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How To Get Really Protected. Shakuntali Siberia Discovers The Secret

The following is an advertorial by Shakuntali Siberia.

We surround ourselves with the attributes which, as we suppose, would protect us. Door alarms, life and health insurance, medicines prescribed – all this is part of our life and we think that having this we are under protection. In some way, we are, but this is the external seeming part. Now Shakuntali Siberia is telling us how to protect ourselves truly and completely.   
Our body is like a map of our emotions, fears, mistakes, doubts. That is why listening to the signs of your body is a very good habit. Shakuntali Siberia believes these signs can tell us everything we need to know to live a happy and healthy life. But they can also warn us if something goes wrong. If your body experiences some kind of malaise or pain, it just means that your self-protection is damaged.
What is protection and why it is related to everybody?
Protection theme is important for everybody – from the child to a businessman. To live happily it is important to have your protection field safe and sound. And what forms the protection? This is our precious energy. The more we accumulate it, the stronger protection we have.
“Monsters exist!” – Shakuntali Siberia states.
There are always threats to our protection. The evil people feed dark forces, envy, destruction. If you are close to the subtle world, you can see how many threats are actually around us. There is always bad energy circulating, and we can let it in or not – it depends on our protection level.

On guard of our protection

Shakuntali Sibera says: “No matter how nice you are, you always will have the bad energy around trying to interfere with your life”.
The bad energy may be produced by people purposely or not – it does not matter. The most important is that it ruins your self-protection. These dark forces want you to feel stress and depression, and sometimes you cannot understand why, having everything a human being can dream about (houses, cars, family), it is so sad and dark inside. According to Shakuntali Siberia the answer is hidden in the secrets of the subtle world.
We usually choose customary ways of protection which can be bought for money: alarms in our houses, health and life insurance, bank deposits, medicines. But there is only one way actually to get protected: to maintain the level of your good energy. Shakuntali Siberia states that it can be achieved by wearing the amulets doing practices on an everyday basis.
You also can enter Shakuntali Siberia’s online Temple School and experience a unique opportunity to regain your Power and multiply it.
The significance of the amulets is much diminished in our world. In fact, in the subtle world, they are very powerful. If your consciousness is wide open, you will definitely feel it. Doing the practices that Shakuntali Siberia presents during her LIVE sessions or on her YouTube channel on a regular basis, helps you to collect and store spiritual energy.
The negative vibes of this world can be strong but so will be our self-protection. Just follow Shakuntali Sibera for she would show you how to regain your energy.


Enlightened woman, reincarnation of the Ukok princess, Northern Altai shaman priestess. Possesses clairvoyance, the talent of instant opening of predestination and healing abilities. Doctor of Psychology, founder of the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud”.

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