Custom Fonts For Your Blog

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Your writing speaks to your readers but the fonts you choose, set the tone. What are your fonts saying about your blog?

Fonts are an important part of the branding process. They help provide the voice, and help tell a story. Use them wisely and your readers will have a better understanding of what you and your posts are saying.

There are so many fonts and styles to choose from.

If you’re thinking about trying some new fonts for your website, now is the perfect time to upload some font plugins!

These WordPress plugins for bloggers, businesses and website owners make it easy to upload, customize and try out thousands of fonts! You’re sure to find your perfect combination.

Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts is just what it sounds like – easy to use! You can use it with pretty much any theme on WordPress and it works with your customizer, so you are able to see how the fonts look before you set it! This allows you to have so many more options.

Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts allows you to upload custom fonts of all types and easily use them in WordPress. The possibilities are endless.

Use Any Font

Use Any Font makes it easy to change up your fonts without any coding knowlegde. Simply upload your custom fonts using the plugin and use them on your site.

Fontsy is the all in one web font management plugin for WordPress, allowing you to import your own web fonts, or choose from their free web font library. Creating a beautiful and unique blog that stands out from the crowd is easy because Fontsy has the largest, most comprehensive selection of fonts available for any WordPress blog!

You’ll never have to look anywhere else for fonts after you try this plugin!

Or check out this alternative to Use Any Font WordPress Plugin, which allows you to alter fonts on your website to make them fuly customizable.

WP Google Fonts

WP Google Fonts is a popular plugin, that gives you instant access to thousands of fonts in one plugin. It’s easy and ready to use.

Picking The Right Fonts

Now that you have all the right plugins, how do you pick the right fonts?! There are so many to choose from!

Pick a font that represents your blog’s brand voice… If your blog had a voice. Is your blog’s tone professional? Or playful? Or maybe it’s soft and delicate? Which fonts would best represent your content’s style and speak to your readers?

It’s always best to make your website font easy to read. Scripts and decorative fonts can be hard for some readers to understand.

When creating graphics, you can get into more fun, expressive fonts such as decorative or scripts! But it’s usually best to stick with two font styles max, or else it your graphic could look messy.

Try some new fonts on your blog and social media today!

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