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Experience Escape The Crate An Escape Room For Home

Looking for an exciting game night idea that even your pre-teens will love? Imagine escaping from a pirate ship and solving murder mysteries right from your home. An escape room for home is a great family game night idea!

Your entire family is about to love game night again.

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You’ll Get The Real Escape Room Experience, At Home!

Escape the Crate is a bi-monthly, time-traveling adventure box that brings the fun of an escape room, to your home. Work with your family and friends to solve riddles, crack codes and escape the crate! For just $30 a box, you get everything you need, including letters, puzzles, challenges, tools to help your sleuthing and more!

It’s like a DIY escape room at home!

What Is An Escape Room?

What is an escape room? Imagine being trapped in a room with your family and friends, and the only way to escape is by solving riddles, puzzles and finding clues!

If you like puzzles, escape rooms, challenges, and creativity, this is the box for you!

Experience An Escape Room At Home

Each box includes a different theme. Order from now until June 30 to receive the exciting summer box- Escape: The Games of Olympus. The box includes 4 smaller escape rooms to play, but beware, monsters like Medusa and the Minotaur are out to get you!

Get Your Escape Crate Now

Let the games begin. Order Escape: The Games Of Olympus now!

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Each box includes:

  • A 1 hour long game for family game night
  • Items include: ciphers, letters, sleuthing tools, puzzles, and more!
  • Ships bimonthly. Cancel anytime!
  • Internet is required to play. Enter codes online to check if you are right!

The Escape Crate is ideal for ages 10 and up, making it the perfect entertainment for families, couples and friends. I’m sure your pre-teens and teens will love it! It’s fun to play, just adults too!

If you like escape rooms, you’ll love Escape the Crate. How quickly can you escape this escape room for home?

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