regular basis. It’s much easier to me and I set new goals every day. In my mind the “new year” is the day after…moreover this new mindset doesn’t give me anxiety anymore x

  8. Intention is my word for 2020! This post is perfect for me. Living with intention is something I think I do but not really, ya know? In 2020 I want to be more honest with myself about how and what I’m doing.

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