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3 Ways Your Self Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back

How To Overcome Fear

Limiting beliefs will limit your life and your happiness. Here’s a major example of just how they impact your life- Do you have an area of your life that makes you unhappy? Why don’t you change it? Maybe you’re afraid you can’t? Or you feel like you’re not worthy of pursuing your passion? Or you’re too busy because changing your life involves too much time and effort.

Your life is dependent on what you believe to be true. If you live in fear, you limit your life experiences. If you limit what you think you can, you limit what you actually can do.

The fact is, you can do almost anything.

Some people use their background, their education, their finances determine what they are capable of. Yet, some of the most successful people in the world come from the most challenging backgrounds, or are uneducated, etc, proving that you are capable!

Fear is normal. It’s necessary, so you don’t do stupid things like play with tigers or jump out of airplanes. But wait, people do play with tigers and jump out of airplanes. The difference is, those people take calculated risks and are well prepared. So, want to know how to overcome fear and limiting beliefs so you can do super cool, awesome things too?

Anything is possible with the right mindset and plan.

If you don’t take risks, you ultimately limit what you believe you can do.

So what’s holding you back? Fear of rejection? Failure? Embarrassment? Or disappointment? Fear is normal, but overcoming it can lead you to a life of endless possibilities. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs would not be where they are if they didn’t take risks. Taking the right risks, can lead to an extraordinary life!

* I was afraid… petrified actually, to start this blog. I was afraid of what people would think. Afraid of putting myself out there. I worried it would be a waste of time and I wouldn’t make anything of it. The stats said only 5 percent of bloggers make over $100. And who reads blogs anyway… besides me?

Well, I decided to take a very calculated risk, and did everything I could to create a successful website. I overcame those pesky limiting beliefs and took a well planned out risk. And it’s paid off, more than I could ever imagine.

Taking that risk gave me confidence, passion, and money!!

Limiting beliefs, whether you realize it or not, have a profound effect on your life. They can affect your life in so many ways… all of them are bad!

Your life is created with your thoughts.

Are you holding yourself back because it’s comfortable or are you living an extraordinary life? A miraculous life doesn’t just happen. It’s a combination of many things- your thoughts, choices, circumstances, and a little luck. Making good choices isn’t always easy.

Check out my post for tips on how to stop overthinking.

Indecisiveness and fear get in the way of making smart risks. Fear is based on an emotion, rather than logic.

If you can let go of your limiting beliefs, you can change your life and start living the life that you’ve always wanted. Here are three ways that your limiting beliefs are holding you back from realizing your dreams and living the life you want.

They Ruin Your Life Experience

When you are constricted by your limiting beliefs, you will do far fewer things over the course of your life.

For example, if you believe that roller coasters are dangerous, you will probably never ride one, and you’d miss out on the thrill that so many others have experienced.

No matter how great your life is at this current moment, you are holding onto beliefs that are stopping you from experiencing life to the fullest.

Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to overcome fear and self limiting beliefs!

They Make You Inefficient

The limiting beliefs that we are holding on to, cause us to find an alternate path. If we believe that the best route won’t work for us, we can spend a ton of time following a less direct way to work around our limiting belief.

You may have always dreamed of being a blogger but believe that you can’t make a living blogging, so you do anything but blog!

Save yourself time and deal with the beliefs that are holding you back rather than giving up on what you really want!!

They Can Cause You to Unintentionally Harm Others

Your beliefs are more like a virus and less like math because they are more likely to be caught then they are to be taught.

Even if you have the best of intentions, you can infect others with your limiting beliefs, just like a bad attitude.

The limiting beliefs that you pass onto others can affect them for the rest of their lives. You need to take some time and consider who you are infecting with your limiting beliefs and how those beliefs are affecting them and their own potential to live their best life.

Limiting beliefs can be incredibly destructive and will most definitely keep you from achieving the life that you’ve always wanted.

Anything is possible if you take the proper steps. Want to know how to overcome fear?

How To Overcome Fear

Everyone holds limiting beliefs, and whether you know it or not, the liming beliefs that you hold can actually limit your success and ability to live a full and happy life.

Many of these limiting beliefs are formed in childhood and are based on what we’ve been told about ourselves and the world in general. If you find that there are parts of your life you’re unhappy with, it may be because of your limiting beliefs.

Here are three strategies to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs.


The only way you can begin to overcome your limiting beliefs is to identify them.

One way you can determine those beliefs that are holding you back is by journaling. You need to find time every day to sit down and write about your current situation. Then you need to think about how you got to this point in your life.

Journaling will help you discover your limiting beliefs, which is the first step to overcoming them.

Observe Others

A great way to overcome your negative beliefs is to observe the behavior of others. This can serve two purposes.

First, it can help you uncover the ideas you have about yourself that you may not be aware you have. Noticing specific reactions and behaviors within ourselves can be hard.

Secondly, when you watch others who are currently succeeding in an area of life that you’re doing poorly in, you can start to uncover the beliefs that they hold that lead them to achieve success in that area of life.

You can then begin to adopt these beliefs in your own life.

Be Your Own Mentor

Another technique you can use to overcome your limiting beliefs is to become your own mentor. Pretend that you are sitting across from your future self. Not only are the kind and wise, but they’ve achieved everything that you wanted in your life.

Have a conversation with your future self and tell them about the areas in your life where you’re currently having trouble. Ask them to help you uncover your limiting beliefs, discover how you formed your limiting beliefs, how to interpret the situation differently, and help you come up with a new set of beliefs.

The next time that you find yourself being held back because of your limiting beliefs continue to tell yourself that it’s only in your head. Use the above strategies to overcome your limiting beliefs and live your best life.

How To Take Calculated Risks

Do your research. Research risk pros and cons and possible risks and outcomes.

Plan and prepare. Plan for mistakes, and roadblocks. Don’t give up before you’ve reached your goal.

Set goals. Speaking of goals, make sure you set goals for the risks you are taking. What do you need to do first in order to take the risk? How will taking these risks benefit you?

Don’t overestimate the risks- fear makes you do this. They’re often not as risky as you believe.

If any one can do it, why can’t you do it? The answer is usually fear. Overcome your fear and stop you self limiting beliefs and free your mind for endless possibilities!

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