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What Is Manifestation?

What Is Manifestation? And What Can It Do For You?

So you want to change your life? Maybe you’re feeling stuck, like you’re not where you are meant to be. These are questions and emotions that often come up a lot for those who are searching for personal growth. Nothing has changed my life more than changing my mindset and using manifestation. So, what is manifestation? Keep reading to learn more about how it can change your life too!

With manifestation, you can have everything you desire, from love, success, and yes you can even manifest money. But you have to be willing to work for what you manifest! Work doesn’t mean struggle though. In fact, you shouldn’t be struggling if you are manifesting!

Think Of The Universe As Your Friend

I think of the universe as my best friend. I wake up every morning and meditate, even just for 5 minutes, to connect with the universe. I know it sounds like I’m some hippy chick, but I’m telling you the unnerves is alive and can do some pretty awesome things in your life once you let her (or maybe it’s him?) in. You can feel the energy, see the signs and really manifest anything you want!

Meditation helps you connect with the universe. Sit up straight with your legs crossed and your open palms on your knees. This means you’re open to the universe! Then just relax, close your eyes and think about what you want. It can be anything- long term or for today! What inspires you? What desires do you have? Breath deeply and enjoy the images that come to mind!

What Does it Mean to “Manifest” Your Dreams?

To manifest something is to create it using your thoughts and beliefs. How is this even possible, though? First, it helps to understand how our thoughts and ideas influence you. When you believe or value something, it changes how you see the world, how you perceive others, and how open you are to receiving opportunities and possibilities the world may have to offer.

Your world is shaped by your thoughts. The universe feels your vibes and offers opportunities to those who are open.

For example, let’s say you need a new car. You think about how much you can afford, what you really want in terms of options, and what color your dream car would be. Suddenly, everywhere you turn, you see, hear about, and become aware of vehicles just like the one you want. You will hear about friends selling cars, deals people received on their new cars, and other messages that help you find what you are looking for. The world is guiding you to your new vehicle, and it is led there by your own desire to find a new car.

Everything you experience in this world is filtered through your mindset. The dominant beliefs and values you have will determine if you see an experience as positive or negative, as a possibility or a problem, as something that can help you or something that just gets in your way. When you learn to harness these powers, through manifestation, you can focus your beliefs and thoughts to help bring about the opportunities that will get you where you want to be.

Your world is a reflection of you. It reflects your beliefs, actions, decisions, and energy. And, whatever you send out into the world will be reflected to you in new and sometimes unexpected ways. When you believe, for example, that you are worthy of love from someone who honors and respects you, you start expecting different things from potential partners and are willing to compromise less for your happiness.

Who you are affects how you act, which impacts what you achieve. Becoming the person you want to become means thinking, feeling, and acting like the person who has already achieved their dreams. This commitment helps you do what needs to be done to have the things you really want.

If I act as if I have a job I love, I start making decisions that guide me to a dream position, and I soon have what I most want in the world, which is a better job.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is learning to transform your life by believing in yourself, creating the conditions that allow you to achieve, and being open to possibilities and opportunities that help you realize your goals. When you do these things, the universe answers by sending back the things you need to achieve what you most desire. All you have to do is listen! The signs are there!

Signs From The Universe

I remember very clearly, the day I really knew manifestation and law of attraction works. I knew the universe was there, listening. I was in the middle of some real life struggle, I mean the worst of it. I was trying to choose the right path, and started reading books about the law of attraction and how it works. I was changing my mindset, but old habits die hard.

One day I was so worried about everything happening in my life. I couldn’t focus on anything else, other than worry. I was driving, trying to clear my head, after a very tough day, and I was so worried I was nearly sick to my stomach when there it was. A sign from the universe… literally it was a stop sign with the words worrying spray-painted under the word stop. It said STOP WORRYING! I was like holy smokes, this is real! And no joke, I felt relief and within days my life began to calm down. And after that, after I began to put more faith in to the universe, my whole life began to change! I’ve never looked back!

This process is not just wishful or positive thinking. It does require action. It means you must set clear goals for yourself, know what you want, remain focused on that, and transform beliefs that may be limiting your success. When you embrace the power of manifestation, you can achieve powerful things and realize important, lifelong dreams. And you can connect with yourself in a deep and meaningful way.

But, when you do these things, you are consciously creating your life and choosing who you are becoming. You are influencing your decisions and options with your outlook and values.

So what is manifestation? It’s a partnership, between you and the universe to create your life! The universe is alive, and there for you if you’d just listen!

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