Camping Activities For Kids

11 Fun Beach Camping Ideas For The Whole Family

Sandy toes and ice cream cones, nothing compares to waking up next to the ocean. But who can pay the high price of beachfront hotels and rentals? The most cost-effective way to wake up with the breeze from the seaside is by reserving an inexpensive camping spot in designated camping areas along the shore. Looking for fun camping activities for the kids?

Here are 11 fun activities to do while camping along the beach!

Also be sure to read these tips for when you’re bored!

Camping Activities For Kids

  1. Go on a scavenger hunt! Collect cool rocks, shells, feathers and more!
  2. Sing campfire songs: everyone likes a good riff around the campfire!
  3. Go for a midnight swim: swim trunks optional! 
  4. Watch the sunset: this should be a requirement for every beach-goer!
  5. Play sand volleyball: spike!
  6. Teach your kids about the oceanic layers: psst…there are three!
  7. Roast s’mores: you can’t beat this camping classic!
  8. Print one of these beach-themed camping games: roast mallows and get competitive! 
  9. Sunbathe: while the sky is blue and you can listen to those ocean waves!
  10. Cook on the fire: nothing tastes quite like a campfire meal!
  11. Play Tidball: it’s basically like bocce ball for the beach!

Now all you need to know is…where are you going to go? We’ll tell you our two favorite spots to pitch a tent. Head to the coast of California if you’re on the west, or the Florida Panhandle if you’re on the east, and watch your kids marvel at the ocean creatures they typically only see in Disney movies. (We’re looking at you, Sebastian!)

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