30 Journal Writing Prompts For Self Improvement

And The Benefits Of Keeping A Journal!

Dear diary, remember when I was young and would pour my heart out to you about my latest crush or fights with my friends. I always felt better after I wrote it all down. While I’ve outgrown the silly crushes and middle-school drama, I’ll never out-grow my diary. It’s therapeutic and self-healing. But now, I call it a journal.

We get so busy and distracted, we rarely leave time to connect with what’s going on in our own mind. We lose focus, have a harder time setting and achieving goals and finding true happiness. Keeping a journal can help you discover yourself on a deeper, more meaningful level. Whether it’s just a few bullet points to get some ideas out or a detailed entry, writing down your thoughts and feelings helps is good for you!

You’d be surprised what’s hiding deep inside your mind. What desires, dreams and potential are just waiting to be revealed?

Need a little motivation to get your creativity flowing? Use these journal writing prompts to spark your creative writing and self-reflection! Just answer these questions honestly and thoughtfully! Journaling can be a great source of self-awareness, growth and creativity! Enjoy!

1.) How am I feeling physically?

2.) How do I feel mentally?

3.) What would I like to accomplish today?

4.) What is holding me back from accomplishing my goals?

5.) What do I NEED to accomplish today?

6.) What’s stressing me out lately?

7.) How do I really feel about myself?

8.) What do I like about myself?

9.) What do I not like about myself? What would I change?

10.) What am I truly thankful for?

11.) Am I living Intentionally? What does that mean to me?

12.) How do I treat others?

13.) Where do I see myself in 5 years?

14.) what’s my dream job?

15.) what’s my best feature?

16.) What is my biggest fear?

17.) when do I feel best?

18.) what do I need to let go of?

19. What are my biggest challenges?

20.) How have I changed over the past 10 years?

21.) Write out a plan to achieve your goals.

22.) What do I love doing the most?

23.) Who is my most favourite person? And why?

24.) What’s my favourite time of day?

25.) Who is someone I miss from my past?

26.) How would I describe myself?

27.) How do I think others would describe me?

28.) What is my favourite smell?

29.) Describe my perfect day!

30.) What is my biggest regret?

If you’re like me, journaling is more effective with a pen and paper rather than on your laptop. And nothing motivates me more to actually start journaling than a cool notebook and adorable pens!

Here’s my fave journaling supplies:

Love this cool Zen as F*CK journal!

The gratitude journal has daily tips and questions to prompt a Grateful day!

And the watercolour journal is ultra-feminine and inspiring!

These pens are an amazing deal at $9.99 for 36 premium, fine-line pens. All different colours, so you can pick a colour for each mood! I was surprised by the quality and super smooth performance of these pens!

And check out these super pretty rose gold pens! And they’re just $7.99 for 4!!! They’re so pretty I wanna write every day!

I hope you enjoyed these journal writing prompts and supplies!

Steph Social



  1. Oh.. I love pen on paper…
    No replacement at all..
    Laptops and digital diaries don’t bring that level of closeness…

    1. I always keep a notebook by my bed. I get some crazy ideas usually when I’m trying to fall asleep. Some I wake up and I’m like ‘wow what was I thinking?’ Other times it’s not half bad lol! If I don’t write it down fast, poof it’s gone!

  2. This is an awesome list 🙂

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