Pandemic Blog Post Ideas

What To Write About During The Pandemic

It’s a blogger’s time to shine! People are at home and online more than ever right now. And they’ve got questions.

They’re looking for things to do at home, new recipe a to try, ways to make money online, how to manage working with kids and so much more.

And chances are, if you’re looking for answers, than so are some of your readers. Start by writing about some of the things that you and your niche are dealing with during this time. Share the struggles, resources and tips you’ve discovered.

I’m using this time to work on pandemic posts that can be converted to evergreen content later on. For example, this Blog Post Ideas For The Pandemic will be tweaked after to become Blog Post Ideas You Haven’t Tried. I’ll change the ideas up a little bit to fit. This way it’s not just a wasted post in the future.

A popular question around the blogosphere right now is ‘what do I write about during the pandemic… Help!’

Here’s some blog post ideas for most niches to get you through the pandemic!

Travel Blog Post Ideas

What’s a travel writer to write about when you can’t… travel?

Many travel bloggers are struggling with blog post ideas and even taking a break during this time because of it. The fact that you’re struggling in a very popular niche, means that so many others are too!

If I were a travel blogger, I would write about the struggle first, and then I would share some other travel inspired posts like these:

  • Virtual tours around the world. Research and write about the best virtual tours of museums, zoos and national parks.
  • Book reviews. Read and review some non-fiction books that virtually explore a new destination.
  • Explore cuisine. Bring a little Italy home with a new pasta dish, bottle of imported wine and the fancy glasses. Write and share the experience with your readers.
  • Discover your own backyard. Use a little of your upcoming vacation fund to create an oasis steps from your home and document the process for your post. I bet some of your readers will feel inspired to do the same!
  • Bring the tropics home. Find tropical plants for the home like pineapple or lemon! Share with your readers.
  • Write about some new ways to display your old souvenirs.

Mommy Blog Post Ideas

The struggle is real! As a mom, juggling working from home, and homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, blogging, and family time is a challenge. Some days I wanna cry out of frustration and exhaustion. So when I’m thinking of ways to make it easier for me to manage, I share whatever tips I can with you!

Here’s some ideas for all you mommy bloggers:

  • Share printables
  • Daily schedule ideas
  • Crafts for kids
  • Foods for picky eaters
  • Pantry recipes
  • Homemade bath bomb recipes
  • At home science experiments
  • Backyard activities
  • How to talk to your kids about coronavirus
  • Homeschool ideas
  • How to socialize your kids during quarantine
  • Immune system booster
  • Nutrition for kids
  • Online safety tips
  • Slime recipes
  • Kid chores by age

Business Blog Post Ideas

We are a family of entrepreneurs. Myself and my husband both run small businesses. Let me tell you, whatever aspects you’re struggling with, so are many of your readers! Help find a solution for yourself and then help your readers!

Here’s some ideas inspired by the pandemic:

  • Marketing ideas during the pandemic
  • Rebranding tips
  • Time management
  • Email marketing tips
  • Web design
  • Search Engine optimization
  • E-commerce ideas
  • Where to advertise during the pandemic
  • Social media marketing strategy for a pandemic

Food Blog Post Ideas

This is a great time for food bloggers! Tons of people are searching for new recipes to make, so give them some! Share your old posts and make some new ones.

Here’s some ideas for pandemic food posts:

  • Pantry recipes
  • Easy 3 ingredient recipes
  • Food box subscription reviews
  • Grocery list ideas- how to
  • How to grocery shop during the pandemic
  • Extravagant recipes to try
  • Substitutes list

Financial Blog Post Ideas

Most of us are struggling financially during the pandemic. Share some tips on how to recover and ways to make money from home.

  • How to stretch your emergency funds
  • Make money online ideas
  • Investment advice
  • Setting future goals for success
  • Grocery shopping budget
  • 10 Things you’re wasting your money on

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Self care and homemade beauty recipes are more popular than ever! I’ve shared some here –

Here’s some other beauty post ideas:

  • At home beauty recipes
  • Homemade hair masks
  • DIY skin remedies
  • Home manicure ideas
  • Home pedicures
  • DIY highlights
  • Skin routine tips
  • DIY face masks
  • Use or toss all your beauty products
  • How to clean makeup brushes
  • At home teeth whitening systems

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Lifestyle bloggers have tons of options, but if you’re stuck for ideas during the pandemic, here’s some:

  • Cleaning tips
  • Disinfecting tips
  • Homemade cleaning hacks
  • Decluttering ideas
  • Spring cleaning
  • Home decor
  • Comfy fashion for home
  • Upcoming trends for hair, fashion, home
  • DIY chalk paint project
  • Hobbies for home
  • Journal ideas
  • Self care at home

Health Blog Post Ideas

Most of us are more concerned than ever about our physical and mental health. What a great time to be a health blogger and help others!

Here’s some health blog post ideas:

  • Create a health challenge
  • At home yoga poses
  • At home workout videos
  • Smoothie recipes
  • Healthy recipes
  • Meal plan ideas
  • Working out as a family
  • Self Care ideas
  • Mental health care during the pandemic
  • Managing fear and anxiety
  • Ways to overcome loneliness during isolation
  • Productive things to do at home

Pet Blog Post Ideas

What do you do with your pets during quarantine? Can dogs get coronavirus? These are some great pet blog post ideas!

  • Can your dog get coronavirus?
  • Grooming at home tips
  • How to handle lockdown with a pet
  • Is a new puppy right for you during quarantine?

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