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Fun Hobbies For Women

11 Hobbies For Women

11 great hobbies for women to try!

Being stuck in quarantine can drive you nuts! Why not take this time to focus on yourself a little more and come out of this pandemic, happier and healthier than before?! These fun hobbies are perfect for women and are great for your mental health.

These hobbies encourage mindfulness and help you relax. They can even relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Source

Some of these suggestions are perfect for a pandemic because you can do them alone, and many can be done right from your home or close to it! I’ve even included some links so you can get supplies sent right to your house:)

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List of Fun Hobbies For Women

Hobbies For Women: Music

Music is therapeutic! Music makes a great fun hobby for women, whether you’re a singer, pianist or even just enjoy listening to it. Music can totally change your mood. Upbeat, happy music is like an instant pick me up! Create playlists for different moods- uplifting, happy, emotional, etc.

Check out my happy playlist recommendations!

Or create some music! If you enjoy singing or playing guitar, making music is a great hobby!

Hobbies For Women: Art

Painting and sketching allows your mind to be creative and relieves mental strain and stress. So, go get lost in a paint project! Check out these printable mandala coloring pages. They’re a great mindful hobby you can do at home for free.

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Hobbies For Women: Pet Care

Pets are great for providing companionship, reducing anxiety and can help give you a sense of purpose. If you can’t get a pet yourself, take up dog walking or volunteer at a local pet rescue!

Hobbies For Women: Photography

Passionate about photography? Photography has so many benefits, allowing you to explore your creative side. You can find the beauty in almost anything with photography!

Taking some photography courses and working on your photography skills also gives you a sense of accomplishment and progress.

If you don’t have a camera, start with your phone! Most phones take high quality photos and there are tons of great editing apps.

Shop photography supplies:

This little Nikon was my first real camera when I became a news reporter! It’s affordable and takes great quality pictures. It’s also quite durable and this one comes with EVERYTHING you need to get started:)

Looking to create some flatlay photography? Here’s the backgrounds I use to take some of my blog photos!

How cute are these Instax cameras? They instantly print the photos for you. Perfect for scrapbooking or making a photo book! You’ll be busy for hours with this.

For me, lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to taking photos! Set up your own photo studio using some professional lighting and you’ll see a huge difference in photo quality!

Hobbies For Women: Yoga

Yoga! There’s not one bad thing I can say about yoga. Benefits include: relaxation, improved focus, improved circulation and flexibility, stress relief, strengthening your muscles and mind!

There are many yoga tutorials on Youtube for everyone from beginners to more advanced yogi!

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Hobbies For Women: Sewing

A sewing project is a great way to keep your busy mind occupied. Why not sew yourself a new set of curtains or set of cute pillows? It’s also a great way to save money or even make money working on sewing projects for others.

Shop sewing supplies:

Not sure where to begin? Try this Absolute Beginners Guide To Sewing!

Hobbies For Women: Swimming

Connect with water! Earth’s elements are naturally healing! Swimming is also a great form of gentle, physical exercise. If you have a pool you can use your own during isolation, but if not you’ll have to wait until it’s safe to swim:)

Hobbies For Women: Gardening

Gotta green thumb? Not here, but there is something really amazing about digging in the dirt. No wonder kids love it so much! The soil, smells, and colours are all so good for your mood!

If you haven’t got a green thumb but love plants, try a cute succulent garden! They are so easy to grow and maintain, even I can do it!

Go online for some garden motivation and create a plan for new flower beds or a vegetable garden. Start from seeds or baby plants. Get your kids involved! Now, I’m getting myself all hyped over this. I really need to get on it!

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Hobbies For Women: Crochet

Crocheting is a great hobby, especially during winter months or a quarantine! You get to learn a new skill, work with your hands and see your project coming together!

Shop crochet supplies:

Hobbies For Women: Writing

My personal favourite- writing! Journaling, blogging or poetry are all great hobbies. Using your mind and writing down your thoughts can help you discover things about yourself, you never even knew!

Starting a blog is a great way to make money and get creative!

Journaling has so many amazing benefits. Keeping a journal can help you work through your feelings, process ideas and track goals.

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Hiking Is A Great Hobby For Women

*Obviously if you’re self isolating hiking isn’t an option, but getting outside even just in your backyard is great for your mind and body!

Hiking is good for the soul! There’s something soothing and healing about connecting with the earth and being out in fresh air. Exercise is also great for releasing mood-boosting hormones! If it’s safe, go bare-foot, allowing you to feel the earth’s energy. Trust me and just try it. You’ll see what I mean.

hobbies for women

Wrapping Up: Hobbies For Women

There are so many great hobbies for women. Having a hobby can really help improve your mental health! Feeling productive and doing something you love is good for the soul.

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    1. I love it too! But it can be a challenge! I love routine!

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