Self care checklist

Self Care Checklist

10 Self Care Ideas For Your Checklist!

A self care checklist can help you prioritize your own happiness. Self-care is too often overlooked because we are so busy with things we think are more important.

I know you’re busy with your family, your job, your bills, your dog… I get it, but how can you take care of ALL THAT, if you can’t even take care of yourself? You need a self care checklist!

Just think of how much better you’ll function if you felt energized, well-rested and cared for! Because while you’re taking care of everyone and everything else, who is taking care of you? Don’t even where to start?

Try the self care checklist below to get started!

Self care checklist

Importance Of Self Care

Do you feel guilty for taking time just for you? You’ll have more patience, more focus and more clarity, once you take care of you! Just an hour or so a day, to focus on self care is all it takes! Do something you love- take a hike, read a book, write a journal or try journaling for self love, get a hobby, do a DIY face mask. Your priorities will all be there when you’re done. They’re not going anywhere… unfortunately.

Proper self care can improve your productive and reduce physical and mental exhaustion. Here are ten ways you can add self-care to your routine so that you can maintain your physical, mental and emotional health.

Did you know taking the time to practice self care regularly has been proven to help improve your mental health and lower stress and depression?! (Source)

Self Care Checklist Ideas

What is self care and how can you implement it into your daily routine? Try this self care checklist.

Here are 10 simple ways to include self care in your life!

1. Identify what self care is to you

We all have different needs and different ways of unwinding. Identify what self-care is the most effective for you. It may be taking a walk and getting outdoors, or curling up by the fire with a good book. It may be surrounding yourself with good friends, taking a bike ride or soaking in a long, hot bath. Whatever it is, learn to define self-care for you as an individual so that you can better take care of yourself.

Everyone’s self care needs are different. Try these emotional self care ideas.

2. Establish a self care routine

Once you understand what self-care works for you, add it to your routine. Commit to engaging your self care activities regularly until it becomes a habit, something that is simply a normal part of your life.

3. Self Care Means Prioritizing Sleep

Establish a sleep routine so that you are getting enough high-quality sleep. Sleep is a critical part of maintaining good health and should not be underestimated. By implementing a sleep routine, you can ensure that you are getting enough rest and are therefore optimally prepared to perform at your best.

4. Diet Is An Important Part Of A Self Care Checklist

Diet is an important part of self-care and has a significant impact on your health. Make sure to eat lots of high vibration foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, avoiding soft drink and processed foods. Eat plenty of leafy greens and fresh fruit! You’ll feel better when you feed yourself better.

5. Exercise Regularly

Exercise if great for physical, mental and emotional health and should be a part of any self-care routine. Even just 10 minutes in the morning or evening will boost your feel-good hormones and improve your mental health!

6. Self Care Is Learning to say no

The ability to establish boundaries can be important to self-care. Rather than simply saying yes to everything until things become unbearable or seemingly impossible, learn to say no when you are busy or feeling under pressure.

7. Self Care Is Getting Organized

A little organisation can go a long way in regard to your self-care. Implementing strategies to be more organised can really help reduce your stress and improve your mental health.

8. Self Care Includes De-Cluttering Your Space

Get rid of the rubbish and excess goods in your house; a cleaner, less cluttered space is great for your mental health as it will help to reduce stress levels.

9. Self Care Is Scheduling time to yourself

It can often feel like we are being pulled in a million different directions. Make sure to schedule time for your self-care and don’t allow this to be interrupted.

10. Take A Self Care Break

If things are getting too much, take a break. It might be taking a few days off work, getting a away for the weekend or taking a longer vacation; regardless of the length, sometimes simply stepping out of the environment can be great for perspective and self-care.

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Wrapping Up: My Self Care Checklist

Self care is something we all need to make time for. Taking a little time to focus on YOU can help improve your overall health and wellness. I hope this ultimate self care checklist makes you realize how important it is to make yourself a priority!

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