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How To Create Fresh Pins, Pinterest Loves!

This is a sponsored post, and although she is compensated, the opinions mentioned are her own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. Steph really does LOVE Tailwind and Pinterest:)

Pinterest marketing is changing, again. If you noticed a dip in your recent Pinterest stats, you’re not alone. But the good news is, Pinterest is telling us what they’ve changed and how we can take advantage of their new system. AMAZING! Thank you Pinterest!

In this post, I’ll explain how to get more traffic from Pinterest and how Tailwind can help! It’s helped me gain over 80,000 monthly blog views!

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Pinterest is my favourite way to drive traffic to my blog. It brings me tons of targeted traffic, that converts, for free! So, when they change it up and my stats suffer, I freak out a little bit and then do my research and change up my Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest Loves Fresh Pins

It’s all about fresh pins these days. The fresher, the better! So, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

I know what you’re thinking – fresh pins means making more pins, more often and I don’t have time for that! Stop stressin’.

I will show you how to make 10 new pins in about 20 minutes! Because, in order to gain the most of these new changes, you’re going to have to step up your pin creating strategy! But, it’ll be worth it because your fresh, new pins have a better chance at being shown in related search results, than a older pin.

Here’s my Pinterest marketing strategy. It works for me and my pins receive over 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest and my blog receives over 50,000 monthly views from Pinterest alone! I love Pinterest!

How To Be A Smart Pinner

How I create and share fresh pins on Pinterest, quickly and effectively!

The biggest time-saver by far is Tailwind!

Tailwind saves me time by batch-scheduling, so you’re not a slave to pinning manually all day long. What Pinterest doesn’t seem to like is pinning a lot at once, and then no activity.

New to Tailwind, is the SmartGuide! I just noticed this today, and love that it lets me know I’m on my best Pinterest behaviour. The last thing I want is to be marked as SPAM!

The SmartGuide will alert you if you’re repinning the same pin to too many boards, or if you are pinning too much, which may effect your reach.

New Pinterest Marketing Tips For 2020

I would suggest pinning between 20-30 times a day. That doesn’t mean 20-30 fresh pins a day. Repins count as well.

I’ll break it down for you:

You repin one pin (yours or someone else’s) to a new board – that counts as a pin.

You repin another pin to two separate boards – that counts as two pins.

You add 5 new pins to 5 boards – that counts as 5 pins.

How to be a smart pinner! Create at least 30 new pins a week and upload a few fresh pins a day. Use tailwind to smart schedule them instead of bulk upload. These new pins don’t have to mean all new content on your blog. New pins can be for old posts. Just add the new pin image and old blog post url and pin to relevant boards. Pinterest will see this as a fresh pin.

I’ve noticed my new, fresh pins show up in search results sooner now! Whereas before it would take months for a pin to show.

Add a full description, up to 500 characters! But, remember that only the first 50-60 characters will show up in feed. Use relevant keywords in your description and a few hashtags.

Only pin to relevant boards. Pinning to irrelevant boards can de-value your pin and limit its reach. Relevant boards include keywords related to you pin and your post, in the board description!

Pin Image Tips:

Choose two fonts that you’ll use for your pins. This will help make it easier rather than wasting time trying to pick fonts.

Save a template you like on Canva and just upload an image, add your text and go.

STOP over-thinking it.

What Are Fresh Pins On Pinterest?

A fresh pin is a new image, that has Pinterest has never seen before. Before, you could just change up your description in Tailwind, repin and it was considered fresh. Not anymore.

So for one blog post, you could make 5 or more different pin images and have 5 or more fresh pins!

Fresh pins can be as simple as swapping out one image for another. Just be sure to add a fresh description when pinning.

Whip Up A Batch Of Fresh Pins, Fast!

Creating new pins doesn’t have to take hours! My time is precious. Here are some serious time-saving tips:

Quick Pins

Grab some Pinterest templates to make creating fresh pins SO easy!

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One image can become 3 quick pins with just some simple tips and editing tweaks. Let’s take a look at 3 easy ways to do this. 

1. Change the image. When making pins, keep 5 or more similar photos to use and just swap them and save.

2. Move the image or add to it. Flip your image and add a few elements to create a fresh pin in minutes! Or use a solid colour background and simply add a transparent png and some text. Then, change up your background colour and swap your png and you have another pin in minutes!

3. Add new text and overlay. Try keeping the original image, but just change up the text, add an overlay and save!

The perfect image size is 600 x 900 but I do tend to make most of pins a bit longer so they stand out. With these new changes, I’m going to be switching it up and creating both extended and regular sizes.

Take advantage of Canva’s templates. Rather than fiddling around trying to make your pins look profresh, check out Canva’s templates. I change up the element colours to suit my branding, add an image and change up the text. It definitely cuts down on time and frustration.

Tips To Create Fresh Pins

Tailwind will be your best friend when creating new pins. They have a new feature called the SmartGuide, which helps you avoid potential bad Pinterest behaviour, such as spam. And helps you maximize your marketing efforts.

No need to go overboard and pin 50+ times a day. Did you know that the most successful Pinterest publishers pin between 15-25 times day?!

The new SmartGuide will monitor your pinning and let you know if you’re re-pinning a little too much, have too many timeslots or are re-pinning the same pin to too many boards.

If you are re-pinning to more than a few boards, make sure they are only pinned to super relevant boards to ensure your best reach!

You can read more about this new feature here – TailwindSmartGuide.

For more information about Pinterest best practices, visit

Tools For Creating Pins

Transparent png’s make it easy to swap out elements and make pins fast. I use Pixabay for free pngs.

Canva. An easy to use, online design tool that has premade Pinterest templates.

Tailwind. Schedule your pins for weeks at a time, so you don’t have to pin manually. Tailwind Tribes are similar to group boards, where you can add your pins and other tribe members repin and reshare. The right tribes can bring you tons of traffic! And, the new SmartGuide ensures you get the most out of Pinterest and Tailwind.

Now you’re all ready to make a batch of fresh pins that Pinterest will love!

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  1. Great post! for the past few days my Pinterest monthly viewers going down, and doesn’t realize why this happening. Now I’m very much clear about that. Thanks for this updated article.

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