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How To Be More Social

How To Be More Social: Tips To Help You Become More Socially Confident

You can get far in life without being very smart, just look at some of the past presidents. But, you won’t get very far without good social skills. That’s one thing many of the most successful people in the world have in common. Yet, social skills aren’t really taught too much in schools. Want to know how to be more social?

How To Be More Social: Why It’s Important

If you’re like me, you’d rather stay home and watch Netflix than go out to a party. Regardless of how ‘social’ you are, social skills are important!

I’m somewhat of an introvert, but I think I have pretty good social skills. As a child, I was extremely social. I had a big social circle and was always with my friends. As I get older, and now work from home, I find myself feeling less and less social. So, I’m working on ways to improve my socializing skills because I know how important they are!

Social skills impact your family, work, platonic and romantic relationships. Improving your socializing skills, can improve your life!

How To Be More Social: 9 Steps

eye contact

How To Be More Social: Eye contact

Whether you’re speaking or listening, eye contact is important. It’s a way to show you’re confident, comfortable and interested in conversing. Find an effective balance between looking at someone in the eyes and looking elsewhere.


How To Be More Social: Etiquette

Manners matter! Etiquette has two parts: respect and conformity. Demonstrating proper etiquette for a situation shows respect for those you’re communicating with. It also shows that you know how to behave effectively in a particular social situation. Practice being polite, showing interest and using your manners. Try to avoid controversial or negative subjects. Keep the conversation neutral.

friends laughing

How To Be More Social: Try Humour

One of my favourite things to do is laugh! Making someone laugh or laughing with someone is a great feeling! When you laugh together, it creates an instant connection and feeling of comfort. It’s a real ice-breaker!

show empathy

How To Be More Social: Empathy

It’s harder to learn to be empathetic. But it does make communicating with others, more effective. Empathy allows you to adopt a more reasonable and understanding response. Try and relate to what you’re hearing to your own experiences. Be willing to share your own stories More people will be attracted to you if you learn to be empathetic.

good listening skills

How To Be More Social: Listening skills

Few things are more important than good listening skills. Listening intently is another way to show respect to others. People feel important when you pay attention to them. They may feel disrespected when your attention wonders.

ask questions

How To Be More Social: Ask questions

People love when you show an interest in them and they usually love to talk about themselves. Conversations are easy to maintain if you’re able to ask appropriate questions. Asking questions also relieves you of much social pressure. All you have to do is ask a question and then pay attention to the response. This is a great tactic if you’re a little more introverted, as we tend to be great listeners anyway!

proper body language

Body language

Open body’s often speak louder than our words. Pay more attention to the body language you display. Practising open and confident body language is good for both of you. When you appear to be relaxed and confident, others feel more relaxed and confident in your presence. Appropriate body language is inviting and reassuring to others.


How To Be More Socially Confident: Smile

Smiling can instantly make you look more relaxed, happy, confident and approachable! You’ll also feel better when you smile. It’s like an instant mood-lift. Plus smiles are often contagious!

introduce yourself

How To Be More Social: Introduction

This can be intimidating. Introducing yourself is your first impression and let’s be honest, it’s not always easy.

  • Make eye contact.
  • Smile.
  • Use appropriate body language.
  • Exchange names and pay attention!
  • Offer a hand-shake if appropriate.
  • Ask a question.

Practice what you’re going to say when introducing yourself in your head (or in the mirror). Keep it simple and end with a question!

Wrapping It Up: How To Be More Social

Good social skills can get you far in life, but they don’t always come easy! Some people are little awkward and shy. The good news is, you can work at it and improve your socializing skills, so you can converse with confidence:) I hope you learned how to be more social and improve your people skills!

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  2. Paying attention to what they are saying is far more important than anything. Since, every person has something unique about them forcing yourself to figure it out is the ultimate way to pay attention.

    1. Very true! Thanks for the comment!

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