How To Choose Your Logo Fonts

Trying to create the perfect logo? Fonts are an important part of logo design. A simple font change can send a brand from sketchy and goofy to trustworthy and knowledgeable.

I talk a lot about fonts, because they’re so important in your branding. I recently partnered with to bring you some new ways to use fonts to rebrand your website during the pandemic. I also explained the different types of fonts, and how to pair fonts beautifully. Now let’s use those fonts to create a logo that reflects your brand!

The great thing about fontbundles is that they have a great variety of free fonts as well as some paid ones as well. And they literally have a style for everyone and everything.

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Your logo is what your readers and customers, first see. It’s your website’s first impression. The right logo (and font) will give your readers a feel as to what your blog or business is about. Is it fun? Or serious? Is it a food blog? A mom blog? A lifestyle blog? The fonts you choose speak to your audience without saying a word, so choose wisely!

Logo Fonts

Decorative Fonts

Some decorative fonts work well for logos because they show personality and there are so many unique styles to choose from. Just make sure you can still read it. A logo should always be easy to read, but that doesn’t mean it has to be simple!


Scripts look like they’re written by hand and are viewed as elegant and timeless. Think Coca-Cola logo, or Barbie! Both are original and iconic!


Serif fonts have a serif- small ‘feet’ at each end of the stroke. They are seen as classic and traditional. This is a great typography if you want to be viewed as trustworthy, and dependable, even perhaps a little old school.

Sans Serif

Sans serif are modern fonts with no serifs. They are super versatile and pair well with almost any other type of font. It’s clean and fresh!

Choosing the right font can help your logo speak to your readers. How do you want your business or blog to be portrayed? Choose your fonts based on your brand voice.

Let’s look at some cool logo fonts from and how they can be used to create an awesome logo! Fontbundles makes it easy to find the perfect font for any brand.

Logo Fonts

Looking for a sweet logo? Look no further! Sweetletter is a fun and delicious font! Kinda makes me hungry…

Jolly Unicorn is magical, whimsical and perfect for fun, playful brand logos and designs!

These fonts make it so easy to create an effective blog logo. Check out sausages, a chunky, fun font.

Kely Rose is the perfect trendy typeface. A font on point. It would work well for branding, social media and even printable designs!

Say It Softly is perfect for logo design, social media graphics and printable designs like wall decals and banners. It’s quirky and unique.

Streamzy Graffiti is a rebel font on a mission to be seen! If you brand is fun and cool, this is the perfect font for you!

Look how simple yet effective this logo is using one of my favourite fonts, sweet Baby Brooklyn.

Logo Design Tips

1. Keep it simple and easy to read. There are plenty of simple fonts to choose from, but also many decorative fonts that are full of personality and legible.

2. Use your brand identity to choose a font.

3. Choose one or two fonts. No more! Too many fonts in a logo, looks messy.

4. Pick your fonts wisely and with purpose.

5. Emphasis one word by changing up the font or colour.

Keep it simple is the best rule of thumb, unless you are experienced in graphic design. I love a clean logo! Let the fonts speak the tone for you.

Check out these quick and easy logos made in Canva Pro:

Thank you fontbundles, for always delivering the most unique, brand-worthy fonts!

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