Cute Casual Outfits

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wearing way too many sweatpants and pjs lately! I’m trying to get back to feeling normal again, but still want to be comfortable. Cute and casual outfits can take you from the couch to the grocery store and even dinner!

Here are 10 cute and casual outfits


Jeans are considered casual but are not as lazy as sweatpants! I’ve been known to wear my sweatpants once in a while when I’m out but I always feel better when I put on a pair of jeans or even tights to head out! As soon as I’m home thought, I’m back in my pjs most nights.

Go for a relaxed fit for more comfort.

The light wash gives looks super cute and casual compared to the dark wash. And cuff your bottoms for even more cute, comfy style!

Jean shorts

Jean shorts are super comfy when you buy the right fit, especially when paired with a fresh tee! They are the perfect partner in a cute, casual outfit! Make sure they are not so tight that you can barely breath after you take a bite! I buy mine a size up for extra comfort! I love to cuff the bottoms for a little more softness:)

Casual dress with sneakers

It’s a dressY and casual outfit combination that can take you from the grocery store to drinks with friends! Just make sure the dress isn’t too formal or it’ll look weird and the shoes aren’t too grungy!


I can’t say enough good things about overalls. They are so cute and when done right, they can be pretty and elegant, not childish! Some are even sexy, yet comfy and casual all in one!

Jean jacket

A cute jean jacket can turn almost any outfit casual! Perfect for over top of a dress, or tights!

Add a chocker and/or cross, an anklet or some space buns to your hair for even more cute style! The better you feel about how you look, the more confident you’ll appear. What are your go-to cute, casual outfits?

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