valentine gift ideas for husband

The Best Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Non-Cheesy Valentine Gift Ideas For Him

Valentine’s Day is a day full of candy, cards, cupid and cheeeesiness! This Valentine’s Day hold the cheese please! You can still be romantic and sweet without being too gushy. I’ve create a list of the best Valentine gift ideas for your husband or boyfriend. They’re sweet and thoughtful, with just a sprinkle of cheese! He’ll love them almost as much as he loves you:)

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Valentine Gift Ideas For Him

Is your guy a handy-man? This magnetic wristband is perfect for keeping drill bits and screws on hand while completing your honey-do list! Consider it a gift for both of you:)

Does he love burritos as much as I do? This delicious burrito blanket is as unique and funny as he is!

Okay I know this seems mushy, but you can definitely make it funny and sweet, not too cheesy. Tell him just how much he means to you with this fun and sweet fill in the blank book!

This is sure to make him laugh every time he…

The keychain speaks for itself!

Cuz I’m sure I have a few naughty readers;)

As a big fan of coffee with my husband, I think this spoon is just the sweetest!

Give him the gift of a million deep tissue massages, without lifting a finger!

Although I’m never at a loss for words I’m sure some people, especially after years of marriage, can have trouble finding things to talk about! This is a fun way to keep the conversation going!

Any writer will love and appreciate this! A book you can write just for him! How sweet!

For the music lover in him- a bluetooth, vintage-inspired, turntable, record player!

Keep your love life in check, with these sex checks!

Wanna spy on your neighbours? Or check out some wildlife? This quadcopter drone with an HD camera is something fun you can use together!

The grown up, couples version of truth or dare!

There you have it, my list of the best Valentine gift ideas for him! Hopefully you found a Valentine gift idea for your husband🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts. It about celebrating LOVE!

Now what about a little something for you?!

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