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I love a good deal! So when I heard about Kupino I was excited to check it out. Kupino makes it easy to save the environment while saving your cash. It’s easy to make my shopping list, all on my phone. I use Kupino to find sales on items I need (or want) and I keep a shopping list on my phone. No paper needed!

We all love a good deal, and I used to get excited when I would see the flyers in the mailbox, but now it’s more like junk mail that ends up in the trash. Half of the flyers aren’t even from stores I shop at anymore! Which is why I love Kupino!

Kupino offers flyers from all over the world, including local to you flyers from many stores! You can flip through, find deals and save your money! It’s that easy!

In an effort to help the environment and continue to save you money, recently expanded to offer even more weekly ads and thousands of deals from all over the world! Instead of searching through tons of paper flyers that end up in the waste, or searching all over the internet for deals, you can visit one place and find deals from all over the world.

They offer flyers from and all in one easy to navigate place. By offering online flyers, is working to reduce paper waste and help you save money.

This year, their plan is to expand and reach a much broader audience and offer more variety of flyers to a large audience.

Paper waste is a big problem around the world and Kupino is making a difference. Just think about all of the paper waste from flyers!

If you’re looking for deals, Kupino makes it easy to find them, anytime, anywhere. They have a wide variety of categories for all your shopping- home and garden, groceries, children and babies, department stores, drugstore and pharmacies, fashion, automotive and more!

So before I head out to shop, I check out Kupino,ca and I can find flyers from my favourite stores like: JYSK, Canadian Tire, IKEA, Sobeys, Foodland, Walmart and more!

No more paper flyers. Let’s encourage a paperless society and start using online flyers to find sales.

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