Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Looking for unique baby shower gift ideas that mom and baby will love? Forget the onesies, they’ll get plenty. Cute stuffies are nice but they’ll have so many. What they really want is a good night’s sleep and a good laugh during those tough and exhausting times!

Let’s not forget about Mother’s Day, Christmas and birthdays. Here are more gift ideas for the woman who wants nothing!

A lot of my friends are either having baby’s or just had a baby! So I’m always looking for unique gift ideas!

Gift-giving is one of my most favourite things. I really love giving, much more than receiving! And the more thoughtful the gift, the better! But that doesn’t mean I’m into cheesy gifts.

I like a little sense of humour and a lot of thought! Which is what I put into this post:)

Parenting is hard work. You want to get new moms a gift they can actually use and that will make their life a little easier! Give them something to smile about, a laugh, and a chance for a decent night’s sleep! Those are the little things I really appreciated during that first year!

Got a new or expecting mom in your life? Here’s a list of thoughtful and fun gifts for both baby and momma!

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For Sleep

If there’s one thing I remember most, it’s how exhausting the first year can be! I tried everything to help my little one sleep through the night.

This baby shusher and white noise machine is simply Ahhhmazing! I guess because baby’s are so used to the noise inside the tummy. NOTHING helped my baby sleep better than the shushing sound! I remember before getting this, I would be rocking and shushing my little one to sleep myself and it helped but I needed to sleep too! This is genius!

Trust me, any new mom will really appreciate this around 2 a.m.


I know I said they’ll have so many, but this ONE out of all them has been my daughter’s fave! She named hers Bee and brought it everywhere with her for four years straight! I even had to get a backup one because I was so afraid if she lost one, she would be devastated!

Celebrate Their Milestones With Them

Parents want to cherish and treasure all of the firsts- first booties, first hair cut, first tooth… this beautiful little book holds it all!

New parents love to photograph and celebrate each chance they get. I know I did! I took photographs every week and created a scrapbook for her first birthday.

Prepare Them

Nothing can fully prepare you for parenting. Every baby is different. Every parent is different. But, when it gets tough, it’s nice to know you’re not alone in your struggles.

The $HIT No one Tells You is a book that gets real about the struggles of parenting!

For The Girls

How sweet is this?! New moms can write letters to her little girl as she watches her grow! She can give it to her when she’s a grown up at her own baby shower one day and reminisce about her childhood.

Help her treasure her little princess’s first curl and first tooth in this beautiful keepsake!

How cute are these princess bibs?! And they are waterproof for the messiest princesses!

Help mom capture her baby girl’s growth, month-by-month, with this precious blanket!

For The Boys

I know the baby girl gifts are so precious, but I found some seriously adorable baby boy ideas!

For the future sports star- a soft and stuffy first sports bag.

Seriously, how cute are these ties for a little man’s milestones!

She can write letters to her sweet son of his funny and amazing childhood moments to share with him when he’s grown!

For The Surprise

Some parents want to keep the gender a surprise, but every new mom loves a good photo op!

These socks are adorable and great for potential photos! And they work for baby boys and girls!

For The Mom

The baby will have plenty of gifts, but what about the mom to be? What does she need? A nap, some self-care and a good laugh!

Sleep deprivation is real. At least you can give her a laugh with this!

Motherhood is F’N tough! Remind her that she’s got this! And the writing is on the inside, so no one has to know momma has a bit of a potty mouth;)

Most days, 5 minutes is all she’ll have! Give her the gift of mindfulness in 5-minutes, with these awesome activities for busy new moms!

For the wine lover!! Believe me, she’s waiting 9 months for this glass!

Motherhood is an amazing gift. Help her celebrate with a gift she will really love!

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  1. Great ideas. I always give a coupon saying I or my daughter will babysit for free (if they have other children. Sometimes that one on one time is important.) I also give a gift card to a spa.

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