Things To Do At Home

Explore The World From Your Couch With Free Virtual Tours

Looking for fun things to do at home? We’re going a little stir crazy over here but I found a fun way to explore the world from our living room.

Virtual tours are a fun way to explore some really cool places, right from your couch! There’s something for everyone, including Disney, NASA, and even Dracula’s castle.

By now we are on week 4 or 5 (I’ve lost count) of quarantine and social distancing, but it feels like foreverRrrr! I was running out of ideas to keep myself and my family entertained. One afternoon I even found myself watching squirrels from the window. It was actually pretty interesting lol, I saw a few fights and even a little romance. Wait, what? Is this what I’ve resorted to? Send help!

Things To Do At Home

Here are some really cool virtual tours, pictures, live cams and more that will keep you from going crazy at home.

Try An Escape Room At Home

Do you love solving riddles, finding clues and challenges? You’ll love the Escape The Crate Escape Room subscription box!

Abandoned Places

I love checking out abandoned places (from a safe distance) but watching videos of abandoned house tours is a cool thing to do at home!

These are some really fascinating ones! I always wonder the story behind some of these places. Like what really happened there? Many seem to have just up and vanished, leaving so many pieces of their life behind.

I took a virtual tour of an abandoned mansion with everything left inside.

Visit an eerie abandoned hotel and restaurant and see what’s been left behind.

Who could abandon a mall? Find out the story behind Northridge Mall and how it became deserted.

Natural Wonders

You might be stuck at home, but you can still explore! Plus it’s educational fun for the kids, right?!

Get a close up look at Grand Canyon, from you living room!

I’ve seen the Northern lights in person before and they are unreal! Check out this Abisko National Park virtual reality tour to check them out for yourself, today!

I’ve always wanted to visit Yosemite National Park, but for now a virtual tour from my couch will have to do. You can actually scale a mountain from you Iphone. I know it’s not the real deal, but I don’t think I’m ready for that anyway;)

Virtual Tours Of Museums

‘Walk through’ some of the world’s most amazing museums with these free online tours.

Google Arts & Culture is a great source for online exhibits, like The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Check out a virtual exhibit of Paris’ famous Louvre museum. It’s the world’s largest art museum.

Collection Online is an extensive art collections featuring over 1,700 artworks by more than 625 artists, including Pablo Picasso, Jeff Koons and so much more all for free.

Take a virtual trip out of this world with NASA’s Virtual Tour or the Glenn Virtual Tour.

Contemporary art not really your thing? Check out the coolest street art from around the world.

Animal Adventures

Take your little monkeys on a virtual field trip to some of the world’s top zoos and aquariums!

Here are some of our faves that offer live cams and virtual tours:

San Diego Zoo

Take a virtual dive with the National Marine Sanctuary.

Atlanta Zoo offers an adorable Panda Cam livestream.

Check out the beluga whale webcam at the Georgia Aquarium.

Explore the Houston Zoo and see Rhino, giraffes, flamingos and more all from home!

Get up close and personal with sharks, dolphins, jellyfish and more with a virtual tour of the beautiful National Aquarium.

Theme Parks

I love theme parks. The smell of candy apples and cotton candy, the thrill of the Ferris wheel, and all of the childhood memories come rushing back! Since I won’t be visiting Disney anytime soon, these virtual visits will have to do.

Get as close to Disney as you can with the Google street view. You can check out the entire theme park and see every little details so you can start planning your next real life visit!

Take a virtual ride on the new Frozen roller coaster.

Ahoy matey, all aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Take an online undersea adventure with SeaWorld.

Virtually tour hotel LEGOLAND with the kids!

Farm Animals

Looking for fun, educational things to do at home? Take your kids on a virtual field trip with Farm Food 360 and learn all about how milk and cheese are made.

I hope you enjoyed these virtual tours as much as we do! Stay safe, stay home and stay sane!

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