How to make friends

How To Make Friends

8 Simple Strategies to Help You Make New Friends

As a kid, making friends was as easy as walking up to someone and saying ‘Wanna be my best friend?’ I don’t think that will work as an adult (although I haven’t tried because that would be pretty awkward lol). Making friends as an adult is hard! And even though I love the friends I have, sometimes I want to make some new ones. So, let’s look at how to make friends, as an adult!

You won’t get very far in life without good people skills. Improving your social skills will help you, when meeting new people.

I’ve also included some great icebreaker tips to help you get over the awkwardness!

How To Make Friends

Try these simple strategies to make new friends:

1.Join a volunteer organization. One of the best ways to widen your pool of friends is to join a local club. Consider clubs like Kiwanis, Lions Club, the Masons, or organizations like a local food bank. If you have kids join in as a volunteer for a kids program!

• Those who join volunteer organizations care about others and want to make a difference in the world. These people make great friends:)

• You can even bring more meaning to your life and become a better friend yourself!

2. Take up a new sport. Engaging in an unfamiliar physical activity that peaks your interest can lead you to others who like the same activity and can teach you about it. It’s a great way to break the ice because you’ll have lots to talk about!

3. Be open to meeting new people. I wasn’t always open to meeting new people. In fact, I’m often trying to avoid seeing them lol! But, if you want to make new friends, you have to actually be open to the idea! When someone approaches you, and strikes up a conversation, take part!

• Perhaps you’ve been around the relatives of your friends and thought they were interesting, but you haven’t attempted to get to know them. They might even make a great friend!

4. Meet other parents. Who knows, your next best friend may literally live around the corner from you. Maybe it’s that parent who picks up the kids at the mall after you’ve dropped them off.

• As a parent, making friends with other parents can provide you with helpful support as well as plenty of good times with someone with whom you have a lot in common. No one knows the ups and downs of parenting, like other parents! Plus the kids can play while you chat!

5. Take up a hobby! It could be the gym, pottery, yoga or anything that encourages some mingling even before or after the lesson!

6. Be neighbourly. One of the best ways to connect with tons of people is by attending block parties. You’ll tend to be in a festive mood and open to chatting.

• Or just chat up your neighbour one day and see if you click!

7. Volunteer at a charity or community event. Nothing will help you get to know people as quickly as working together in a booth at a community fair or gathering. You’ll likely meet many others who are helping with the event as well.

8. Take walks or go bike riding in your neighborhood. Who knows, your next best friend could be right around the block! When you’re active and engaged in fitness-related activities, you’ll likely encounter other individuals who are doing the same. Break the ice and talk to others when you pass them, even if you’ve seen them a hundred times before.

Want to know how to make friends? Decide to!

• You can decide that today’s the day to make a new friend with the right mindset.

Plenty of activities exist that can help you make new friends. Having an open mind and heart also goes a long way. Stay on the lookout for those who seem interesting to you. Finding more friends will improve your life!

Having trouble breaking the ice when it comes to meeting new people? Wondering how to make friends if you’re kinda shy? Here are some great ice breaker tips!

Tips To Help You Break The Ice When Meeting New People

Ever walked into a room full of unfamiliar faces and felt awkward and out of your comfort zone? It’s completely normal, and most people experience the same feelings, but some are just really good at hiding it! You too can gain the confidence to make a good first impression that leads to lasting relationships, even when you feel intimidated.

Follow these easy tips to break the ice and exude confidence, in any social situation:

1.Be confident in yourself. Know your strengths and try to accentuate them. Remind yourself of your strengths before you walk in the room!

  • If you feel nervous at first, then pretend you’re confident. Move your body as if you’re confident. Use your voice as if you’re confident, and soon your feelings will follow. This works!!

2. Dress to impress. How much better do you fee when you love your outfit? Your clothing is an expression of who you are. It’s one of the first things people notice, and can even be a great icebreaker. ‘Hey, I love your shoes! Where did you get them?’

3. Keep a realistic perspective. Remember that in most social situations, many of the people in the room are just as nervous as you are. Be yourself, take a deep breath, and dive in. Few, if any, will judge you if you’re polite, friendly, and interested in the people around you.

4. Smile. When you smile, the world really does smile with you. Instead of waiting for a reason to smile, greet each person you meet with a warm handshake and a friendly smile. You’ll almost always get a warm, positive reception when you do. You’ll make the other person feel at ease, and you’ll begin to relax, too.

5. Make easy conversation. You can make the task of conversing with a stranger easier with small talk. Seek to find common ground by asking non-threatening questions about the person’s background, interests, or family. Or offer up a compliment! You’ll quickly find something you both have in common, and the conversation will flow easily from there.

6. Listen. One of the easiest ways to be considered the life of the party is to listen more than you speak. In conversation, ask questions that cause the person speaking to open up and explain further. People love to hear themselves talk. Effective listening takes the pressure off of you to come up with things to say in a conversation.

7. Give yourself permission to mess up. If you put pressure on yourself to handle every situation perfectly, you’ll be a nervous wreck. Instead, tell yourself that mistakes are okay. The more conversations you enter into the more you’ll learn about how to effectively communicate and the more friends you make at the same time.

Ice breakers

Try to stay calm in social situations and don’t let your nerves get the best of you.

Good social skills and a great group of friends will get you far in life. I hope this has helped show you how to make friends, even as a slightly awkward adult!

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