How To Explain Your Blog To People
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How To Explain Your Blog To Non-Bloggers!

You’re a blogger! You’re a content creator, writing about fashion, parenting or food. So, why is that so hard to explain to people? Explaining your blog, especially to non-bloggers, can get pretty awkward. Some people don’t get it! When you say blogger, people automatically assume you’re trying to become some sort of famous influencer, YouTuber or beauty guru! Blogging is often misunderstood! People think it’s either a nice little hobby or that you dream of being famous! Nope and nope! I’m sure for some, that’s true but for many it’s so much more! For me, it’s not only my passion, it’s a legit side hustle! And, it takes a lot of work and knowledge! Explaining that to people that aren’t bloggers, can be difficult. Which is why I have put off telling people all together!

You have to be prepared for the questions‘How many followers do you have?’ ‘Do you make money?’ And the most awkward question ‘What’s the point?’ Being prepared makes explaining you’re blog, so much easier! Because let’s face it, not everyone gets it.

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Why I Kept My Blog A Secret At First

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I recently wrote about why I kept my blog a secret from my friends and family, and I have been blown away by the response. I had no clue that so many of other bloggers felt the same way I did– I feel blogging is misunderstood. I was afraid of failing in front of everyone, and was worried about any negativity from people. I wanted to see if I could really make something of it first, before I shared it with those close to me.

Well, I still haven’t told them, but I am kinda, sorta preparing myself for it. Which led to this post! I’m stuck trying to figure out when and how to tell people!

Being a blogger, explaining what it is you do to people who have no clue, can be pretty awkward. Especially if you blog about some very personal or controversial stuff or if you’re a newbie and aren’t sure what you’re doing yet. You don’t have to tell people, but eventually you might want to! Chances are you’ll get a lot of support! But it definitely helps to be prepared when you come out with it!

How To Tell Your Friends And Family About Your Blog

Decide what to call yourself. If you think they won’t understand what a blogger is, call yourself something else. Call yourself an online writer, website creator, or just a writer. You can keep it vague – if you don’t want to get right into details try simply saying ‘I write online about food and home or parenting tips’, etc.

TRY and get excited! Your energy will influence their reaction! Go in with a positive mind. Remember why you started your blog.

Be confident! Blogging aint easy! It’s takes a lot of work, time and know how. And, you’ve come a long way!

Remid yourself who you’re blogging for and why!

Be honest. Tell them why you decided to start a blog, and how it’s benefited you so far! Maybe you’ve made some great connections, sparked your writing passion or made some money!

Tell Them In Person Or Over Social Media

You may be more comfortable telling those closest to you first. And you might want to tell them face to face.

If you’re not comfortable explaining it face to face at first, you can always announce it through social media, or subtly create a Facebook page. You could send an email and tell people about your blog.

No matter how you tell your friends and family about your blog, you need to be prepared for judgement. Whether it’s all in your head or in real life, when you put yourself out there, you set yourself up for some judgement. There will likely be people who don’t understand what you do and some will even belittle what you’ve already accomplished. But there will also be tons of people who love and support you!

Not everyone will understand it. But, not everyone is meant to! Those who don’t support you, aren’t in your target audience anyway. Move along! Keep writing what you want.

how to explain your blog to people

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  1. I totally agree!!
    My family.. Friends… No one understands…
    But, Now I am a content writer.. Creator..
    So much!!
    I think its not always important that our folks would get what we do..
    Sometimes, we have to believe in ourselves.
    And share our blog in an exciting way as you mentioned…

    Have a great weekend!!

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  3. Carola says:

    I purchased a blog but I realized that I dont want people to know anything about me😁 So I have to figure out what Im gonna do

    1. Keep it to yourself! I’ve managed to do so for almost a year now:) most bloggers tell everyone, right away so they can get more views and shares. Or at least I thought that’s what they did! I am so surprised at how many bloggers are like me and a little shy ☺️ and private! How to be a private blogger… hmmm?! We put ourselves out there, but just a little and from the comfort of our couch 🙂 fine by me!

  4. Great post and I have to agree 100%! I’ve been blogging for 3 years and it was the best decision of my life. Really have improved my writing skills, passion, and it has tremendously boosted my self-esteem and confidence. It does suck to tell friends about this as they don’t understand but I do have a lot of people who love and support me 😊

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