4 Pieces Of Career Advice Every Young Woman Must Hear

A career can define a person and make their life more fulfilled and interesting. But, when you’re a woman, things can get a bit more complicated. Women often deal with a lot more expectations from their families and peers, so it’s understandable why they often become confused and indecisive when it comes to making own life choices. So, if you’re a young woman, or you know one, here are a few valuable pieces of career advice that every young woman should read:

1. Learn what you want 

Sometimes, knowing what you want can save you a lot of trouble and help you get the career of your dreams. But, knowing what you want isn’t always easy: some women tend to be too conflicted and torn between choosing one thing over another, while others often lack a support system that can allow them to make the right life choices. Therefore, before you decide to make a career choice, make sure that it is truly what you want because only then you will be able to get the right things out of your choices.

2. Find your own style

Some women prefer an elegant and slightly preppy style, while others feel best wearing something unusual and alternative. Keep in mind that you can do anything you like, but that your fashion choices can sometimes limit your career prospects, mainly if you prefer excessive tattoos, piercings and distinctive hair dyes. A lot of companies/employers still want their employees to look ordinary and uniformed, so if you like to stand out from the crowd, then also, make sure to choose the career path that will allow you to be yourself without sacrificing your preferences. Working as a freelance designer, writer, musician or online tutor isn’t as limiting as working for a corporate law firm or being a primary school teacher.  

3. Know how to stay safe

Life consists of unpredictable moments, and sometimes, danger finds us where we least expect it. Being a young woman building her own career can often be tricky, and living in today’s age carries a lot of risk of illness and injury, hence, it’s important to know how to be safe and also, how to recover if you ever get hurt. For example, in case you suffer an accident that leaves you unable to work, it’s essential to consider hiring expert superannuation lawyers that can help you claim insurance benefits, and improve your financial situation in the process. Aside from that, being legally informed and knowing when and where to look for help can significantly improve your career because you’ll have a safety net to rely on. 

4. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

Little girls are often told to save their opinions for themselves, which can often cause them problems in adulthood, mainly when it comes to carving their own professional path. Many women have issues with speaking their mind and standing up for themselves, which is also the reason why they tend to have issues at work. That’s why it’s essential to speak the truth and stand up for yourself even from an early age, however, it’s also crucial to learn how to do it properly because knowing when to speak and how to address your own concerns can be extremely helpful later in life. Instead of yelling, shouting and trying to prove your point, it will be much better to speak with determination and confidence without trying to win an argument at all costs. 

Final thoughts

Being a young woman who is building her own career, can be exhausting and stressful at times, so being prepared, knowing your worth and being able to speak up are all you need if you want to be happy and successful. Also, remember that sometimes, things can get hard before they get much better, so always aim to arm yourself with patience and kindness.

Mia Taylor is  33 year old blogger who writes about beauty, fashion and travel. She had always been passionate about fashion and over time she had developed a style of her own.  Mia loves to mix and match and get inspire girls with her advice about outfit and accessories. She loves telling a story about her travels, providing beauty tips with readers.

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  1. Love how practical everything is and how real the advices are. Every girl should know this by heart.

  2. This advice is so real and so important. Knowing your worth and not settling for less is perfect!

  3. This is simply great. Wonderful tips and advise. This is great for both sexes honestly. Good job.

  4. I love the advice to follow and honour your own style! Great read. Thank you.

  5. This is great advice for young women! Sometimes it’s hard to know what you want to do when you’re young, but it’s important to find that thing that you love.

  6. aisasami says:

    These are great tips, especially follow your own style and stay safe! These are so inspiring and I hope young woman learn from these!

  7. Useful advice. Appreciate the style part and speak your mind one. I have been following these two a lot and it really works thats what my 20 years of experience says.

  8. I love your advice. It’s not wrong to speak your mind as long as you carefully weighed it first.

  9. This is so true and great insight. Women are naturally nurturers and our natural instinct is to always put other people first. This can really affect career decisions.

  10. Heather Mitchell says:

    #4 is definitely the most important!

  11. Learn what you want ties into my most important lesson, which is that you have to own your own career. You truly need to be your own advocate. Makes such a difference over time.

  12. These are great points. Thank you for this post.

  13. Erik the Hungry Traveller says:

    These are very practical advice. Love how you wrote this article as well.

  14. Miftahul Zannat says:

    I have been working on to have my career flow in my own craved path, I believe i will go the way I can inspire. However, throughout that path so far I have seen many issues and obstacles, at the same time it motivated me too. Your advices are Bang on. If we stick to our principles and keynotes like this, we can go far and beyond. Thanks Mia.

    Is it okay, if I tag you in my own writing/blog?

    1. Good luck with your career! Of course you can link to my post in your own blog!

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