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How To Be Happier

The One Thing Most Of Us Want In Life, Is To Be Happy!

Happiness can’t be bought (just look at some of the wealthiest people in the world who suffer from depression) but I do believe it can be taught. Let’s look at some simple lessons on how to be happier!

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If all humans can agree on something today, it is the fact that they all wish to be happy forever. Aristotle, the greek philosopher states that the ‘supreme good’ is happiness

So how do we live a happy life? It’s a question that you and I have asked a lot. Before I answer that, I’d like to state some random points about happiness that will help you answer the question yourself. Here we go.

1 – You already have what it takes to be happy

What does it really take to be happy? Money? Fame? Talent? Relationship? The answer is none. All it takes is you deciding to be happy and acting accordingly. 

But how do we know that money isn’t the ultimate source of happiness?

Just look into the people who already have crazy amounts of money and see by yourself. A lot of celebrities go through tremendous depression periods, yet they have the money needed to buy whatever they want. 

Now here’s a small question for you. Imagine 2 people, one enjoying a homemade hamburger with a friend on the beach during the sunset, and the other having dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in the world with some friends. Who is more happy at that moment?

I believe that both might be having the same amount of happiness (if happiness can be measured). The difference is that one is buying his/her happiness with thousands of dollars while the other only needs a few bucks. 

Happiness is a feeling that can be triggered by the simplest things, and the result of this feeling on our bodies is the same whether we spent millions of dollars or nothing to trigger it. “It’s still the same hamburger,” says Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world. Whether you have millions or nothing, the hamburger that you eat will have the same effect on you (I mentioned hamburgers cz I love them, just replace them with pizza if you want).

2 – No one remembers your embarrassing moments except you

If you always remember your embarrassing moments or moments that block you from thinking positively every time you try, then you need to stop. 

You don’t need to worry about what others think about your embarrassing moments because almost nobody dwells on thinking about the bad moments of others. Why? Because they have their own moments to worry about. 

Just think about it, do you remember all the embarrassing moments of your friends everyday? Week? Month? The truth is that they rarely come to you because you have other things to worry about.

So block yourself from worrying about the past and even the future because it’s only in your mind, and start thinking about the time you have RIGHT NOW and how to use it perfectly. 

3 – You can turn your ugly past into an asset

What’s even better than not worrying about your past? Using it as an asset. That’s right. Here’s a video of Kevin Hart, a comedian, who is telling the story of him being hit with a buffalo wing in a club while performing. Kevin used the story in a way that made everyone in the room laugh.

You can imagine that it is embarrassing to be hit by a buffalo wing by someone who thinks you’re not funny while on stage. What did Kevin do however? He changed the story to an asset by adding it to his jokes list and he used it on a TV show to promote himself. We can do the same, just turn your negative experiences into something that you can use as an asset to build a happy future.

4 – Life is a balance of happy and sad moments

The whole universe is built upon balance. We will all experience days in our lives where we are extremely happy, days where we are extremely sad, days where we are angry and so on. 

We might not have full control over that, however what we can control is our state of mind. When you’re passing through hard times, instead of losing hope, you can remember that the time will come when all the bad things you’re experiencing will end soon. When you’re having a good time, try to enjoy every second of it and use it as a proof that you can always be happy no matter how hard things get.

How To Be Happier

Alright, now that I’ve mentioned all these points, did you figure out the answer of ‘how do I live a happy life’?

Here’s my answer to that : Enjoy every moment, always force a smile on your face, remember that the hard times will vanish someday, keep in mind that money is never the answer and that the true answer lies within yourself.

Want to be happy? Just make yourself believe that you’re happy, and you will be.

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