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Cleaning Hacks For A Healthier Bedroom!

What’s Lurking In Your Bed? You Will Be Surprised!!

Your bedroom is the place you go to rest and recharge. But what if it’s actually making you sick?

I love crawling into a fresh, clean bed at night. However, changing the sheets is one of those jobs I sometimes put off. Not anymore! After researching for this post, I was disgusted at what happens when you don’t wash your sheets weekly. Dead skin cells, sweat, and your hubby’s drool are all over your sheets! And, if you sleep nude, or with your pets (yuck) or kids, there’s probably a lot worse on there!

So, how often do you wash your sheets? How often should you be? And what happens when you don’t wash them often?

Ideally, you should wash your sheets weekly, or at the very least bi-weekly! And what about your bedding? Like your duvet and pillows? They should be cleaned regularly too, once every few months. Just make sure to follow the instructions!

What happens when you don’t wash your bedsheets weekly:

  • Breakouts: Your pillow case could be making you breakout! Dirt, sweat, dead skin and bacteria are all over your pillow case and end up in your pores! If your skin is prone to frequent breakouts, try changing your pillow case more often. Maybe every few days.
  • Sickness: If someone in your house falls ill, make sure to wash the bedding immediately. Washing in hot water will kill the germs and bacteria living on the sheets. Some stomach viruses can live up to four hours on your sheets!
  • Germs: Did you know that your pillow cases can be home to more bacteria than your toilet seat? Yuck!! Here’s the source.
  • Fungus: If your partner has athletes foot, it can live on your sheets for a really long time and is highly contagious.
  • Pet dander: If you let your pets sleep in your bed, pet hair, dander and whatever else is stuck in their paws or fur, can end up all over your bed. Just think about the back end…
pet dander

What about your actual pillows? You should be washing your pillows too, not just the pillow cases because germs and oils end up on them as well. Just be sure to follow the wash instructions on the back.

how often do you wash your bed sheets

Air Out Your Bed

Air out your bed. Skip making your bed (yay), or at least put it off for a bit. Every night, moisture builds up under your sheets as you sleep. That moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Lift up your covers and open your blinds to let some light in to dry your bedding out!

Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Dust your room monthly, starting from the top!

If you have a ceiling fan, use a pillow case to trap the dust and dirt and you wipe each blade!

Wash your windows, curtains, corners, dressers, walls and baseboards!

Don’t forget to clean out your heating vent. That is likely where most of the dust is coming from!

What’s Under The Bed?

Be sure to regularly clean around and under your bed as well. Dust and dirt builds up and ends up in your bed. Dust mites, though they don’t bite, they are super gross and leave tiny poops so microscopic you can’t see it but it contains bacteria that can make you sick! Just writing this post makes me wanna go on a cleaning spree!

Clean Sheets Help You Sleep

Slipping into a nice clean, comfy bed doesn’t just feel great. It can also help you sleep better. A clean bedroom that smells fresh is proven to improve your sleep quality.

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