9 ways to beat the winter blues
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9 Proven Ways To Beat Seasonal Anxiety And Depression

Plus 21 Positive Affirmations To Brighten Your Mood This Winter

Winter is dark, cold, and gloomy… and I’m not just talking about the weather. For many seasonal sufferers, including myself, their mood is just as dark and cold. January is definitely my hardest month, and here’s why- we come down from the highs of the holidays, left with the bills and a few extra pounds of Christmas guilt. The days are shorter, darker and colder and it makes it harder to get out of bed. The longest month of the year leaves me longing for Spring time and sunshine.

I know I’m not alone in this annual battle. While a quarter of us suffer from some form of seasonal affectiveness disorder, about 11 million Americans suffer from a more severe form of the winter blues. Source WebMD

What Causes Seasonal Anxiety And Depression?

Simple- a lack of sunlight. Some people are more sensitive to this lack of light and it dramatically affects their mental health. The sunshine state of Florida, only about 1 per cent of people suffer from SAD. Source WebMD.

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If you can’t move somewhere sunnier, there are ways to brighten up your mood.

artificial light

1.) Artificial light. Science proves that light improves your mood and energy levels. Source Archdaily. If you can’t enjoy the real deal, try artificial light to brighten your day.

If you’ve never tried artificial lighting to brighten up your mood, I highly suggest it! It’s a simple, natural way to improve your mood during the gloomy months!

exercise and your mood

2.) Exercise. Studies that 30 minutes of vigorous exercise can be as effective at fighting depression as medication! That’s because exercise helps your body produce all of the feel good hormones. Source Verywellmind.

dopamine foods

3.) Food. Dopamine diet rich foods can improve your mood. Try avoiding foods that leave you sluggish, like refined sugars and carbs. You should also include these high vibration foods in your diet! High vibration foods increase your body’s vibrational energy and make you feel great! Source Stephsocial.

vitamins for your mood

4.) Vitamins. Vitamins that can improve your mood and mental health include vitamin B’s and Vitamin D, omegas, magnesium, and zinc. Source Bustle.

I also recommend Saffron supplements! This spice is proven to improve mental clarity, mood and even relieve anxiety and depression as well as popular prescription medications!

I also highly recommend Thrive nutritional supplement system! It’s a 3 step system that provides your body with premium nutrition. Since I started using Thrive a few months ago I have noticed I sleep better, wake up feeling good, am in an overall better mood and feel happy and healthy!

Rather than spending money on supplements, energy drinks, fast food and coffees, I highly recommend trying Thrive!

What Thrive Does:

  • Boosts mood
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Fills in your nutritional gaps
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Provides clean energy
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Improves skin elasticity
outdoors mental health

5.) Get outside. The outdoors, even in the winter, can reduce stress and anxiety, naturally! Source Stephsocial.

mental health self-care

6.) Self- Care. Taking care of yourself can give you an instant mood-boost! Try getting your hair or nails done, enjoying a bubble bath or indulge in a fave movie marathon! Self care is different for everyone but it’s all about taking care of yourself!

Self Care Ideas:

Happiness Affirmations

Happiness is a choice.

I choose to be happy. When I am clear with what makes me happy, I move consistently in that direction.

I start with a smile. The first person I smile at is the one in the mirror. I turn any automatic self-deprecating evaluations into self-affirming affirmations. Write it on your mirror:

“Good morning, Beautiful! Wow! I love my hair! I am looking great today!”

With a start like that, it is easy for me to walk tall. I put a happy tune in my head and sometimes even sing it out loud as I get ready for the day. 

My drive is easy and smooth. I even catch myself smiling at my neighbor at the stop light. I turn up the radio and do my happy dance in the car. I sing to my heart’s content.

I find reasons to laugh. I make up jokes in my head. I watch comedies on TV.

I develop my unique sense of humor.  Even if others fail to think that something is funny, I laugh anyway if it tickles me.

I laugh at myself – my own jokes, funny thoughts, or silly things that I do.

My happiness increases when I arrive at my home. I thank my lucky stars I made my way home safely. I am grateful for shelter. I am thankful for transportation. What a blessing it is to have food and water to sustain me.

Today, my philosophy is that life is too short to be anything but happy and I do my best to live it to the fullest!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I do first thing in the morning to create happiness?
  2. What do I do in the day to sustain happiness?
  3. What can I do to increase my happiness to even higher levels?
gratitude and mental health

7.) Gratitude. Being grateful can dramatically increase your happiness levels. Source Stephsocial.

Here are some simple, feel-great ways to practice gratitude every day- How To Practice Gratitude.

music affect your mood

8.) Music. Make a playlist with all of your favourite, happy songs! This really works! When you listen to positive, upbeat music you instantly feel happier and more positive. It’s proven to work! Source Healthline.

people affect your mood

9.) Surround yourself with positive people. You are who you hang out with! If you are around negative people who complain or are involved in drama, you’ll inadvertently lower your body’s energy.

Do you suffer from seasonal sadness? What do you do to improve your mood during the tough months?

9 proven ways to beat the winter blues

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