simply earth essential oils

Simply Earth Essential Oils

Simply Earth Essential Oils: A New Way To Use Oils At Home

Do you love essential oils but need some new ways to use them? Do you want a more natural home that smells clean and fresh, without the use of harmful chemicals. Or, are you tired to paying a small fortune for essential oils? If you love quality essential oils but want more, easy ways to use them every day AND you want them at an amazingly afford price, then you need to learn more about Simply Earth Essential Oils!

This is a sponsored post by Simply Earth. Although Steph was compensated, the opinions mentioned here are her own:) She simply loves, Simply Earth essential oils!

This month, I was thrilled to receive some new essential oil ideas thanks to Simply Earth’s recipe box.

What Are Simply Earth Essential Oils?

A Fun Box Full Of Essential Oils & Supplies For $39!

It’s a monthly subscription box full of everything you need to make 6 fun and easy recipes, so you never run out of ideas. Simply Earth essential oils help you ‘create a healthy and chemical free home for your family.’ YOU GET ALL OF THAT FOR JUST $39! And, of course you can cancel at any time!

I’ve used their subscription service for over a year now and have created hundreds of natural household and beauty products.

Some of the essential oil recipes I’ve made with Simply Earth include essential oil shampoo and face scrubs, to candles, body spray, stress diffuser blend, crystal soaps, kitchen and bathroom cleaner and so much more!

The Best Part?! They’re Super Easy To Use & So Affordable + Fun!!

I made the switch from the expensive essential oils and my only regret is not doing it sooner!

Interested in checking it out for yourself? Visit Simply Earth.

Be sure to use code STEPHSOCIALFREE and receive a $40 gift card and a FREE bonus box when you sign up! The bonus box has tons of extras like carrier oils and bottles for all your new blends! Visit Simply Earth to get yours!

Get A Simply Earth Essential Oils Box

Here’s what’s included in your free bonus box, which you’ll get with your first order:

This box makes a great gift for your mom!! I gave one to my mom for her birthday last month and she thought it was so unique! She still talks about all the recipes:)

Each month there’s a new theme, and the box I received first (March) was Mood Boost. It came full of everything I needed to create fun, uplifting recipes in minutes.

I couldn’t believe how easy and quick these recipes were to make.

It’s not complicated at all, and actually a great way to introduce yourself to the wonders of essential oils or if you’re like me and looking for new ways to use them!

Let’s dive in!

Simply Earth Essential Oils: What’s Inside?

Each month you get everything you need to make 6 natural essential oil recipes, including containers, carrier oils, essential oils, and extras! And you can cancel at any time!

Plus you get easy to understand recipe cards and stickers to label each of your creations! It’s super easy and fun!

Here’s what was in my very first box:

Simply Earth Essential Oils

Cypress: Calming, purifying, cleansing, deodorizing, balances oily skin.

Orange: Uplifting, muscle pain relief, aids digestion, cleans.

Patchouli: Calming, improves skin, repels insects.

Energy blend: Warms, reduces the appearance of spider veins, uplifting.


Diffuser reeds: Natural reeds help release essential oils into the air. They are perfect for adding aroma to small rooms.

Lava beads: These porous beads absorb essential oils and help diffuse them into the air. They are a great way to diffuse oils for a lasting scent!

Aromatherapy inhaler: Great for on-the-go aromatherapy support, an inhaler is perfect for quick emotional support, anywhere!

Simply Earth Essential Oils Are Affordable

A home free of toxic chemicals… without breaking the bank‘, Simply Earth makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of quality essential oils, on a budget.

Essential oils from the big companies typically cost over $25 a bottle. But, Simply Earth sends you a box, including several full sized, high-quality essential oil bottles, recipe cards with detailed ideas to try and everything you need to make them including containers, carrier oils and more. All for just $39.

Simply Earth Essential Oils Are Safe

Each box includes only toxin-free ingredients. And, all of the recipes are created and tested by Simply Earth’s aromatherapists to ensure their safety.

Simply Earth Essential Oils Are Fun And Easy

I’m no expert, but Simply Earth makes it easy to feel like one.

I was able to make 2 recipes this morning in just a few minutes and experience the results instantly!

Essential oils are honestly one of my favourite ways to pick up my mood, fast!

My Favourite Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipes

I really loved the Creative Zone Diffuser Blend. It was super simple, and took just two minutes and I was enjoying the scents and creative flowing!

The blend of cypress, orange, and energy essential oil blend was just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing and get this post out!

I also thought the DIY Lava Rock Diffuser was so fun. I was able to make this little recipe in under a minute. I sprinkled the lava beads that were included in the box to a faux plant I have. Then, I added a few drops of my favourite essential oil – Orange and a few drops of the Energy Essential Oil Blend, to the beads. The beads absorb and release the oils and create a long-lasting scent. I put the plant in my bedroom and it still smells amazing!

Wrapping Up: Simply Earth Essential Oils

Thank you Simply Earth essential oils for sharing this box with us! Want to try out some fun recipes around your home? Check out Simply Earth, use code STEPHSOCIALFREE when you subscribe and you’ll receive a $40 gift card with your first box and a FREE bonus box! LUCKY!

Just be sure to come back and tell me what you got:)

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